aka Crystal AKA Queen Cheesy

Bureaucrat Emissary
  • I live in In my bookshelf, in my future neighborhood, which I totally do not have all planned out
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Listening to Christmas songs all year round
  • I am Queen Cheesy, Queen of Cheesians, and of course, I am Obviously awesome (:
  • Bio Let me be your superhero, there isn't a place I won't go, whenever you need me by your side, I'll be there, be there, never be afraid of you fall, I'll carry you away from it all, let me be your superhero, let me be your superhero. ~Ross Lynch, Superhero
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“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” -Crystal
I guys! I'm Crystal and I'm an admin for this awesome wiki! So feel free to shoot me a message on my wall if you have any questions or concerns! I love talking and RPing, so don't be afraid to ask me to LC, or RP!

Random things about me:

my favorite animal is a sea turtle (Idk why)

My favorite colors are purple, lime green, and any kind of blue.

I like soccer

my favorite TV shows are, Miraculous Ladybug, Ninjago, Chicken Girls, A Girl Named Jo, Total Eclipse, Zoe Valentine, Red Ruby, On The Ropes, Hotel De Loone, Jessie, Shake it up, Liv and Maddie, and KC Undercover.

I'm Christian and Homeschooled.

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