This is just where I have all my ideas and such....

NOTE: Crystal‘s stuff will be here because I allowed her to put it here. She did it with my permission, so please don’t question that.

Fanfic stuff Edit

I have Liberty out and finished

I'm planning The Fortunate.

I'm planning Freedom, aka the sequel to Liberty! (Big thanks to Roses who is generally awesome to me)

My RP Characters and generally RP stuff Edit

Lena Clark

₪ Brave Technopath * Kind Writer
“Life has a strange way of making everything work out in the end.”
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Serena Evers

➵ aspiring doctor * kind flasher
“always remember that you’re never alone, there are people who are always willing to help you.”
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Ethan Parks ➵ Kind Loner ➵ The Quiet One
"It takes great courage to be kind even when others have not."
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Kaitlyn Ford ✩ calm hydrokinetic ✩ kindly adventurous
“nice people are the ones that stay nice all the time. kind people are the ones that are broken, yet remain kind.”
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Conner Winds ₪ Quiet Wind ₪ Mysterious Guster
"Those who are quiet often have a story to tell."
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Ariadne Rene - Quiet✯Shade✯Thinker

- "With life, there is light. With death, there is darkness."
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Irene Stardust ~ Quiet Councillor ♠ Unfazed Phaser
"Everyone is a person, and should be treated as such."
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Person-images-Cherokee Pearce🌮 5ad7ef18c3137e00165445ae
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Lady Alexis Opal Outgoing✯Charger✯Mentor ✯ Happy Person
"There is always something to live for."
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Hey, if anyone is willing, I want a ship with Serena! If not, that's completely fine.

UPDATE: the amazing Crystal has filled in the spot with Diego! I look so forward to i!

So, I think Ethan should be in a ship, contact me if you wish to fill in the spot!

So, Crystal has (again) kindly agreed to fill in the spot!

Again, ship with Kaitlyn anyone?

Idea for rp characte: guster, male, 14, I DUNNO

UPDATE: this turned into Conner Winds

Sooooooo I'll add on to this soon. Aka never, cause I suck at code. So yeah. Stuff.

Character Name Gender Age Other Who To Message Relationship Status
Lena Clark Female 12 Kind,loving, caring etc Hmm, I wonder Single, too young
Serena Evers Female 16 Kind, understanding, loving (wow I have a pattern in my characters) Seriously, who would you message for this? Planned/crushing/dibbed
Ethan Parks Male 14 Sad, quiet, basically a sad kid who Z likes to torture Like seriously, who the heck owns all these characters? Planned/dibbed
Kaitlyn Ford Female 16 Kind, helpful, angsty inside Hmm, someone must own these characters... Looking
Conner Winds Male 14 Quiet, funny, kind Whoever could own all these characters? I wonder... Kinda planned?

Crystal’s Stuff that Z allowed her to put Edit

Hey Guys! It’s Crystal. Z allowed me to put my stuff here till I get an account so...



The Forbidden Friendship

Where I Belong

Fixing the Council’s Mistakes

The Elf From Spain


Keeper of the Miraculous

The Unstoppable Runaway Charger



Bella Anderson
"Success is a journey, not a destination"
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Wolf Monarch The Golden Child • Talented Vanisher
"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood"
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Destiny Richards The Positive One • Energetic Girl
"Anyone can make you happy by doing something special. But only someone special can make you happy without doing anything."
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Emily Archer The Young Writer • The Kind Writer
"To let go is not to deny, but to accept."
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Charlotte Wright Wanted Thief • Banished Girl
"Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise"
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Zane Capel The Lonely One • The Ashamed Boy
Be who you want to be, not who others choose to see"
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0816-AL-CVER01 sq
Scarlett Joyce

⇀ Feisty Shade ♤ Twin
"Hey, I found your nose. It was in my buisness"
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Eliza McCray The Heartbroken Girl • The Secret Keeper
"You are like the Ocean, pretty enough on the surface, but dive down into your depths, and you'll find beauty most people never see."
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Diego Martins The Guitarist • The Sad One
"Music is my life, the lyrics are just my story"
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