I'm quite sorry you can't hold the reality that you broke some rules and apparently are way too careless to read the fact that I tried to tell you it was no big deal. Apparently you care a lot about this and are making it a giant deal by basically sdpamming many message walls. And, you did commit a policy breech. Don't deny it. And, to add onto that, I never threatened you. You are being unkind and rude to everyone here. I don't see why you're so angry when I told you that you weren't in any trouble. And if you think this is abusing authority, you're wrong. By the way, thanks for calling me Mr. Content Moderator. It doesn't matter that you're a Fandom User! You have to follow the rules, and you clearly didn't. This gives you no reason to write these kinds of things. If you need to be angry and leave, do so. It's your life, and we can't control that. Now, if you'll please get over this and have a nice day, you can be happy again! 

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