Chapter - Keefe POV

Fitz is going to propose to Sophie. The one girl that had stolen my heart. And now I don't think he will have time to listen. Won't have time to learn. Sophie would quickly give her heart to the most perfect Vacker. The golden boy. And guess who will be left behind. Me. 5 minutes later Sophie swished into my room looking elegant in her sapphire blue gown. Of course, she changed her style for Fitz. "Hi," Sophie said when she caught me staring. " Hello," I mumbled back. Sophie sat down on the dove gray sofa and asked " What's wrong, and don't tell me nothing, those black eyes give it all away.," I couldn't necessarily tell her the truth. But maybe I could. Maybe then she would say no. To Fitz and the glamour and Glory? What was I thinking? Was I really just going to admit I liked her? Yeah ,we dated for a long time until Fitz broke us up by doing his apologizing and adorable " I will take care of you" thing.  Just that second Fitz walked into the room looking as polished and handsome as ever. Sophie's eyes filled with joy as Fitz walked over and took a seat beside her. Which would have been really awkward, just the three of us until  Linh, Tam and Biana came. Biana looked as gorgeous as ever, especially pregnant with Tams's daughter. She was wearing a dusky rose dress with diamonds sewed onto the waistline. How come even Bangs boy could be happy?

  After our little "Visit" I watched everyone leave except Fitz. He looked at me and said, " I am going to propose to Sophie on Saturday, Ok?" He waited till I nodded and then said: " You are a great best friend" And that's how I knew. He knows that I still like Sophie. he leaned back and smiled. After he left I went to look for my gold notebook, but it was gone. How did he get in my room? And why did he need proof that I liked Sophie?

Chapter 2-Sophie POV

Keefe seems off. He doesn't make any jokes, doesn't "Flirt" with me. He just stays home painting and then when he is finished one or two paintings goes to Atlantis to sell them. Now he seems to be ignoring me.  However, Fitz is being especially kind and supportive. There is something weird going on but I have no clue what it is.  I stare at the crystal walls of  Moonriver, my house. Why is life so hard? I hear someone knock on the door and know that it is Biana. She is coming over to help me decide what dress to wear to the special event Fitz is bringing me to. I open the door and lead Biana in. She is wearing a forest green dress with pearls sewed onto the bodice and looking effortlessly put together. Meanwhile, I'm sure I look like a baby gorgadon. I have been wearing more sparkles lately but at home, I wear the same old gray, blue, and black tunics. I lead her towards my closet. I push open the navy blue doors and Biana looks excited. That can't be good. She makes me try on dress after dress. After about 15 minutes I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and then... Darkness.

Chapter 3-Fitz POV

Keefe likes Sophie. I can tell. I can't have that. I might be a princelike figure but I know that Keefe and Sophie only broke up because I made them. If I ever.. If I mess up this time, I don't know if I can get her back. Which means I have to stop Keefe from liking Sophie. Which means I need Grady. I know he will want to help. Keefe has never been someone he enjoyed having around Sophie. I know my plan will work. Just then Keefe bursts into the room panting  " Sophie...Biana...Kidnapped" I realize what he is saying and ask " Where are they?" Keefe looks like he is trying to hold back tears as he says " I Don't know." I try to think but I can't. Biana and Sophie. Gone. I break down and fall to the floor. "No" I whisper to myself. I might not be the nicest at some moments but I care about Sophie. Biana is my only Sister. I can't lose both of them. Not now.

Chapter 4-Keefe

Sophie and Biana are gone. Kidnapped. I can't let Sophie not know how much she means to me.

How much I love her. Biana is like a sister to me. Still, I don't know what to do. Fitz is assisting everyone with thinking of a plan and I am sitting here pondering. And then I realized. The way to Foster's heart wasn't to be Patient, supportive and oh so handsome. I just had to care. I had to care enough to go after her. And I do. I grab my cape and think of where to go. I don't even remember which crystal I grabbed. And I don't care. I only care about Sophie. I had no clue that I had leaped right to where Sophie and Biana were being held. I see her. Beautiful, beautiful Foster. Then I notice the look of terror on her face as she opens her mouth to say------I feel arms pull me down and I lose my hope. "I'm sorry!" I yell as the arms drag me under the ground.

