Fun Facts About Me

  • I'm the oldest kid in my family
  • I own all the Keeper of the Lost City books
  • I love writing fanfictions, listening to music, and reading
  • My friends would tell you I have an unhealthy obsession with KOTLC and they would be correct
  • I am a sugar-a-holic
  • I am slightly crazy (in a good way, I think)

My fanfiction(s)

My Favorite Fanfictions

Fandoms I'm In

  • Harry Potter
  • Keeper of the Lost Cities (Duh)
  • The Princess Diaries
  • Narnia
  • Star Wars
  • Hamilton


  • Sokeefe (KOTLC [Sophie + Keefe])
  • Winh (KOTLC [Wylie + Linh])
  • Tiana (KOTLC [Tam + Biana])
  • Garry/ Hinny (HP [Harry + Ginny])
  • Romione (HP [Ron + Hermione])
  • Eliza + Alexander (Hamilton)
  • Nicholas + Mia (Princess Diaries)
  • Cusan (Narnia [Susan + Caspian])
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