Khafa's POV

It was the same old same old with me teasing Moore, then I found someone else pranking people and my day got a whole lot better. I was busy putting a muskog in Starla's locker when I saw there already was one in there. I glanced around in confusion, I was the only one who pulled pranks at this school. Then I heard a laugh and turned. There was a fourth year standing behind me, I had never seen him before.

Keefe's point of view.

I didn't realize i had been teleported to another universe, when I got up this morning my parents said have a good day Todd! I thought Todd? I shrugged it off and headed to foxfire, I decided to put a muskog in Stina's locker. I put it in and stepped back admiring my work, then a few minutes later someone else came, they had a muskog in their hand, When they opened the locker they were confused I laughed and he turned to face me, I gasped, he didn't just look like me, He looked exactly like me.

Khafa's POV He didn't just look like me he looked exactly like me which means he was super hot with amazing hair

Keefe's POV He didn't just look like me he looked exactly like me which means he was super hot with amazing hair

Khafa's POV "Who are you?" I asked. "Keefe Sencen. Who are you?" "Khafa Sencen." "Why do we look..." "Exactly Alike? I have no idea" Just then Dame Elizabeth walked towards them.

Third person POV

Dame Elizabeth glared at the two. "Get to class! Now!"

Keefe and Khafa scrambled to their next class laughing.

Khafa's POV

Instead of heading to class we headed to my favorite ditching spot, "So, wanna go prank some teachers?" I asked Keefe.

"It's like you read my mind." Keefe replied with a mischevious smile.

Keefe's POV

I accidentally bumped into someone. "Sophie?!" I exclaimed.

"Who?" The girl who looked exactly like Sophie asked.

Lizzy's POV

Khafa had bumped into me and asked if I was Sophie. "Khafa are you all right?!"

Keefe stared. "Sophie it's me, Keefe."

Keefe's POV

The girl who looked exactly like Sophie stared at me in confusion. "Khafa this is not the time to be playing games."

"I'm not playing games. And why do you keep calling me Khafa?"

Lizzy POV

I was wondering if Khafa had gone crazy when the real Khafa walked up

Khafa's POV

Oh no Keefe had run into Lizzy.

Lizzy's POV

O_O There were two of them.

Khafa and Keefe looked at each other then at Lizzy who had gone white as a sheet

Lizzy then completely freaked out and started beating the crap out of both of them

"Owww!" Keefe yelled. "Not the hair!"

"Lizzy calm down!" Khafa yelled

After a while Lizzy stopped hitting them.

"So you come from a different universe?" She asked Keefe.

"Yeah, don't know how but I do."

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