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Chapter One: Lihn&Wylie

Lihn could sense them. They were everywhere. The call of the water droplets was hard to resist. She smiled, pulling some of them out of the air and into her hands. Her Hydrokinesis formed a tiny version of Princess Purryfins. Grinning, she decided to show it to Wylie; he loved Princess Purryfins. She ran to his room taking the water cat with her. She threw open his door, and saw him sitting on his bed, looking at a photograph. Instantly she felt guilty. Maybe he was having some sort of private moment. She turned away.

“Lihn?” Wylie turned to face her “Don’t go”

“I don’t want to intrude,” she said. The way Wylie saw it, Lihn could never intrude. “No it’s fine.” Wylie said. “What do you have there?” he said, pointing to the water cat, and setting down his picture.   

“It’s Princess Purryfins” Lihn said, smiling.  

Wylie chuckled. That was so Lihn. 

Lihn blushed. She was glad he liked it. Wylie picked the cat up, and Lihn smiled. She sat down on his bed, noticing the picture he had been looking at earlier. She picked it up, and was instantly overcome by cuteness “You’re sooo cute” she squealed. 

Wylie could feel his face flame up and he was glad Linh couldn't see him blush as he reached up to scratch his head. He didn't realize how much he wanted to hear her say those words until she said them. “I mean, look at this” she said, brandishing the picture. It was a letdown and a relief when he realized she was just talking about the picture. “Yeah it's me with my parents before, well, you know” he said, shrugging.

“Oh, I didn't mean to be disrespectful” Lihn said, her head drooping. She looked so sad that Wylie reached out and took her hand to comfort her. 

“You're not being disrespectful” he said 

“Okay” Lihn said, and her smile returned. Then Tam walked by with Biana.

“OHH my god” Biana squealed “Are you guys together?''  

“No” said Lihn, calling the water version of Princess Purryfins back to her. They weren’t, right? But then again, would that be so bad? 

Wylie hesitated a moment before saying “Um, yeah, we’re not.”

Lihn sagged a bit, then quickly righted her position. 

Biana squealed again. “Marella would LOVE this. I have to tell her!”

Linh glanced at her and Tam and had the same question “Are you together?” 

Biana laughed. “Oh no, I’m with Marella uh so yeah” 

“Oh” Linh said perkily.  “I’ve never heard of that, but now that I think of it you make a really cute couple” She snuck a glance at Tam but he seemed fine with it.  

Biana had spotted the photo “What's that,” she said leaning forward to pick it up.

“A really cute picture of little Wylie.” Linh said

“Oh cool, can I see it?” said Biana, already picking it up. “Awwww, come and see this, everyone! I can’t wait to show this to Mare!”

Wylie flushed. He was fine with Lihn seeing the picture, but did Biana, Tam, and Marella have to see it too? 

Tam leaned closer to look at the picture. “That is pretty cute.”

“We have to show this to Fitz! And Sophie!” Biana exclaimed. 

“Yeah, we totally do.” Tam nodded. 

“OOH! And-” Biana started. 

“That’s enough, you guys. Why don’t we leave Wylie be?” Lihn said. She noticed Wylie shoving his hands deeper into his pockets. She had never seen him so flustered.  She herded Biana and Tam out of the door. 

“Goodbye, Wylie.” Lihn smiled, her hair swishing behind her.

“Wait.” Wylie reached for her hand. “Don’t leave.”  

“I have to. Tam is waiting for me. I’ll see you later.” Lihn said, then let go of Wylie’s hand and walked out of the door. 

As they were walking down the hall, Tam asked “Uh, where’s Woltzer?”

Biana grinned.

“Vanisher, remember?” And that was her only response.

Chapter Two: Biana& Marella

A week earlier:  

Biana blinked in and out, letting the light flow through her. She walked up to the entrance of Fluttermont, Marella’s house. She had tried some new makeup on that day, hoping it would make her look better. She really hoped Marella liked it. “Ok here goes” she whispered reaching up to knock on the door of Futtermont. Hearing someone knock on the door Marella peeked outside. It was Biana! Marella flew down the stairs, her hand running over the silver banister. She opened the door. 

