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"In life, we make mistakes. And yet, that’s what makes us all truly human."

"The people who talk about you behind your back only do it because they BELONG behind you."

Hi there<insert username here>!

My name is Z (okay it isn't it's my pen-name) and I joined on December 22th 2018

I have Special:EditCount/Z-FunWithBooks (I switched accounts, I was formerly Z-FunWithBooks) and with my new account Special:EditCount/Z the Galaxy edits!

I am a Pakistani-Muslim (I unfortunately do not live in Pakistan) and I would love to talk to you! I am SoKeefe, I ship Tiana and Winh. I have a fanfic called Liberty so check it out if you want. (and if you dare...) My second fanfiction is called The Adventures of The Collective, which is meant to make you laugh. :D Please tell me if it does!

Right now it is CST (UTC-8) | 11:26, January 20, 2021 (Wednesday) for me, so please think if it is smart to message me at this time. :) for more accurate time please Refreshthe page. Thanks!

Hi. I’m Z and i believe that Whoever you are, whoever is reading this, just smile for a second and remember that you are a great, wonderful, fantastic, amazing person. If you smile right now, then I'll feel an accomplishment by getting you to do so. :)

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Let me confuse you!


inside jokes most of you won’t get:

the towel is threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



Jelly, Turkey, and EvaRules


Kale is my older internet sister and Cognate (another long story) <3 and she has sadly left, I miss her so much!

IPAD CONSPIRACY (inside joke with Via)


|-|Facts about me!=

In case you came here to find things out about me


Random Facts about me, me and only me!

➳I'm from Pakistan

➳I'm in Gryffindor, but I respect ALL houses, so feel free to tell me your house on my wall!

➳I like solving riddles (feel free to give me some on my message wall!)

➳I am positive and prefer being positive.

➳I've literally gotten an award for being positive

➳I like receiving messages, so feel free to talk to me!

➳I, however, do NOT like it when people are rude or disrespectful for any reason at all, so please keep that away. We don't need any negative stuff here anyways

➳i like lightning ⚡️

➳....spiders are cool....(DON’T KILL ME)

➳I have gotten achievement award in electrical engineering from the College of Science, Engineering and Technology when I was ten years of age

➳I’m okay at code, and willing to help you if you need it!


Favorite books of mine


My favorite books

  • HoO
  • Divergent
  • The Hunger Games
  • Sophia's Journal
  • Harry Potter
  • Wandmaker
  • Pennyroyal Academy
  • The Fault In Our Stars (I'm still crying)


Roleplay stuff



This part is a wip. Oki?

Roleplay Info!

I love to Roleplay here, and will gladly do so with you, you just need to ask me (or I’ll ask you, it doesn’t matter)!

My characters and some info on them: <tabber> |-|LENA=


Full Name Lena Amelia Clark
Ability Technopath
Birthday Febuary 28th
Mother Anna Clark
Father Eric Clark
Siblings Every Clark
Model Hayley LeBlanc
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Pale Blue


Lena is a bright kid, but is often ignored. She spends most of her time alone tinkering, or with her little sister, Every. Because of often being ignored, Lena has lost confidence in herself.


She’s curious, and is an ambivert. She’s lost confidence in herself, something her parents have been to busy to notice.


Lena Clark was the first born child to Anna and Eric Clark, two members of the Nobility who were also Emissaries. Lena grew up in a loving home, and was estatic when she got a baby sister Every Clark, at age six. Lena grew up with a love for writing and reading. But at age eleven, her parents got busier and busier, leaving her to do her homework, and take care of Every...

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Lena Clark

₪ Brave Technopath * Kind Writer
“Life has a strange way of making everything work out in the end.”
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Full Name Serena Erilynn Evers
Ability Flasher
Birthday December 31st
Mother Annaliese Evers
Father Alec Evers
Siblings Alyssa And Carolina Evers
Model Piper McLean
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue


Serena is studious, and likes to learn. She’s an outcast and is quiet.


serena is extremely positive and kind. she can come of as shy and quiet at times, but always is willing to talk. serena loves her younger twin siblings, and takes care of them often as her parents don’t have time. she goes to the healing center often to study books on elvin medicine.


