• Hi Sofia,

    The rest of the administration team and I were wondering if you would like to roleplay at Foxfire again this year using your mentor characters, Adriana Conwyn-Jennings and Cosima Bettencourt. We're running short on mentors this year, and if you chose to accept this, you would not have to re-circulate them through the application process. Please don't feel pressured to accept, however -- real life always comes first, and we completely understand if you have other commitments to make.

    Thank you!!


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    • hi hello :)

      i'd love to have Adriana and Cosima return; i had actually mentioned it to Char and Crystal some time ago, but i am having both Adriana and Cosima return along with my two students from the first term! also i had plans for a third mentor as well if i am allowed to have one :)

      side note: if you guys need any help with anything, i am always here for you guys! <3

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    • Yay!! We're so glad :) Thank you so much for this -- I'll also discuss the possibility of a third mentor with the rest of the team.

      Once again, tysm -- everything you do for FFK is appreciated so much <3

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    • don't mention it <3 it's what i do :)

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