“Hi, Biana!” she said.

“Hey, Marella.” said Biana.   Was it just her, or did Biana look . . . nervous? To her, the youngest Vacker always seemed confident. It was one of the things Marella liked about her. She could also tell that Biana had different makeup on that day. It looked good- of course, Biana always looked good. How was she able to pull it off? 

Biana shuffled nervously as she waited for Marella to open the door. Why was she so nervous? It was just like any other time she came over to Mare’s house. Or at least, that’s what she told herself. “How's your mom?” she asked. Better to stick with the safe stuff for now. 

“She's having a good day, thanks for asking,” Marella said. Biana was definitely nervous. She was doing that cute thing she did when she was nervous where she twirled her hair around her finger.  

“Come on up to my room,'' Marella said, gesturing for Biana to follow her up the stairs. When they got to her room, Biana plopped down on the bed. Marella light the huge stone fireplace across from the bed, making the flames that beautiful teal. She wondered if Biana would notice.

“Wow, you’ve gotten really good at your Pyrokinesis.” Biana said.

Marella blushed. “Yeah, my parents installed the fireplace so I could practice.”

“They’re really pretty,”Biana said.

Then she said “I have something to tell you please hear me and try not to run away screaming, ok?” she said in a very un-Biana like whisper.  When Biana looked into Marella’s eyes, they were looking at her with concern.

“What’s up?” She asked. No going back now, Biana thought. “Well you know how Sophie likes or liked my brother.” 

“Yeah I know” Said Marella. Biana was probably going to tell her about her crush on Tam.  Marella din’t know why that hurt so much. “Well I like you that way” Biana said. There it was all out in the open now. Marella hadn't run away screaming which was probably good. Marella’s head was spinning. She didn’t know it was possible for a girl to like another girl but now all those things that didn’t make sense all the fluttery feelings around Biana  made sense. 

“I-I feel the same way about you.” she said 

“Really?” Biana asked 

“Yeah, Really.” Marella replied. Biana reached across to hug.  The teal flames  flickered in the background, making the room cozy and warm.  They had hugged before as friends but this was different, this time they were hugging as something more. 

Chapter Three: Keefe’s magic trick

A couple days earlier:

Wylie had come to the Shores of Solace to find Keefe. He was beginning to have second thoughts about it, though. He didn’t know Keefe that well. Maybe he should just go. Shaking his head, Wylie raised his pathfinder up to the light.

“Hey, Wylie. Have you come to talk to Daddy Dearest?” Keefe said. Ro walked to stand beside him.

“No.” Wylie said.He took a deep breath. “I need dating advice.”

Keefe frowned. “Oh? Well, everyone knows I am great with the ladies. I mean, just look at The Hair. Who is it? ”

“I-”said Wylie before Ro cut him off

“Okay, hold up, Sparkle Boy.” said Ro. “If it’s our little blondie, then I hate to break it to you, but she is off-limits. ”

“Ro.” Keefe hissed, his fists clenched. “You said you wouldn’t talk about this in front of other people. Plus, I’m not even with her.”

“Whatever you say, Lord Hunkyhair.” Ro responded.

“It’s not Sophie. It’s . . .someone else.” Wylie said, blushing.

“Ok.” Keefe said, clearly relieved.  “I have something you can use.” Wylie was anxious. Was this a bad idea? He wasn’t even sure if she liked him. She was a great friend. Did he want to ruin it by confessing? Wylie sighed. He didn’t have to use whatever tip Keefe gave him. He turned to Keefe.

“What is it?” He asked.

“First you say ‘here, I want to show you a magic trick, give me your hand.’Then, when whoever it is does, you kiss it. Then you yell Ta-Da That’s Magical And that is just ONE of the many great tips from the one and only Keefester. You’re welcome.” said Keefe.

It all sounded way too mushy and ridiculous  to Wylie but, he’d asked Keefe. What was he expecting? . He definitely wouldn’t use the trick. That was decided now.

“Uh . . .thanks, Keefe.” Wylie raised his pathfinder to the light once again, and disappeared.

“Well, that was odd.” said Keefe.

