Royal Mystery
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Story Line


Harris Gallagher was a Neverseen agent and freak Pyrokinetic, working for Fintan. In a mission, where Harris was commanded to explode a series of buildings, he was recovered and his mental state was deemed insanity. Harris was sent to a rehabilitation center at which he was released after twenty years. Even though he now had a right to freedom, and was--as far as everybody knew--no longer assosciated with Fintan or any member of the Neverseen. Harris didn't want to reenter into society in a big city, knowing it would be too big of a spectacle. So, he moved to the small Elvin kingdom of Tendranalia, one of the oldest Elvin cities. It was an independent city, ruled my Queen Anastasia IV. And the Queen's eldest daughter, Anastasia V was becoming of age to inherit the crown, when Harris arrived. Long story short, they fell in love, Anastasia V having no idea of Harris's past with the Neverseen. When the two married, Anastasia V was crowned Queen of Tendranalia, Harris crowned King.

They had four children, and lived a happy life for about twenty or so years. That was when strange things began to happen.


Harris was killed just a month before the storyline begins. At first, people believed it was a freak accident. Given the circumstances in which he was found dead, they believed somebody must've done it to him. The means in which they did so are unclear, but as strange happenings continue to occur, people begin to fear who the villain will strike next. Some believe Harris taught his children Neverseen powers, others accuse traitors of the happenings. One way or another, it had to be caused by someone in the castle. A traitor. As accusations fly and the mystery is revealed as our characters find clues, you must discover who is guilty of the crimes, before it's too late.

Spots (Open!)
Queen Anastasia Clement V: Moon
Zayn Clement: Banana
Maya Clement: Mallowmelt
Octavian Clement: Vee
Lillian Clement: Maddie
Noah Farland: Open
Haley Maverick: Crystal
Bennett Raynes: Bea
Isabella Raynes: Rida


Feel free to roleplay the characters anywhere you wish with whoever you wish, as long as it's realistic.

Once the storyline has started, a blog will be updated every few days to announce new clues being released! You can then add your characters into a roleplay that will be started, where they will discover the new clue. It sounds confusing, but you'll learn it really quickly, I promise!

If you have any questions, or if you want to fill in a spot, please contact Banana.

Character Descriptions

Anastasia Clement V

Anastasia is an amazing mother, but she never wanted to be a Queen. She is caring, kind, sweet, and very intelligent. But she's a powerful woman, not afraid to be bold if she has to. When her husband was killed and she discovered he was a former Neverseen agent, it broke her. She's not as strong a she used to be, but she always tries to put on a good public appearance for her subjects. She cares about every one of her children very dearly, even Octavian.

Her ability is yours to decide! Her model is as well, but my recommendation would be Taylor Swift (if you're looking for a different model for her, she has dark blonde or light brown hair, with pale skin, and eye color doesn't matter too much).

Zayn Clement

Zayn is the eldest of the children at the age of 19. He's really fun to be around and is constantly cracking jokes and goofing off. He's arrogant, cocky, and just all around very full of himself. Another defining character trait is his stubborness. That aside, he really cares for his younger siblings, and feels like he needs to protect them. As cocky as he can get, he never uses being royalty as an advantage over anyone, he never wants them to feel less than him just because of heritage. Zayn knew his father longest out of the siblings, and Zayn had to admit that Harris was a good dad. Zayn misses his father, but not as much as some may think.

The ability is a Pyrokinetic, but you could add another if you'd like. His model is Ansel Elgort.

Maya Clement

The second eldest, at 16, Maya is definitely someone you want to be around. A defining trait of Maya is her insane sense of humor. She's extremely funny, and loves to make people laugh, and to laugh herself. She's a kind, caring, sweet person who really cares about how people are feeling. She can be sarcastic quite often, and sassy when she wants to be. She always wants everyone to be having a great time. She can definitely be stubborn, and cares a lot about what she looks like, but her obliviousness also makes her quite the interesting person.

