Flashback Spoilers I read all the book but this book will take place before Fitz confess his love for Sophie. So happy reading!

" Keefe, why are you so dumb," Ro said from the chair she was sitting on in his room.

" What dumb thing did I do now?" Keefe asked looking up from his painting.

" Well, you still didn't tell Blondie how much you looove her," Ro answered.

" Shhh my dad could hear you," Keefe said.

"So what, what he going to do about?" Ro asked.

" Well he could tell Foster, and then I have go into hiding," said Keefe.

" At least then she will know cause your too scared to tell her yourself," said Ro.

" If I tell her all I would do is get rejected like Dex, and do you remember what Alden said?" Keefe asked.

" Oh forget about that. How do you know that she doesn't love you?" Ro asked.

"Empath remember," Keefe reminded her.

But deep down he was curious. Did Foster like him? Some of her feelings did show love in them.

"I think that you should get her a gift and tell her how you feel," Ro said.

"You just want to win the bet," Keefe repiled.

" How about if you go to Havenfield today and tell her the bet is off," Ro said.

Keefe thought about it what did he have to lose. If he went to her and tell her he would get rejected and then they will become friends again. Right?

"Okay, I will do it," Keefe repiled.

"Really?" Ro asked.

"Really," Keefe said.

* * * * * * *** * *
After Keefe made Sophie a gift and wrapped it he started to come up way to tell Sophie he liked her.

" What kind of thing is 'Foster I like you'," said Ro reading his journal.

What was he suppose to say? 'Hey Foster you are very oblivious to the fact that I like you' or 'Yo Foster did you know that I like you'

"Maybe you should just wing it," Ro said.

" I guess, but what if I say something that will make her hate me and never talk to me again," said Keefe.


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