Prologue 1: Beginning into a new era

My Pov

A/N This takes place when Keefe is about to get his "Legacy" and is if I was in KOTlc(many crossovers from different universes) I slump my backpack onto my bag, running to the front. I was going to be late and everyone would be annoying. I was eager, for some new students were going to be in my class and that would be three days from now. It was a Friday morning, but for me it felt like Monday. As I started flipping through the pages of Legacy almost reaching my bus, I felt sucked in and stretched like a rubber band. The void slurped me up like the way I drank Fanta, and I fell unconscious.

Prologue 2: Two weeks after Legacy

I brushed my teeth , changed and felt myself calling Councillor Oralie to check the progress on the cache. Nothing yet, unless we know about Elysian. I check in with Mr. Forkle (who is frantically trying to figure out Keefe's identity, but I didn't tell you that ) and nothing new has happened. Tam is actually happy for once (A/N he reminds me of Zane from Mystreet) and Linh, I haven't heard her since..... I can't believe I'm the one saying this... but.... we have a pretty messed up life here.

== ==
Prologue 3: Two weeks after starlight

Sometimes... I wish that I could restart my life. So nothing bad could've happened. So that my engaged husband could've kept his memory, and that Zane could remember our names. Lucinda could do magic, and a lot of other things. I wish that I could restart to Phoenix Drop High, where we all met. Zane was still the emo person he was (and still is), Lucinda and Katelyn had a fierce rivalry, Aaron was getting into fights and I didn't know I was Irene. Unfortunately, life is hard, and we got the really bitter end of the side.

Chapter 1: My POV

I feel the floor with a thud, a bunch of voices calling me "random person" "Is that person dead" and all sorts of things. I mean, I don't feel dead, but I feel like I was playing grounders again and I fell off the equipment again. Bashed with sand and rocks with my eyes, I slowly get up to be right smack in the middle of a beautiful place. The only words that come out of my mouth is.....

Sophie's POV

I know I'm supposed to be calm, but I can't be after I see that there is a child right there who is literally on the floor getting shot with Shadowflux.

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