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"In life, we make mistakes. And yet, that’s what makes us all truly human."

"The people who talk about you behind your back only do it because they BELONG behind you."

Hi there<insert name here>!

My name is Z (okay it isn't it's my pen-name) and I joined on December 22th 2018

I have Special:EditCount/Z-FunWithBooks (I switched accounts, I was formerly Z-FunWithBooks) and with my new account Special:EditCount/Z the Galaxy edits!

I am a Pakistani-Muslim (I unfortunately do not live in Pakistan) and I would love to talk to you! I am SoKeefe, I ship Tiana and Winh. I have a fanfic called Liberty so check it out if you want. (and if you dare...) My second fanfiction is called The Adventures of The Collective, which is meant to make you laugh. :D

Right now it is CST (UTC-8) | 23:45, January 17, 2021 (Sunday) for me, so please think if it is smart to message me at this time. :) for more accurate time please Refreshthe page. Thanks!

Hi. I’m Z and i believe that Whoever you are, whoever is reading this, just smile for a second and remember that you are a great, wonderful, fantastic, amazing person. If you smile right now, then I'll feel an accomplishment by getting you to do so. :)

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Let me confuse you!


inside jokes most of you won’t get:

the towel is threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



Jelly, Turkey, and EvaRules


Kale is my older internet sister and Cognate (another long story) <3 and she has sadly left, I miss her so much!

IPAD CONSPIRACY (inside joke with Via)


|-|Facts about me!=

In case you came here to find things out about me


Random Facts about me, me and only me!

➳I'm from Pakistan

➳I'm in Gryffindor, but I respect ALL houses, so feel free to tell me your house on my wall!

➳I like solving riddles (feel free to give me some on my message wall!)

➳I am positive and prefer being positive.

➳I've literally gotten an award for being positive

➳I like receiving messages, so feel free to talk to me!

➳I, however, do NOT like it when people are rude or disrespectful for any reason at all, so please keep that away. We don't need any negative stuff here anyways

➳i like lightning ⚡️

➳....spiders are cool....(DON’T KILL ME)

➳I have gotten achievement award in electrical engineering from the College of Science, Engineering and Technology when I was ten years of age

➳I’m okay at code, and willing to help you if you need it!


Favorite books of mine


My favorite books

  • HoO
  • Divergent
  • The Hunger Games
  • Sophia's Journal
  • Harry Potter
  • Wandmaker
  • Pennyroyal Academy
  • The Fault In Our Stars (I'm still crying)


Roleplay stuff



This part is a wip. Oki?

I have a character template, which I’m willing to help you with if needed! Template:ZCP |-|Nicknames=

My nicknames

See my nicknames

Okay, I’ve noticed I have a lot of nicknames, so I shall make this table:

Nickname Person given by Free to use? Who can use it?
Z Thanks mum Welp, everybody calls me this EVERYONE
Zuzu my kindergarten Arabic Teacher Yeah Anyone who asks politely
Jelly EvaRules and Turkey I’d prefer hardly anyone to call me this, as only two people are in on the inside joke. :) EvaRules and Turkey
Zia Vee No thanks, I don’t want anyone to think it’s my real name. Vee and Via
Fairy Mermaid And Unicorn (who will be greatly missed...) Welp, I think it’s best to keep these nicknames at a limit to those who are in on the inside jokes Mermaid And Unicorn
Super Z! Ivy Holmes and SamSerene (kinda) Don’t really care, but pretty much only Ivy calls me that Ivy
Zulol Hermione and Char NO ONLY HERMIONE AND CHAR CAN OOF Hermione and Char
Zoo Lu no.... Lu
Zoom Rida nope Rida
Madame Indeed Candy And Charlotte i don’t really care. whoever wants to
ZFun Schwane nope Schwane
Zee Lord knows who started this one. eh... Depends. <<<

I dunno what else to put here
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