“Yep.”said Ro “If only you could use that trick on Blondie.”

Keefe rolled his eyes and turned away muttering something about “the Great Foster Oblivion.”

Chapter Four: Coming Out-Everyone

Biana tightened her grip on Marella’s hand. They had gathered all their friends there to tell them that they were together.

“You ready?” Marella asked “Ready as all ever be” Biana responded but knowing she had Marella on her side made her feel braver. They walked through the door. They spot Linh across the room and she gives them a thumbs up. “Why'd you guys hail us?” Sophie  asks.  “We wanted to tell you something,” Marella said. “We’re together,”Biana finished. They paused to give it a moment to sink in. The first person to speak was Fitz.

“Not to be disrespectful, but .  . . .” Fitz said. “I don’t believe you. This is probably just a phase, you shouldn’t pay much attention to it.You’re just confused. This doesn’t happen. ”

“It happens all the time in the human world.” Sophie responded.

“Well, yeah, but that’s in the human world. Biana, elves are not like that. Just ignore it, ok?” Fitz looked towards his sister, his teal eyes softening. “I’m trying to protect you, ok? I don’t want you to face scorn.”  

Biana’s eyes filled with tears. She thought Fitz, her brother, her family of all people would understand.. She sank down into her chair, a couple silent tears falling into her lap. Marella reached for her hands, and squeezed them.

“It’s okay.” Her girlfriend whispered. Linh scooted forward to hug Biana. None of her friends should have to cry.

“Fitz, WHAT THE HECK?” shouted Sophie. “These are your friends, your SISTER. You have to support them.”

“But she liked Keefe; this is just a phase. I‘m supporting her the best way I can”.

“Just shut up, okay?! This may be new to you,so just try to be open about it.” Sophie responded.  

“Alright. Fine.” said Fitz, turning away from Sophie.

“Uhg Captain Perfectpants, I don’t get the big deal. As long as they don’t smooch in front of me I’m fine.” said Ro.

“Well, I think it’s great!” said Linh. “I’m so happy for you!”

“Yeah, Fitz, I don’t see what the problem is, I think they’re a really cute couple, and that’s coming from ME.” said Tam.

“Whoa, the feelings in this room are intense. I’m not so sure about this whole thing, but I could take a reading if it could help you feel better Fitz.” said Keefe.

Dex’s mind flashed to all the bad match drama that he knew was to come for them. He knew they didn’t need or want to hear about it right now but there was something he had to say.

Reaching out to grasp Biana’s other hand he said “We’re here for you. We’ve got your back no matter what.”

Linh elbowed Wylie. “C’mon, Wylie.” She whispered. “Uh yeah congrats” Wylie said aloud but inside he thought that Fitz had some valid points.

“Umm I don’t know if you want this but I could teach you some of the human  terminology and stuff.” suggested Sophie

“Ok, I guess.” said Biana.

“So like there’s bi witch means like both boys and girls. There’s lesbian which means your a girl who likes girls, and there’s gay which means you’re a boy who likes boys, there’s also asexual and trans and a bunch of other stuff, but this seams the most realvent.  

“Well ok cool” said Marella and everyone started to disperse. Sophie motioned for Fitz to follow her outside.She pulled out an itchy eyelash.

“Fitz, we have to talk.” she said. “You were being a real jerk to Biana and Marella.”

“I was trying not to be.” Fitz responded.

“Well,” Sophie said, her anger rising. “You were.” The elves said they have no biases, or anything like that, but it just wasn’t true.. She was so tired of everyone pretending the elvin world was perfect.

“It’s just that I don’t understand it. Sophie, please don’t be mad.”    

“I’m not mad, I’m just upset. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it is not right.” Sophie said. “I want you to apologize to Biana, and tell her you’ll support her no matter what.” Then she stomped away to the Leapmaster, and shouted


Fitz’s Apology

“Listen Biana, I'm sorry I didn't take today well I just didn’t know what to think.”  

“It’s fine,” Biana said “Just don’t do it again, okay?”

