Trevor Heks' Big Mistake

By Bananazilla the Telepath


Trevor Heks is the son of Stina Heks, and follows his mother in the fact that he is mean and thinks of himself very highly at Foxfire. Trevor is tall with short black hair and pale skin with freckles. He has very dark blue eyes. Trevor always liked to pick on Blake Babblos, because he was an easy target. But once his popularity had arisen because of his talent, Trevor had to question it. But Trevor had no idea what would happen when he dared Blake to burn down the whole pasture. He thought Blake would chicken out, like usual. But not this day. This day, Blake Babblos had put on a brave face, and finished the job. Fire danced around Blake's hand, and he walked to the nearest tree, and put his hand on one of the branches, igniting it. The branch fell, on fire, and caused the fresh grass to burn. This was when Trevor began to second-guess his decision. Trevor didn't expect the fire to spread so quickly. Within a minute, the fire had reached Trevor. Trevor freaked out and ran. He was an Empath. What was he supposed to do? Trevor looked back at Blake, who was struggling to run out of the fire.

"Help me!" Blake yelled.

"No," Trevor said. "This is your mess. Now fix it."

Blake glared at the once brave Trevor, now running for the hills. But the fire didn't hurt Blake as much as it would Trevor. Blake waded through the flames, and tried to control them, but it was like a thousand tigers rampaging around a giant lawn. There was no stopping it.Blake ran, fire catching his tunic on fire. The heat felt good and enlightening, but he continued to race down the hill, hoping to catch up with the fast Trevor. Soon the fire had caught up to Trevor. Trevor ran and ran, but the fire had caught him, as if they had been playing a game of chase and Trevor had miserably lost. Trevor and Blake ran side-by-side, until they were out of breath and the fire had enveloped the whole pasture. They fell in a deep ditch accidentally, and both were in a daze. Soon, Hydrokinetics from the Nobility came to drown out the fire. But both were unconscious by then. Before the Nobility arrived to find them, Blake had ran into the forest to avoid the blame, though he had no idea how much trouble he truly was in. And how Trevor escaped was unknown. Everything was dark, was all the two knew. Everything. But there was one promising light in that darkness. A singular light, that could unite them all, and possibly solve the whole mess they had made, or very possibly make it worse.

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