So, in order to make a character. You have to put them through Character Approval where you fill out some questions, and then when you've filled it all out, an admin will come and approve it, if it follows all the rules, or leave a comment, if it's not done or doesn't follow all the rules. 

Then, when it's approved, then you make a page, (example being Ayden Carmen) and a WB (word bubble)

Here are some examples.

0816-AL-CVER01 sq.jpg
Scarlett Joyce

⇀ Feisty Shade ♤ Twin
"Hey, I found your nose. It was in my buisness"
Hail Me ♤ Time for you to get a watch


Ayden Carmen Supportive Twin • Shady Twin
"Sometimes doing nothing leads to the very best something"
Message Me • EST



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