The Wanted List

Wanted Characters Edit

The below section is for wanted roleplay characters (i.e. character needed for roleplay purposes, storyline characters). Please fill out the below table with the correct information to have another user either create a new roleplay character or offer one already created. Remember to contact the user to contact on the table before creation. For any help or questions regarding this, contact an administrative member.

Character Name

(If Known)


(If Known)

Estimated Age Need For Character Who To Message
Your choice, but last name is De Adel. Female 27 One of Beatrice de Adel's triplet sisters. Message me for exact details depending on which is chosen. Sophie
Your choice. Male 25+ The husband of one of Beatrice de Adel's sisters. Needed for the plotline. Sophie
Your choice. Female 25+ Love interest of Beatrice de Adel's eldest sister. Also needed for plotline. Sophie
Kaia Lyric Female 17 Keade's twin needed for plotline. Betsy
N/A Either 20-30 Keade needs a professional singer to help her singing improve. Betsy
N/A N/A ABove 20 Brook needs a family. Someone who will care for her and love her. Someone who will want her, and not judge her for being the way she is. Someone who won't send her back soon after adoption. Crystal

Wanted Ships Edit

The below section is for wanted romantic ships and works much like the wanted character list. If you have a roleplay character, who needs a significant other, put your character down on this list and someone is sure to see it and volunteer their already made character or may create a new premade character just for this.

The way the table works is this: insert your character's name that needs a ship partner, and the rest is what they are looking for. Try to keep the 'What They Need' section as short as possible.

Character Name Age Range Gender What They Need User to Message
Demelza Auditore 15-16 Either (preferred Female) Someone with an honest heart; someone who can tame her curiosity. Sophie
Evie N'evergreen Adult (age is irrelevant) Either Someone who can appreciate Evie for who she is; someone who will last by her side. Sophie
Briana Atickon 18-21 Male someone who will be gentale with her problemsbut is strong and nice idc if its a love hate . Via
Aya Edain 15-16 Male Someone who can bring her happy side out, and doesn't mind her shyness. Mallowmelt
Lani Cain 13-15 Male Someone who can see beyond her veil of happiness. Someone who is positive! Z
Maisie Graham 13-14 Male a crush, someone who is humorous and kind Roses
Nayamae Taikasha 15-20 Female Someone who is either calm to keep her in line, or someone like her to encourage her to keep going. Charlotte
Juliette Vale 18-19 Male Someone charming, funny, a bit too full of himself, loyal, sweet, and caring Rida
Brooklynn Flash 12-14 Male Someone who can unlock the part of her that she never shows, someone who can be a good friend when she needs it, someone to cope with her stubborness and rudeness. Crystal
Lade Siver 13 F Keefe sencen personality

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