Sofia The Odyssey

aka sophie | it's rotterdam!!!!

  • I live in mentally in europe
  • My occupation is waiting for eurovision 2020!!!!
  • I am grateful
  • Bio i know, all i know, loving you is a losing game
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formerly this.

If Love Ever Lied Official Timeline:

  • Supernova + Renaissance
  • Where I Am
  • Only You
  • God is a Woman

The Consequences of Our Choices Official Timeline:

  • In a World of Our Own
  • We Could Have Been Heroes

Walking the Loneliest Road Official Timeline:

  • A Heart Colder Than Stone
  • A Mind Deeper Than A Canyon
  • A Soul Stronger Than Force
  • A Body Tougher Than Diamond

The High Roller's Play Official Timeline:

  • Pick Your Deck
  • Place Your Bet
  • Make The Play
  • It's All or Nothing

collab potentialEdit

  • The Consequences of Our Choices
    • both books, me and one other author
  • The High Roller's Play
    • books 3 and 4 (Make The Play & It's All or Nothing), me with two others
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