Chapter five  : Linh&Wylie

After the whole “we’re together” thing, Tam had gotten  kidnapped by the neverseen, and Wylie needed to cheer up Linh. She was miserable. She hadn’t even told him about Princess Purryfins latest antics the last time he saw her. There was one thing he could think of to do. The only problem was that it could backfire drastically. He could do the thing he decided he wouldn't do. He could take Keefe's advice. Already, he was scolding himself for thinking of it. Keefe was ridiculous. Why should Wylie take any of his advice? But after one more meal with sad Linh he couldn't take it anymore.

“Linh?” Wylie said, knocking on her door. He had never visited Choralmere before, it was always Linh who had come over to where he was staying, not the other way around.

“Come in.” Linh said from the other side of the door. She kept reshaping a ball of water into different forms. A star, a cat, a heart.

“Hey.” Wylie said.

“Oh, hi Wylie.” Linh responded, looking up.

“Um. Can I show you a magic trick?” Wylie asked. He was already regretting it. What if she didn’t actually like him? Their friendship would be ruined.  

“Sure?” Linh said. She wasn’t sure where this was going.

“Okay, first you have to give me your hand.”Wylie said. Linh put her hand in his. He sucked in a breath. Then he bent down, and kissed her hand.

“Wylie, I-” Linh started.

“I-I’m sorry Linh. I didn’t mean .  . . . .” Wylie said.”He turned to leave.

“Wylie.” Linh’s voice was steady, unwavering. “I like you too.” She brought the ball of water closer, again turning it into a heart.

Wylie was speechless. There was nothing he could say, so he took some light and turned it into a heart, pressing it towards  Linh’s. She reached for his hand.

“C’mon. Let’s go help Sophie with whatever she’s working on.” Linh said. Then they walked out the door.

 When they get there

“Oh great, they’re here” Wylie said, pointing with his free hand. Linh turned and saw he was pointing to Biana and Marella.

“What do you mean ‘oh great they’re here’?.” Linh asked. Wylie had not been as supportive of Marella and Biana as she would have liked.

“I mean I think it’s weird and like, there always holding hands and acting super romantic.” We're holding hands too,” Linh told him. “I know but that’s different.” Wylie responded. Linh's eyes widened. Wylie didn’t accept Biana and Marella. Then that meant- her mind flashed to what she had been figuring out these past few weeks when she was trying to distract herself from Tam. She had thought she was just learning what true friendship was like but now she knew. A tear slid down her cheek. She wished Tam were here, he would know what to do. Then she knew what he would tell her.

So she turned to Wylie and said “If you don’t accept  them then you won’t accept me because I’m like them.” Linh's eyes which were normally shown with joy were a different kind of shiny now, they were shining with tears

“You’ll never truly get it” she told Wylie, and her voice sounded a little choked.  She let go of Wylie’s hand, and he shattered inside as she marched over to Marella and Biana, holding back her tears as Wylie raised his home crystal to the light and leaped away.

Wylie sank down in his bed. Things were going so well and then he messed them up. If he knew she was like them he would have..Well he didn’t know what he would have done but it would have been different.

Chapter Six:Biana and Marella

Marella stared at the imparter screen, which was filled with her girlfriend's face. “ I never see you anymore” she complained. “not since they made you a regent.”

“I know, I miss you too” said Biana. “but I’m free this weekend. Wasn’t there  a date you wanted to take me on?”

Marella  grinned. She had the perfect spot in Atlantis. Biana was going to love it. They worked out the details then said goodbye.

Later at Atlantis

“Ok, I’m so excited, please tell me shopping is part of this” Biana said. Marella grinned “Well, of course it is, since you insisted. First  we're just going to, you know, browse and stuff, but then I have some place  I want to show you.” Marella blushed. It was a very special place. She hoped Biana like it.

“Ok, sounds good, but let me be in charge of the shopping, I don’t think you know these stores as well as I do”Biana said. For the next few hours they shopped, wandering into stores, laughing, trying on makeup and clothes. Biana even insisted they stop to buy Iggy some treats, in hopes of turning him vegetarian. Eventually they were worn out from all of it, and Biana was ready to go home. They collapsed, exhausted, in front of the Unity Fountain.

