Lord Fintan

aka The Dark Overlord - Alex

  • I live in Seattle, Washington
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is Reading
  • I am Male


Credit to Bananazilla the Telepath for design help!

Hello! I am Lord Fintan, The Dark Overlord. King of Keeper of the Lost Cities. But, call me Alex. I have read the series at least 4 times, but I've lost count at this point. I'm so excited to be a part of this wiki. I know the founder in real life, and I definitely know KOTLC. I'm hyped to write some awesome fanfics and OCs!

I'm a CM and an MC on here! Yay! Thanks to the founder for giving me a promotion! :)

I'm a book addict--don't you dare judge me. Say your opinion to my face.

I love Harry Potter and I'm in Slytherin! Not many people are these days. But Eva, #SlytherinBuddies! <3 My patronus is a Snow Leopard!

I'm Sokeefe. No Sophitz shippers hate on me. If you bash me, you will find yourself in a very dark place. Thanks, and have a great day!

Bottom line--the party doesn't start until I arrive. If you know that, you'll have a rather successful life.

I realize I can be just a tad arrogant, very dark, and of course, I'm cocky and competitive. Yeah, it's ok if you want to stare. I know how awesome I am. Ok, I'll stop. I know you can't take it anymore :)

I'm not in the mood to tolerate craziness right now. If you try to offend me, you will very much regret it.



Synopsis: Lauren and Ezekiel Warren discover a secret hidden away in their

family mansion's basement, the site of which their aunt and uncle mysteriously disappeared 15 years ago. The discovery of an enchanted object leads them on a journey like no other, slowly discovering clues to the Neverseen's schemes. This tale reveals secrets of their family's past they had never even dreamed of before.


Synopsis: Anthony is a Telepathy prodigy. No one except for a select girl from his school can read his mind. Together, the two work together to find the different complex twists and turns of Anthony's past and who his real biological parents are. But as they search, they realize this is more advanced that just a simple family incident. On accident, they may have suddenly stumbled upon a thousand-year-old ancient forgotten legacy.



If you're smart, you won't ask why.
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