• Hello! So anyways I'll do a shameless advertise:

    The Composition Closet Wiki :Welcome to the Composition Closet! You might wonder, what is this wiki about? Well, this page will tell you all about it! Composition Closet's purpose is to be a friendly, unique community for users to enjoy themselves in. You can write stories(does not have to be related to a series), or read stories written from other users! There are also roleplays you can participate in(although that is work in progress)! The goal for this wiki is to have the overall atmosphere of this community filled with positivity and engagement!

    The Lost Wizarding Cities Wiki: After stumbling upon this interesting wiki, you're probably thinking, "What is this place? Sophie... Harry...?" Well, we can relate. So, just to clarify things a bit, this is a crossover wiki Harry Potter and Keeper of the Lost Cities wiki. It was created by The Bibliomaniac and developed by our team of administrators, as well as you, the "citizens," and it's here for your fun!

    You can create roleplay characters, or write up crossover fanfiction from the wizarding world of Harry Potter AND Keeper of the Lost Cities. Let's see what happens when a boy with incredible magic is smashed into a girl who can read minds, speak all languages, inflict pain (and positive emotions), teleport, and enhance others' abilities! Come and create this world with us!

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