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  • I live in a confusing place known as my imagination (please don't go there. it's rather creepy of you to find out my location, plus, I don't think my mind's a place you'd want to visit)
  • My occupation is singing... and reenacting entire musicals (plus writing like I'm running out of time)
  • I am human, what about you? (call me they)
  • Bio Don't waste today dwelling on yesterday. Today is what prepares you for tomorrow.
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Hello to All Edit

Hello everyone! I'm MagicDaydreamer, or you could call me Cress (Lunar Chronicles, anyone?) since I don't give my real name online. I am a writer, reader, and dear humanoid with a big heart and a restless mind. I love KOTLC, I'm a Hydrokinetic, Technopath, Conjurer, Polyglot, Telepath, Empath, Teleporter, Inflictor, and Flasher and I'm currently dating Dex Dizznee! (message me for other Keeper stuff, my profile description is being stubborn)

Since you're here...would you maybe (just to make me happy) read the whole thing?

Non-Keeper Stuff Edit

-I write like I'm running out of time

-Proud Ravenclaw

-Love sad books

-Not athletic at all

-Love singing, acting, drawing, writing, dreaming

-Became part of the fandom in January 2018 (01/05/18, to be specific), but I got an account exactly a year later.

-I'm an ambivert. Sometimes I'm an introvert, sometimes an extrovert. Basically an introvert who needs the company of people I'm close to.

-Other fandoms: Lunar Chronicles ~ Harry Potter ~ Hamilton ~ Renegades ~ Percy Jackson ~ Wings of Fire ~ Hunger Games ~ Fantastic Beasts ~ Let the Sky Fall ~ TFIOS

-I'll be your friend if you'll be mine

-Afraid of heights and spiders

-Love chocolate

-Me has good Englishing. By that, I try to keep everything I say and write grammatically correct, but sometimes I no wanna English goodly

-Current favorite Broadway musical is a tie between Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton

-Find me on Wattpad: @MagicDaydreamer

Paste Any of These Onto Your Profile if you CARE Edit

Dear Bullies,

That kid you pushed over earlier? You embarrassed them, bruised them, scratched them. Why'dya do it? You have no right. Never will. The girl you called fat? She deserves to love her body. You just try to make her hate herself. The boy you teased for crying? You don't know his story. The man you made fun of for his scars? You don't know his either. That group of people who you referred to with an incredibly disrespectful slur, just for being different? All hating themselves and denying who they are. No one deserves to be bullied, whether or not they're secretly suffering. You don't get that your words have more power than you think. Say the wrong thing, you hurt in millions of ways. Everyone has a story. Everyone's a person. Bullying isn't right - and we're going see that it comes to an end.


Hate is absolutely unacceptable, unrelatable, and absolutely pointless. Why? Why should you hate someone for being different from you? Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, ageist, classist, Anti-Semitic, discriminative against the disabled...when you could just be QUIET? We're all human - why should anything else matter?


They're not gay rights. They're human rights. I'm human, so I support them. LGBTQ+ people are people. So are all the ethnicities that exist in the world. Women, too. You can't deny it, so why do you try?


I believe:

If there's hate, stop it. Nobody should live in a closet. Art is art, follow your heart. Needs should be met, promises kept. All rights should be the same, science leads to a stronger brain. No human should be ashamed, kindness is everything. Love is love, even when it's tough. Privilege and talent couldn't be more different, people's wills should not be bent. The universe is only limited to your imagination, the world is shaped by people's creation. Beauty shines from within, the adventure's just about to begin. No one deserves to fade away, keep the world from turning grey. Hate is a lazy excuse for ignorance, everyone deserves a chance. Gender shouldn't matter, hearts should not shatter. All lives feel, magic is real. There is always a cure. We are the future!

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