• I'm sorry TempVand treated you badly. That is simply unacceptable. Thank you for reporting it! That was very responsible. And here's a message to remember!

    We face challenges in life, only because we can overcome them. Nothing is impossible, and certainly not the challenges of life. We are all given life because we can live it and overcome everything thrown at us. But most of all, we should never ever forget that people can and will help us, if we only ask. And there are points where I'm sure we all want to give up. But giving up won't solve anything. And the only way you can ever fail, is if you give up.

    And when you give up, you leave behind the millions of chances that are possible in each and every day.

    So smile. Because everyday is a new day.

    A new day full off chances.

    Chances that can change life for the better.

    Because life does get better.

    You just need to live it longer.

    I hope this made at least one person smile <3

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