• Okay, I absolutely hate sappy stuff. If makes my gut feel twisted and clenched and a bunch of other not so good feelings. Nevertheless, here I am writing you a sappy message, ironic isn’t it? Where to begin, where to begin, I have a bright idea! Why not from the start?

    You and I met on March 22ed, 2018 around 6 pm. How I remember that, I have no idea. But I do know one thing, and a bunch of others, but still. You were happy Mia, I could tell in the way you typed, yeah I couldn’t hear your voice, but I could tell. You radiated cheerfulness, not all people possess that, you have a gift. I know about the things you go through, yet you stayed calm, cool, and over all, remained strong. Not everyone has the capability of doing that. For that, I truly admire you, completely and utterly respect you. NEVER let anyone take your strong will away from you Mia, NEVER. It’s a wonderful quality you possess, one of many.

    Do you remember all of the silly arguments we have had? I admit, I was very unopen to the idea of bein wrong, and I was always right so... They were fun Mia, it was fun. Arguing with someone is not something you typically consider fun, not at all. Unless you are me, it’s funny to see the other person try to argue back. But I hope that was fun for you too.

    Do you remember all of the completely random things we discussed? I do, we were laughing hysterically, or as close as you can get to that with typing. I remember all of the things we did Mia, for the most part, I remember almost all the details. But my awesome memory is not the foucus. None of that awesome stuff would have happened if you were not there.

    (This is where it gets really sappy so be warned)

    I understand your stress over high school, I mean, you’re going to grade eight next year, than it’s up up and away! But what’s truly important to me, is that you enjoyed your time here. I enjoyed my time with you, I hope I could give you the same pleasure. You have been a wonderful friend to me, and I hope you can say the about to me. Don’t let anyone ever put you down Mia, they don’t deserve to be able to do that.

    A wise person (Aka me) once said,

    “Nothing lasts forever, including good byes.”


    (Sorry, I’m really bad at saying good bye. I normally settle for a nod and a bye, but I can’t do that here so you get this jumble of words instead.)

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    • Bea, This is truly hard for me to leave. So many things to leave behind, not just stories, but my friends too. But as much as I want to stay, I know that staying is not gonna help me with high school applications as much as studying. You have been so nice to me during everything we’ve been through. Those arguments we’ve had were fun, and I will try to be on for some more randomness. Maybe after the tests, I don’t know. But you will have a place in the list of people I look up to, people who’ve never broken my trust, people who’ve stood by me. I will keep that quote with me always.

      See you sometime


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