Chapter 5-Sophie

I watched Keefe's face as the arms pulled him under. I tried to tell him. Warn him. But I failed.All he will remember about me is the fact that I couldn't warn him before it was too late. Biana was still unconscious. I am worried about her. I can't see a way out of this mess. Then I think of Keefe and my heart suddenly flutters. I remember that back when we were dating, His eyes shone when I came by. And every time we kissed, there was a spark. Why didn't it feel like that with Fitz? Then I realized . In the gold notebook. It was me. Keefe was in love with me. He didn't want to break up with me. That was all Fitz. And I think I love him too.

This is extremely short..Sorry

Chapter 6-Fitz

I pace up and down the room. Dex just reported that Keefe is missing as well.I can't have that.

First of all I am supposed to be saving Sophie and Biana. Second of all, we have no idea where he

went. Dex notices me freaking out and says " Just calm down, we'll find them, okay?" But I can't

calm down so I glare at him and reply " I don't need to calm down!"

"Pretty sure you do," he responds, pointing at my clenched fists. I glare at him again and try to

Think, "What would Keefe do?" I hadn't realized it out loud until Marella said" Grab a random

crystal that goes to the neutral territories." And I know that's it. I hug Marella. She looks surprised

and asks " What was that for?"

"I know where they are."

Chapter 7-Keefe

I don't know what to do. I don't know where I am, where Sophie and Biana are. I can't help but think that this is it. Sophie wouldn't act like this though, she would be brave and resilient. Unlike me. I know that I have to get back to Sophie, but how? A young woman with blonde hair walks into the room. She first stares at my bonds, and then at my face.

"I believe you are Keefe?" I didn't respond. Instead I look away.

"You know I expected that you would be able to talk. I am all set to snap back when I look at her eyes. Her ice-blue eyes. She looks a bit afraid but then responds

"Yes Keefe, yes I am your Sister." My stomach sinks. I checked her height and am thankful to see that there is no way she could be Marella.

"What am I supposed to call you?" I say.

" My name is Araia. Araia Sencen."

I'm thinking of what to say next. " How come dad doesn't know about you?" I ask. She smiles. "Mom had washers on standby.." No. This girl can't be my sister. There is no way that this girl is my sister. I don't know what else to do now. I checked her face and she has the exact same features as me. Almost too exact. I sink to the floor as realization hits me. Araia is my twin sister.

Chapter 8-Sophie

He's gone. It's been hours since we were kidnapped and an hour since he has been gone. How could I have been so stupid? I think back to the fake "Flirting". It wasn't fake. I have ignored all his little hints, his hope that I would see the truth. The only truth he had ever known. It can't end like this. My determination fills me as I shake Biana.

"Please wake up Biana.." I whisper. And in 5 seconds, she does. Biana asks, "What happened?"

"We are hostages," I reply. Biana looks at her bonds and goes pale.

"We have to go save Keefe," I say. Biana nods and asks, "How do we escape?"

I hate having to ask her this but "Do you have that monocle pendant?"

'No. We can't do that Sophie!"

'Oh, yes we can" I hurled the monocle pendant at the forcefield surrounding us and the force-field errupts in flames. 

Chapter 9-Fitz

I ran to get the Crystals that we have that lead to The Lake of Blood. I handed them out. "Okay everyone. We have to find Sophie and Biana which means we have to be smart. Prepared and of course ready for anything the neverseen throws at us. Wylie can you call Maruca?" He nods: "Great Dex, get as many explosives as you can find. Marella and Linh get ready to use some fire or water"

"Always ready," they respond in perfect synchronization. Right, they always have water or fire with them. How did I not know that? Once everyone is back I say, "On the count of three we go there, got it, and just to check, does everyone have there throwing stars and daggers?" They all show me their pockets stuffed to the brim with explosives, daggers and throwing stars. Good.

