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by: SuldreenSong

Synopsis: Mirielle Amarino, a polyglotic elf, has always been distant from reality. Preferring music, over any Elvish Tradition, finds that she relates more to a gnome named Vinca, than any elf.

Chapter One: Vinca

The plague had come out of nowhere.

The day should have a been a celebration; she shouldn’t have seen anything but festivities. It was conservation day after all. There was never even so much as a shred to worry about. Well, until two days ago…Until that night.

Vinca wasn’t able to think about it without feeling tears in her eyes. Even before yesterday she had lost her brother, Sior, to the plague. Now it had stolen her nephew. She wasn’t even sure if he had been quarantined yet. Everyone ran out of Bosk Gorge as soon as they saw infected trees on the horizon. One of which was Pine’s house.

It's only a matter of time until the plague takes us all. It already already took everyone I care about...How much longer do we have? Will there ever be a cure?

There was no way to suppress her worrying. Her voice failed her as she tried to strengthen the nearby trees. To give them hope, despite the circumstances, but she couldn't get a note out. It was kind of ironic really. Music was the only thing she had left, yet she wasn't even able to carry a tune. All she could do was listen. Whether it be to the Oaks as they hum a soft melody, or the ferns whistling a harmony. Or the random voice that just started yelling in a language she could barely understand.

She was sure of two things: That the voice was in trouble and that she wouldn't let them be harmed. She wasn't sure who this stranger was, but she didn't want anybody else to suffer like she did from the pain of losing someone. She needed to help them. She needed to help everyone. She needed to stop the plague. Before it took anybody else's family. Before it took anyone else's life.

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