• Hey! How's life?

    Mines okay. I just got back from a great week at camp, but I'm kinda sad cause my parents lost a friend, who was really nice.. I also miss my friends nd councillor from camp... Even though it hasn't even been a day since I last saw them... I'm also sad cause Z's leaving....


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    • WINDY!


      Im good, skl dance is on monday, and i end on tuesday. I ahve a Bbq Some family friends and whatever 4 fathers day tom so thats cool :)

      Awww im so soryy! That sad, him-hers memory will live on :( 

      aWWWW ull be iin touch with them,tho r u gonna see them again?

      Ya thats hurts


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    • STORMY!


      cool! Have fun!


      I might see them next year, but idk.


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    • A FANDOM user
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