• You're leaving me!

    I kind understand though. School can be tough.Β 

    I will miss you so much! You were always nice, helpful, and kind. Elves react to Human inventions always made me laugh. All the chapters you wrote made me happy when I was sad. I loved your theories, arguments, and fanfics. I don't even know what the other wiki your talking about is so I probably won't see you much. I hope that I'll see you again.

    Btw, I got a quick question for you. Is live chat face time? Or something where you have to use your voice? Because if it is then I can't do love chat.....

    I'll miss you! You were such a great friend to me even if we barely new each other! Can't wait to see you again! See you later!


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    • I will miss Mia tooΒ :(Β :(

      Live chat is just like texting, its not aything like facetime or a voice recorder.Β 

      ex. (these are random names)

      Linda; Hi

      Bob: Hi

      Jade: I gtg

      Bob: Wazzup

      Linda: Nm


      btw (LC is actually much more exiting then what I just wrote)

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    • Aw, you're leaving? Too soon girl, too soonΒ :/

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    • Yeah. As for the story, I stopped because of something that happened in the wiki. However I am glad you like it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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