Serena evers was born into the nobility. she lived a quiet life, and tried her best to excell at foxfire. her parents were often busy, and didn’t have enough time to spend time with her. but that was okay with serena. she understood the importance of her parents jobs as emissaries. but when her mother gave birth to her younger twin siblings, her family was scorned and serena felt all alone.

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Serena Evers

➵ aspiring doctor * kind flasher
“always remember that you’re never alone, there are people who are always willing to help you.”
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Full Name Ethan Alan Parks
Ability Enhancer
Birthday July 1st
Mother Emily Parks
Father Eric Parks
Siblings None
Model Jason Grace
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Sky Blue


Basically the quietest kid ever. That’s all I have to say.


ethan is extremely kind, although quiet. he loves to read, and will always talk about a book. he is quite the independent thinker, and often contemplates the meaning of life and such. because of his past with betrayal of friends, he is hard to open up to.


ethan grew up in a loving home with talentless parents. he was easily described as a happy go lucky kid, and loved to learn. he started foxfire and he loved it there, and was one of the more popular kids. but one day, everyone found out who his parents were. now shunned, ethan grew quieter and quieter, and eventually stopped talking as much.

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About Approval Hail Me

Ethan Parks ➵ Kind Loner ➵ The Quiet One
"It takes great courage to be kind even when others have not."
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Full Name Kailtyn Anne Ford
Ability Hydrokinetic
Birthday December 31st
Mother Grace Ford
Father Brian Ford
Siblings None
Model Naomi Scott
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue


Kaitlyn is kind yet broken inside.


Kaitlyn is a kind and sweet girl. She loves others, and inspires and encourages others as much as possible. She keeps a smile on her face, and never lets her anger and sadness, caused by her parents, to show.


Grace and Brian Ford were a talentless couple. They never manifested, and didn't mind that. They didn't want to much attention, nor did they want to be famous. But as life went on, they wished they had manifested, because the shame of having no talent was to much for them. They kept a smile on their face as life went on, but deep down inside, everyone's harsh words were hurting them. Two years later, Grace gave birth to a young girl named Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn grew up as a happy, young girl, who didn't care what others said about her family. She became a role model to other talentless people, and inspired her parents to keep on. When Kaitlyn was 15, her mom and dad suddenly divorced. No one would tell her why, and she rarely saw her mother afterwards.

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About Approval Hail Me

Kaitlyn Ford ✩ calm hydrokinetic ✩ kindly adventurous
“nice people are the ones that stay nice all the time. kind people are the ones that are broken, yet remain kind.”
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Full Name Conner Alfred Winds
Ability Guster
Birthday March 31st
Mother Ellie Winds
Father Odin Winds
Siblings None
Model Corey Fogelmanis
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Sapphire Blue


Conner is quiet. He’s caring, but he doesn’t speak unless spoken too.


He’s generally quiet, and he loves a good laugh. He talks to anyone who talks to him, and prefers books over people. Everything he does is for a reason.


Conner Winds grew up a naughty kid, always pulling pranks. His parents didn’t care much, they were just happy to know that he was happy and doing well. Despite all his pranks, Conner was an extremely smart kid. His mentors loved him and hated him at the same time. He was admired by all the kids at Foxfire.

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About Approval Hail Me

Conner Winds ₪ Quiet Wind ₪ Mysterious Guster
"Those who are quiet often have a story to tell."
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Conner Winds - Quiet Guster

- "Those who are quiet often have a story to tell."

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Full Name Ariadne Alyssa Rene
Ability Shade
Birthday Febuary 29th
Mother Alyssa Rene
Father Timothy Rene
Siblings none
Model Luna Blaise
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Mist Blue


Ariadne is quiet, only speaking when spoken to. She can get people to open up easily, whether they like it or not. Despite that, she’s very distrusting because if her parents.


Ariadne is on the serious side. She does like to talk to people, but prefers to be alone. Ariadne can get people to open up easily. She’s extremely observant, and will likely catch you if you lie to her, which could also be to the fact she read your Shadowvapor, whether it was with or without your permission.


