• Heya idk if ur that active..or if im active

    but anywase

    wanna lc or chat somehow (on this chain is fine if u want) just thought we oculd catch up since we x spoken in a long time.

    Hope lifes going good


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    • Hey Via :)

      Yeah, I'm not really active anymore, but I'd love to chat. It has been a while.

      Life's pretty good, ig. My depression and anxiety haven't been as bad as usual. What about you?

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    • hIA

      mhm lol im x rlly active anymore also ;p. but ya it has been a while. no skl today mayeb ltr? this weeks kinda rouph cuz of finals. whatever works 4 ya

      Ya i feel yah. finals finals finals. freking out about finals. flippen finals. anxity about finals. anxity about formal. lOL lifes ... alot of anixety latly

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    • hewwo

      schools ends in a couple weeks, so that's pretty good. we had state testing, which wasn't that bad, ig.

      yeah, anxiety sucks.

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    • hai

      yap juen 18. ugh i hate state testing. its just kinda like a waste of time.

      Yep yap

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    • when do u wanna lc? or should we jsut talk on this

      btw have u read one of us are lying?

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    • talk on this, preferably. I legit don't have any time to get on LC.

      yeah, I have, why?

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    • Lol neither do i . LIfes busy as heck. 

      Im so old i x. Im GRADUATING. thats flippen AH

      Nthng cuz ur sig is two can keep a secret if one dead, and i was wondering if u read one of us is lying. 

      sKLs over in like 18 days till skl ends. bUT THEn formal....


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    • oof

      school ends in...8 days? idek at this point. i'm just dragging myself through the day without looking at the clock every 0.02 seconds.

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    • oOf right

      i finished finals , and have no skl untill tuesday. Yah i feel you. Ya, i got a fitbit watch for chrismas and its the most usefull thing ever cuz im always looking at the time. 

      i have the skl dance soon. freked out as heck for that.

      i need that clentched emoji rn , i jsut have nx patince looking 4 it

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    • Lol

      Who are you going to the dance with? 😏

      Nah, you'll be fine. Just don't hide in the bathroom and decide to live chat (you remember that incident?) and you should be fine.

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    • Yah

      cole and some other kids. ;P

      ugh id rather forget it,

      hopefully triple fingers crosses (whateve that means)

      whats new with you? otys my best friends sister wedding today so im exited for that. i was also groundied since thursday (x ask) but im UNGROIUNDED



      whats newwwwwww withh youu?

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    • lol

      Eek, I hope you had fun!

      nm, I guess. School's ending in a few days.

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    • mHM


      yah happy its summer.

      skl ends on tuesday, its a half a day end at 12:30 

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    • I'm out of schoollll


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    • same

      yays right

      what u doing over bthee summer?

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    • I got forced to do a horse riding camp by my 8-year-old cousin over Labor Day weekend :(


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    • Ugh sounds ... fun...

      Working as a lifeguard,chilling, watching fifa womens world cup (go usa)

      bassicly nm

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    • hey

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    • Yo

      waz up 

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    • uhhh, the sky

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    • A FANDOM user
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