You can decide her ability! And sorry, I have no model recommendations this time. But, I'd try to keep with the blonde hair pale skin type thing.

Octavian Clement

Octavian is the second youngest of the siblings at 12. He was adopted at the age of three and has vivid memories of how the Neverseen--the group of people his dad worked for--had destroyed his hometown, killed his parents, and left him to die in the ruins of it all. When Octavian was found, the royal family adopted him. Octavian always hated his dad, and in fact, hated everyone. He doesn't talk much, or show emotion besides depression. He will walk away from all people, and is wary and cautious of all things. But he's quite observant. Sometimes, when Octavian does speak, his responses will be cold, and dark. Octavian never really cared about the lives of his family. After all, they weren't really his.

Octavian is a Shade. I have no model suggestions, sorry. But he's not blood-related to the royals, so maybe black hair or a trait the royals don't physically all have?

Lillian Clement

At 4 years, old, little Lillian is the youngest of the siblings. She's always full of joy and laughter, but she is spoiled and a very demanding toddler who knows just what she wants. She's rather observant and intelligent for her age, and even though she can't always express it in words, she understands everything going on in her life. Lillian didn't really know her father well, since it was only for a few years. But Harris was always there for her, when she needed it the most, and was a great fatherly figure, so she sobs often when she remembers he's no longer there. Grace is generally rather social, and very needy. She's always fun to be around, and cheerful and kind.

She hasn't manifested yet, so that's not a pressing matter. And I'm not great at finding models for really young people, so no recommendations there.

Noah Farland

Noah is 18 and Zayn's best friend. Zayn may not want to take advantage of his fame, but Noah sure does. Coming from a family of seven siblings, Noah has always wanted to prove himself, and is cocky, full of himself, and has an amazing sense of humor. He's rather sensible compared to Zayn's stubborness. Noah is still quite arrogant though. He always knew Zayn's father well, and has no idea how the incident may have happened, but is determined to figure out the culprit.

His ability is a Froster, and PLEASE use a young version of Nick Jonas as his model! Thanks!

Haley Maverick

A 16 year old girl who had been by Maya’s side for everything. She and Maya have known each other their whole Life. It didn’t started as a rivalry, the two competed over everything. But soon enough, they realized they were the closest people they had. Her parents were high end novels, so their families naturally knew each other.

She can be cocky, but in a charming way. Her personality makes her never be able to ignore. But she’s kind to those who mean something to her.

She has long dark hair, and is a Charger.

Bennett Raynes

His eyes have always made him stand out. They were blue, but the brigthest shade of blue you could imagine. This made him stand out along with the fact he has a twin. He never wanted that. He only wanted to be normal, even if it was just for a day.

However, this was not possible. The glares sent his way every second of the day left a pit in his stomach. This pit turned into a storm, a storm that fueled his every movment. His goal turned from being a normal elf to revenge. Revenge on every person who ever teased, bullied, and hurt him and his sister.

He was always super protective of his sister. He was like a shield in this way. He would always take the blows for her, the punches, the words that felt like poison. He is as loyal as they can get. If anyone harmed the few who he loved, they would pay. He can be quite cunning and dangerous. Along wiht being a twin, he has shade and hydrokinetic powers. This inspired jealously along with the hatred from his peers.

While his eyes are cold now, they were once full of life. When people thought that the youngers should be spared from the scorn until they were old enough to understand. He was funny, cocky - as cocky as a four year ould could get- and always grinning. But the hateful actions of the people around him change that. He turned from a nice guy into a raging monster with more anger than the world could handle.

His parents were never big fans of him either. Dispite being twins, they favoured his sister. While he was happy for his sister, he was mad at how easily they got swayed by the public. Even when it was their own children that were being discreminated. This made his blood boil. It made every feeling he ever had towards his parents turned into the purest hatred there is.

His model is Manu Rios.

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