Oralie stood at the crest of a hill, staring at the lighthouse shrouded in mist. She clutched a vital in her hand, a single thread of long blond hair inside. Her heart beat furiously. Her palm sweat. Inside, she would fulfill one of her deepest wishes, help a noble cause.

A true noble cause, willing to do anything, unlike the glittering facade Oralie hid behind. And she would create a wake up call. An innocent soul, a child. The only way she'd have a child.

She went inside.

She saw the bloated, wrinkled leader of the order. He was in a empty room, with dim lighting. He didn't speak a word, only held out his had for the vital. She handed it over and ran out the door.

As she reached the hill again, clutching her pathfinder to her chest, she crumpled to the floor. I did it. I really did it. I'm sorry, Kenric, you'll never know that I had a child. But I'll care for her, as a supporter, and she'll never know. I'd never betray you, you know that.

Oralie knew it was selfish, she couldn't have it all, but she knew it was the only way.

The only way.

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