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Make sure to read my fan fiction: The Promise Against the Fire: What if Kenric Never Died? It shows a theory of what would've happened… if Kenric didn't burn in the Everblaze and if Kenric and Oralie admitted their love to each other.

Hello! I'm RoKnows.


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Finally! A website that has a complete archive of all exclusive short stories released! Previews of Legacy! Updates on everything KOTLC related! How to get free "swaggish goodies"! Fun facts about Shannon Messenger! AND MORE.

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Read my most recent fanfic, [1]The Stars Are My HomeIt's based off a theorized backstory of one of the most mysterious Neverseen villains.


About Me on Keeper of the Lost Cities

  • I ship Keefoster HARD
  • I've read the whole series twice, but only Flashback once (so far) 
  • My favorite book of the series is either Neverseen, Lodestar, or Nightfall 

Fan Fiction Information

My Fan Fictions

Displayed on the side:

  1. The Promise Against the Fire (finished!)
  2. The Stars Are My Home (finished!)


I'm starting a new thing where you can REVIEW my fan fics, like professionals do in real books! Reviews will be shown on the page of the short story you review, along with your username and an optional subtitle that states your fan fiction or something (great advertising!!)

To submit a review: Enter your review in the comments of this fan fiction or my message wall. State: Review for The Stars Are My Home or The Promise Against the Fire before entering your review

How to write a review: Try to sound as professional as possible, and look at book reviews to help inspire your words. Instead of "I loved it! It was awesome" (which is ok), say "The plot was so gripping; a fascinating read" (which is fabulous). Keep in mind I might crop out some parts of your review to fit it in.  




Another new thing is you can "subscribe" to RoKnows—which basically means you'll be notified when a new chapter of my active fanfic comes out, when I release a new fanfic, and more exciting stuff! Don't miss a moment!

How to subscribe: Simply leave a message on my message wall (or my short story), and say you'd like to subscribe! You will be notified of new chapters, fanfics, etc on your message wall.


- Ice Blue Sophie

- Light and Bright

(I think I forgot some people -- sorry, make sure to message me to be an active subscriber!!)

Random Facts (About Me)

  • I have 1 dog, and I used to have 2 parakeets, but… 
  • I LOOOVE Hot sauce, and I seriously can't have eggs without a giant dumping of it. My favorite brand is RedHot. 
  • I am right-handed… which is normal… 

My Favorites

  • Favorite Color: Purple/Violet (has always been and always will be)
  • Favorite Activity: WRITING, Reading, Graphic Designing, Talking
  • Favorite Animals: PANDAS!!
  • Favorite Sports: Baseball (or Softball), GaGa Ball
  • Favorite Exclamations: "Shoot muffins!"… and there's more but I can't think of them XD

My Ships

  1. KEEFOSTER!!! Woot! 
  2. Sizel (Grizel + Sandor) 
  3. Oralic (Oralie + Kenric) 
  4. Percabeth (Duh!)
  5. Adrianette
  6. Harry + Ginny (Ship name??)
  7. Mahfina (Serafina + Mahdi)

My Fandoms (That I Actively Obsess Over)

Keeper of the Lost Cities (By Shannon Messenger)

Harry Potter (You know who's this is by: J.K Rowling)

Percy Jackson (By Rick Riordan)

WaterFire Saga (By Jennifer Donnelly)

Wingfeather Saga (By Andrew Peterson)

A Series of Unfortunate Events (SUE, as I call it)


Miraculous Ladybug

Star Wars

Ravenspire Novels (Wish Granter, Traitor Prince; by C.J Redwine)

Warrior Cats (By Erin Hunter [who is like, seven people by the way.]). I've read this series twice, and since there's like, fifty books in the series, that's saying A LOT. (But my sister has actually read it four times…so…

My Favorite Characters in KOTLC

(In order)

  1. Keefe
  2. Ro
  3. Grizel
  4. Sophie

My Favorite Pages on the KOTLC Wiki & KOTLC fun wiki