"One, two, three" I stepped into the light, not knowing what would happen next.

Chapter 10-Keefe

I know that Mom messed around with the elements before I was born but I didn't think about having a twin sister. Never realized that there was another reason other than me that she had taken that elixir. We had this all solved, a few years ago. Mom is in prison. She isn't good at dodging telepaths. But somehow she found a way to hide this. Araia tries to say something but I block her out. I can't listen to that voice now. It shouldn't even be real. But it is. Somehow I have a twin sister. It's crazy. And terrifying. But then I asked her " How come you joined the Neverseen?"

She looked sad and tired as she answered " I didn't have a choice."

"There is always a choice." Sophie said those words to someone sometimes. How come I can remember? Its like fog is filling my brain " What are you doing?" I ask Araia.

"Fixing your memory." I gasp. "What? What memory?" She smiles and says ' Your memories of me." And just like that, I feel memories flood in. Me and her as toddlers messing with each other, me and her as babies crawling around together, me and her as..."What, how ..You.we are 16 in that memory!"

"Yes that is true." Araia says. How did I not notice memories gone from only 3 years ago? How did true and false blend together so perfectly? How could I not know my Twin? I can't believe what I am seeing as a 4th memory pours into my brain.

(italics are the memory)

"Mom says I have to Keefe!"

"But you don't have to listen! And what if you don't remember me?"

"That's the thing Keefe, I am going to remember you Keefe, but you won't remember me."

"I will remember you Araia, I will."

Lady Gisela enters the room

""Oh no, you won't," she says. And then everything goes black.

I stood up and said "Araia, why did you listen?"

" If I didn't listen she said that she would kill you." Araia answers with tears in her eyes. but I refuse to let myself care. 'What's your ability?"

She waves her arm and a heavy suffacating fog fills the room. And then she fills it with electricity and then water and then fire.

"Stop!" I yell. But she doesn't. She's lost in her ability. And she is going to kill us both.

Chapter 11-Sophie

At the last moment, I put my hand up and ... nothing. Well, except for the fact that there is now a force-field surrounding me and Biana. That I made. Of course I manifested another ability at age 18. Well, I am grateful for the shelter and then I realize I have no clue how to take down the force-field. So we are still trapped and I did it. How smart of me. I think of Keefe. somewhere under the ground, possibly hurt. I stopped myself from going further. I look around and think. How can I stop this? I find no answers. But I better find the answer soon. Keefe needs me. I try waving my arms. Nothing happens. then I feel a little tug of energy in the back of my mind. I imagine putting it into my hand and I snap my fingers. The force-field unravels. "Whoa," Biana says. Not only am I a psionapath but a genetically enhanced one. And my telepathy helps. Even my force fields are a different colour (wait for it..) Or, well, colours. It looks like a rainbow. Keefe is going to have a LOT of fun with that. That is, if we can save him.


We have been walking for over an hour now. looking for clues as to where Keefe might be. Nothing. Even Biana looks a bit discouraged as we find another gopher hole. But we will find him. Even if we have to tear down a mountain.

Chapter 12-Keefe

I can hardly breathe and my arm is on fire. Araia looks worse. Her eyes glazed and her arms and legs were covered with burns. I think back to the memory. How could mom keep something this important a secret? How could Araia listen to her...Or wait my own mother threatened to kill me! But there is absolutely no way mom would be strong enough to hide this. There had to be something else. But I don't know what it is.


I need to stop Araia. I can't let her die. Or well...I kinda want to live too but..We are both getting out of this. I quickly grab the small dagger I have and make a small cut on her left wrist, Hoping the pain will pull her out of the haze. And it does. "Come on Araia, we have to go!" She shakes her head and says, "No Keefe, I can't leave. They will come get me." I can't let her leave again "Araia we'll keep you safe! I can't lose you again." I hold out my hand. She doesn't take it and instead places a leaping crystal in my hand. No. "Araia please! At least tell me where the crystal leads." She nods, "Okay. The crystal leads to Paris." "What about Sophie and Biana?" I ask. She snaps her fingers and says "I just sent them a crystal to Paris as well. With a sad smile she pushes me into the light.

