This story is a collab fanfic by CustardBursts and Panakes pancakes. It is the story of Alden and Della's perfect wedding- well, sort of.

Chapter One: Alina

Alina huffed with disappointment. Why couldn't Alden understand? He could marry one of the most beautiful women in the Lost Cities(In her opinion), but he was choosing to wed Della?! It was outrageous. Blatant disrespect for the matchmakers, who had placed her in the number one slot. They were perfect for each other!


Today was the day. He was getting married to the bride of his dreams. Alden was experiencing so many different emotions and about a thousand thoughts were racing through his head. On one hand, his heart pounded with excitement, wanting the reception to start as soon as possible. On the other, however, the realization dawned to him that millions of elves were going to be watching, including most of the members from his noble family, the Vackers. Some of them, such as Harlin had much preferred Alina, Alden's former girlfriend. But that was the past, this was the present.

His thoughts were interrupted when Grady Ruewen, one of his closest friend's walked into his room. "All set for your big day?" Grady asked.


Della couldn't believe it.

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