• Hi Jade,

    This is a message to let you know that you have been issued a temporary block for hacking into another's account, linked here: The administration team has waited since the incident for acknowledgement and apologies by you, since you have done several good things for the wiki. However, since you have not said anything about the situation, we are unfortunately forced to believe that you hacked into the AvocadoBlossom account and wrote a false message. This block will last two weeks. If you have any contentions to make, please reply to this thread, as for the time being, your message wall will be left open.

    Thank you for understanding,


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    • hey Gidie,

      First of all, I'm leaving FANDOM. I really don't know why i came to check in xd i'd actually like to say thanks for blocking me because i was actually getting addicted to the wiki, and it's taking away from my grades and real life

      I'm really surprised the administration is acting this way. I haven't gotten any warning before, unlike Lei. She's gotten a couple warnings and you choose to believe everything she says instead of listening to me. She interrupted many threads and was rude to people, including me on LC. She accused me of logging into her account and saying I had broken ribs, why the heck would I do that? I've nothing to apologize about, but I will say that I'm sorry for adding onto drama that shouldn't have been said to me in the first place. There is actually no evidence that I hacked into her account, besides her word which isn't trustworthy if there's no evidence to back it up. 

      I'd also like to make a complaint about an admin. Crystal left an accusing thread on my wall, and I admit I could've handled it better, but she accused me with an IP Address when I know firsthand that it wasn't me, and that's not how they work. Again, I understand if you won't take it into account, but I don't think that is how an admin is supposed to react and behave with another user. She has also told multiple other users about the situation which I don't like, because it's none of their business. I'm upset that the administration has been acting this way, from a real person's point of view. It used to be a much fairer place.

      I'll make sure to respond to the thread, Gildie.

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    • A FANDOM user
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