Ariadne Rene was born to Emissaries Timothy and Alyssa Rene. Now, Timothy and Alyssa were good people. If the definition of good people was uptight, arrogant, and rude, they were good people. Fast forward to Ari’s third birthday. She was already a free spirit, insisting on being called Ari, not Ariadne. Her parents disliked this, but knew that she’d gradually grow out of it.

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Ariadne Rene - Quiet✯Shade✯Thinker

- "With life, there is light. With death, there is darkness."
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Full Name Irene Opal Stardust
Ability Phaser
Birthday June 1st
Mother Opal Stardust
Father Xander Stardust
Siblings None
Model Karlie Kloss
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Mist Blue


She’s a strict yet kind Councillor, who has a little social anxiety


She’s incredibly serious, and doesn’t smile often. She doesn’t trust very easily, and is quiet, more perceptive. After years of being quiet and alone, she has a little social anxiety. She’s als very perceptive and not very out spoken.


Councilor Irene Stardust was born into the Nobility. She was clearly defined as uptight and snobbish. She had the biggest ego ever, and wasn’t to be crossed.

When she went to Foxfire, she was a queen. She ruled it. No one dared to cross her. But then she manifested as a Phaser. She wasn’t the most careful with her ability, no not at all.

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About ⭐️ Approval ⭐️ Hail Me

Irene Stardust ~ Quiet Councillor ♠ Unfazed Phaser
"Everyone is a person, and should be treated as such."
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Full Name Alexis Jewel Opal
Ability Charger
Birthday Febuary 29th
Mother Orianne Opal
Father Orem Opal
Siblings none
Model Cherokee Pearce
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Mist Blue


Alexis Opal was always a good person. Right from the start, she was extremely out going. Her parents loved her for this, and she and them were extremely close.

BUT THEN... she went to Foxfire. Her out-going self was extremely popular, and pretty much everyone liked her. And she liked everyone.


She’s outgoing and kind. She loves helping students with things, and likes interacting with people. She often dismisses rude behavior and only gives detention if a student misses their class.

After Lyla’s disappearance, however, she became a little reserved and less caring. A few years after that, she was the same person again, at least, that’s what people could tell...


Alexis Opal was always a good person. Right from the start, she was extremely out going. Her parents loved her for this, and she and them were extremely close.

BUT THEN... she went to Foxfire. Her out-going self was extremely popular, and pretty much everyone liked her. And she liked everyone.

In her Second Level, she manifested as a Charger. She was extremely interested in her ability, and started trying to learn more about it. At the time, she was studious, and went on to go to the Elite Levels.

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Person-images-Cherokee Pearce🌮 5ad7ef18c3137e00165445ae.jpg
About Approval Hail Me

Lady Alexis Opal Outgoing✯Charger✯Mentor ✯ Happy Person
"There is always something to live for."
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I have a character template, which I’m willing to help you with if needed! Template:ZCP |-|Nicknames=

My nicknames

See my nicknames

Okay, I’ve noticed I have a lot of nicknames, so I shall make this table:

Nickname Person given by Free to use? Who can use it?
Z Thanks mum Welp, everybody calls me this EVERYONE
Zuzu my kindergarten Arabic Teacher Yeah Anyone who asks politely
Jelly EvaRules and Turkey I’d prefer hardly anyone to call me this, as only two people are in on the inside joke. :) EvaRules and Turkey
Zia Vee No thanks, I don’t want anyone to think it’s my real name. Vee and Via
Fairy Mermaid And Unicorn (who will be greatly missed...) Welp, I think it’s best to keep these nicknames at a limit to those who are in on the inside jokes Mermaid And Unicorn
Super Z! Ivy Holmes and SamSerene (kinda) Don’t really care, but pretty much only Ivy calls me that Ivy
Zulol Hermione and Char NO ONLY HERMIONE AND CHAR CAN OOF Hermione and Char
Zoo Lu no.... Lu
Zoom Rida nope Rida
Madame Indeed Candy And Charlotte i don’t really care. whoever wants to
ZFun Schwane nope Schwane
Zee Lord knows who started this one. eh... Depends. <<<

I dunno what else to put here
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