“Oooh, I can’t wait to go to bed.” Biana said, her hair splayed out behind her.

“We still have one more thing to do,” Marella said, taking Biana’s hand.

“Wow.”Marella had taken her up to the top of one of Atlantis’s tallest towers, and the view was beautiful. The dome sparkled with colors, and it felt as though magic was coursing through the air. She leaned into Marella, and smiled. Marella smiled back.

“I come up here sometimes to look at the balefire trapped inside these towers. It reminds me how beautiful my flames can be, when I am in control of them. This place makes me feel safe.” Marella said.

“Mmm.” Biana responded. She looked at Marella. Such a brave, beautiful girl fighting to control her power. It felt as though the whole world was beneath her, and it was just her and Marella. She leaned closer to Marella, and suddenly, they were kissing.

Marella had never felt anything that warm. That hot. And yet, this wasn’t a bad kind of warmth. It was good. It was . . . . right.    Biana didn’t know what had made her do it but she was glad she had. She felt like she was floating, and her head was exploding with warmth. She never wanted it to end. “Ehem.” Someone coughed behind them. Marella broke away. A elf was standing in front of them with so much judgment in her hard blue eyes. Biana reached for Marella’s hand, the one thing that had kept her grounded in all of this. Marella twined her fingers with Biana’s. They turned to face the woman together.

“You two girls are obviously confused.”The woman said. Marella was shocked. Confused? How could she be confused,  when kissing Biana had felt like the most right thing in the world.

“Well, the matchmaking system will sort you out,'' she said. “One of the many great things it does.  You seem about the age to get your lists.I’m sure there will be many nice young men on your lists. ” A new voice from behind the woman spoke.

“Matchmaking is an awful system and these girls  seem to have things better figured out then you do.” The owner of the voice stepped forward. It was Kesler Dizznee. Biana held back a gasp. Her family had treated  him so awfully and here he was standing up for her. The woman murmured something about them being foolish as she stalked away. “Thanks for defending us,” Biana said.

“You welcome,” he said “ As someone who's dealt with all the bad match drama, I know you’ll need people in your corner. So, uh, you have me for that. Also, that woman's purse is going to smell pretty unpleasant later.” With that, he started walking down the stairs, until they couldn’t see him anymore..

“Well, I guess we should go to.” Biana said.

“Yeah,” said Marella. They hugged, and left feeling tired and phased, but happy.

The woman called a carriage over, and huffed. She was glad she had spoken up. Hopefully those two girls would learn, and their perfect system would prevail. She wouldn’t have a Dizznee,much less a Talentless one telling her what to do. She sniffed. Something smelled off. The woman opened her purse, and found that yellow goop had been in it. It smelled horrible.

“Stupid alchemists.” she said.

Chapter Seven: Tam & Elwin

Lady Gisela was right; he had never resisted this direct of a command before, but all those other times  he had never been asked to do something so horrible to Keefe.  Tam's mind raced ahead to the part where he raised his hands and shot the shadows. He could still hear Keefe’s screams, and now Keefe was gone.  He’d run away with those clear ice blue eyes. “It’s my fault.” Tam thought. He hadn't had enough strength to resist Lady Gisela and save Keefe, not when it really mattered. Sure, Keefe was always calling him Bangs Boy, but he was still important to Tam, always lurking on the edge of his thoughts.   Sophie had looked so hurt when

she showed them the letter, and it took everything had not to break down right there. “Stupid Stupid Stupid” He yelled into his pillow. “Get up Grumpyhead,” Linh called from outside his room.

“It’s all my fault” he groaned into his pillow.

“No it’s not” said Linh, pulling his pillow off his face. “You have to stop blaming yourself. You were being controlled. Now stop moping and get up. We have an errand to do.”

Linh was so cute when she was trying to be serious. But he obeyed because he knew he’d be splashed with water if he didn’t.

“Where are we going?” Tam said.

“We're going to see Elwin. I have a salve  I need.”

Later at Elwin’s

“Ahh here’s your slave, is there anything else you need? ”  

“Yes,” Linh said. “I need you to talk to Tam. He blames himself for what happened to Keefe and you're a smart, trustworthy adult so I thought you might be able to help him.”

“Of course! I can give him an Emotional Support Stuffed Animal if you’d like.”

“Tam? With a stuffed animal? I can’t wait to tease him. Ok, now I’ll leave you alone to talk.”  She said before glittering away. “Tam.”Elwin said. “Can you come over here?”

“Where’s Linh?” Tam asked. He had been staring up at the ceiling, waiting for her to bring the salve back.

“She left. She told me that I should talk to you, Tam. What’s been bothering you?” Elwin said. Tam was silent. He crossed his arms, silver bangs swooshing. He had absolutely no desire to confess whatever feelings he was having to a physician. But if it was Linh’s idea- maybe he could give it a try.  

“The thing is, I don’t know why it feels like I have this gaping hole in my chest. So I think it must

be telling me that it's my fault.”

“I don’t think so,” said Elwin. “I think you have a crush on  Keefe and that’s the whole gaping hole thing.” Tam looked at Elwin. What was he talking about, didn’t he know about their feud?

“I think you might  have tried to hide your feelings by feuding. I don’t think Keefe likes you though. I’ve done that too. The whole ‘trying to hide your feelings because you don’t understand them’ thing. But Biana and Marella showed me that those feelings were valid and real.” Elwin said.

“Wait, you're like me?” Tam asked. His brain was spinning. “I always thought you weren't married because you weren't  handsome.” Then realizing how rude that sounded he tried to take it back. “I mean you're awesome and handsome in your own way, just different.”

Elwin laughed. “It’s fine. I know I’m not as perfect-looking as other elves. Has talking to me helped?”

“Yeah. I guess. Linh’s probably waiting for me.” Tam said.

“Of course. On the way out, make sure you grab a stuffed animal. I told your sister you would come home with one. And Tam? I’m here if you want to talk, ok? ”

“Ok.” Tam responded. Surprisingly, talking with Elwin had helped a lot. He still wasn’t sure what to do with the new information, but he’d figure it out.

Chapter 8: Linh & Wylie

There was a knock on the door. “You get it” Linh told Tam. Tam sighed. Poor Linh. Wylie hadn’t spoken to her in three months, and she seemed to have given up on him. It was too bad, Tam thought. They made a really cute couple. And then Wylie had ruined it. He opened the door. There was Wylie, standing in front of the door, a bouquet of Panakes blossoms in his hands.

“Nope.” Tam said, and slammed the door in his face. That jerk didn’t deserve to see Linh.

“Tam, please. I have something to say to her.” Wylie pleaded.

“No.” Tam said through the door. “She’s been waiting for you to say it for three months. You don’t deserve her.”

Wylie sighed. He had been a real jerk. Every other time he though of going to apologize to Linh, he had talked himself out of it. She probably hated him. He’d just make her even more miserable if he talked to her. And it turned out he was right. Wylie turned to leave.

“Wait.” Linh’s voice said. “Tam, let him in.”  

They were sitting in Linh’s room, not talking. Linh breathed in. The bouquet was sitting in between them, Wylie’s peace offering to her. She hadn’t touched it.

“Linh, I want to apologize-” Wylie started.

“I’ve gotten over you, Wylie.” her voice was hard. “I’ve gotten over us.”

“I- I’m so sorry, Linh.” He said.

“I don’t want to talk to you, Wylie.”

“I just have one thing I want to say,'' Wylie responded. “Please hear me out.”

Linh sniffed, then turned away, so he wouldn’t see her tears. She formed a small water heart trying to hold it steady, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t control it. The heart cracked, and split in two.

Wylie’s heart cracked along with it. Had he really done this to Linh? Sweet, bubbly, happy Linh? Nothing could fix their relationship now. Unless . . . .    

Wylie took in the light coming in from the window, and combined it with the water. Slowly, it pieced itself back together.

“Please just hear me out, you don’t have to like me or forgive me but let me apologize.” Linh nodded.  It was a small movement but it gave Wylie permission to go on.

“I realized you were right, they were our friends and they were the same people they were the day before. I guess after I held on to the things I knew after everything changed so fast. But were working for change with the Black Swan. So I can’t keep holding on to old things, especially if they're wrong.”

Linh had been watching his face the whole time he apologized; he seemed earnest like he was telling the truth. So when he said.

“I guess you don’t want anything to do with me and rightfully so, so I’ll just go now”

She called out  “Stop! I want to tell you something too. The reason I was so upset was because I was so hurt when you didn’t come. I thought you wanted nothing to do with me anymore, not after you learned the truth. So I put up mental barriers. Convinced myself that you weren’t important. Convinced myself I didn’t care because it hurt too much to care and then you came and broke down my barriers and I hurt all over again. But you said you didn’t hate me. So it didn’t hurt so much to feel.” Linh finished.

“I am so sorry I didn’t apologize because I was scared, which was selfish of me and I know if you don’t forgive me I deserve it but I hope I made you feel better.”Wylie said.

“I forgive you ,Wylie. We won’t be back to where we used to be but maybe we could learn to be friends again.”Linh responded.

“I’d like that.” Wylie said, and they both smiled.

Chapter 9: Biana

One Year Later

“Biana, we’re going to take you to get registered for matchmaking today.” Alden called.

‘Oh no’ Biana’s mind screamed. “ Mom, Dad come in here I have  something I have to tell you .” “ What is it honey?”  Della said.

“Well, I, um, I decided I’m not going to register.” Biana said.  Alden’s face darkened.

“Don’t worry, Biana, everyone is nervous when they first register.” he said.

“No, it’s not that, it’s just  . . . .” Biana started, not knowing how to say it.

“She’s dating Marella.” Fitz said, walking down to them.

“Fitz!” Biana exclaimed. She had told him not to tell anyone else unless she allowed it.

He shrugged. “They were going to have to know sooner or later.”

“It’s true.” Biana said. “We’ve been dating for the past year. ”

Alden paled. Della frowned, but said nothing.

“Biana, honey.”    Alden said. “We know you’re nervous. You don’t have to make up lies just to get out of registering.”

Biana fumed, blinking in and out of sight.  “It’s TRUE! Why can’t you see that?.”

“You’re just overreacting. Now, come on, the Leapmaster is waiting.” he responded. “You’re confused, is all.”

“Oh? Well, why don’t you have a peek inside my mind and see if I’m overreacting?!” Biana said. Silence. “Go ahead, I gave you permission. ” Silence again. “Ok, look, I like Marella, you don’t-”

“Honey.” Alden said. “This is not-” Della stopped him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Why don’t we hear what our daughter has to say?” Della said.

Biana inhaled. Then exhaled.

“You don’t have to fully understand it. You just have to acknowledge that it exists, and that my feelings exist. I am choosing not to register. It is not your decision to make.”

“ I’m sure there’s no reason to worry about any of this.” Alden said “You can go get your list’s, have your winnowing galas, and if your feeling’s for Marella continue, then . .” He sighed and  rubbed his temples. “Well, we’ll figure out what to do . Now get dressed, we're going to the matchmaking office today, and you might just see someone there who’s cute and on your list.”

He winked and Biana was shocked. He gave what she had said a moment's thought and then put it in a mental box and ignored it. He would ‘consider it’ after she had her galas and match lists. He would ‘CONSIDER IT.’ Biana huffed. That sounded like him saying to ignore her feelings more. So not happening, she thought as she vanished and ran for the leapmaster. She needed a panakes sleepover. She got to the leapmaster out of breath.

“Havenfield!” she called out, panting. When Havenfeld glittered into view, Sophie rushed over. “Hey, Biana, everything ok?” she said.

“Just matchmaking drama. I was wondering if I could sleep under the panakes tree tonight.”Biana said.

“Oh, sure! I’ll have Edaline conjure up some pillows.” Biana nodded as she went and sat under the panakes tree. Sitting under the tree, purple and pink leaves fluttering down on her, she felt strong. She was a Regent, member of Team Valiant, girlfriend of Marella. She was BIANA VACKER. Tonight she would hide out and gather her courage, but tomorrow she would  go and tell her parents that she would not register for matchmaking. She would date Marella openly. It would be part of HER Vacker legacy.


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