Chapter 13-Fitz

I look around. It doesn't look like they are here. But how could they not be here? Then I noticed a cave. Perfect. I turn to everyone "We don't know what's waiting for us in there. Be smart. And if you see Sophie or Biana grab them." I wait for everyone to nod. I step towards the cave. One step. Two steps. Three steps. No one's there. Not a member of the Neverseen. Not Biana. Not Sophie. But there are bonds on the floor. "Where are they?" Dex asks. I start to panic. How could they not be here? I turn to everyone and I notice that Marella has gone pale. "What is it?" I snapped at her. She points. On the ground in a circle there is some shimmery residue. Wylie speaks first: "Looks like some sort of residue left behind by a force-field." So either Sophie and Biana broke out. Or they were taken somewhere else. Grizel frowns and says "Well, at least we have something to go on." I turn to her. "Since when have you been here? And why weren't Sophie's bodyguards with her when she was kidnapped? Why wasn't Woltzer there?" "I thought you knew," Grizel says. I replied "Knew what?". She stares into the distance: "Councillor Terik was kidnapped as well. The Council needed additional bodyguards" What? How could The Neverseen recover so perfectly? We had most of there members half dead and locked up in prisons. Even Lady Gisela. But that's it. "Is Lady Gisela still in her cell.?" I ask, fearing the answer.


Chapter 14-Sophie

I can't help but think that this is it. We won't ever find a way to escape. We'll be trapped here forever. Then I realized how stupid I had been. I am a teleporter! We could have been with Keefe Hours ago. Instead we paced around like idiots. Just then a leaping crystal appeared in my hand. I blinked. it is still there. What on earth? I called out, "Biana, you have to see this." She walked over, wincing in pain "where did you get that?" Followed by another wince. "Are you all right?" I asked her. She nods her head before saying "Just a bit weak." I want to believe her, but she looks weak. I think about it for a second. Teleporting could hurt Biana. So I know what I have to do. I looked at the crystal again. Bright blue it almost ---Wait, Bright blue.This leads to the Forbidden Cities! Should I take the risk? One side of me says no while the other is saying that I definitely should. I listened to the second voice. Even though I am pretty sure that it is The one that is going to kill us.

Chapter 15-Keefe

As soon as I get there I realize that I am right by the Eiffel Tower. With no obscurer. Everyone, I swear everyone, turns to look at me. I run. After 22ish minutes I stopped and realized that was probably the stupidest choice I could have made. How is Sophie going to find me now? How am I going to find Sophie? I sink down onto a bench made of iron and swirling patterns. It reminds me of the lost cities. And then I hear a familiar voice. A voice I have hated forever. A voice that tried to kill me. A voice that tried to change me. I hate that voice. And I hate my mother. She smiles a cruel, sickening smile: "Hello Keefe."

Slowly I looked up to see my mother standing there. I stand up and ask "Why on earth do I have a twin sister? How did you escape from the prison? Why would you take my sister away? How could ---?" Lady Gisela yells "Keefe". And I stop. "What?". She smiles that terrible smile again "I took your sister away because she is powerful. Possibly more powerful than Sophie. She could tear apart the lost cities if we had the right bargaining chip." I shrivel up inside "Me." She nods, "Of course you, Keefe. You are the thing she most cares about. You are my bargaining chip" I sigh. Again. Of course I am the bargaining chip. Of course. I smirk. Or, well, try to: "Yet you can't really bargain without your bargaining chip can you?" And I hold The Crystal up to the light " Au Revoir!" As soon as I get back to the Eiffel Tower I notice a beautiful Brunette standing under the tower. I see the love of my life standing beside her. Sophie. 

Chapter 16- Fitz

Lady Gisela Is Out. What made us underestimate her again?. We know what she is capable of. What made us underestimate her? The burns on her arms? The blood running down her face? The poison that should have killed her?  But I knew it was Keefe. Somehow, because of Keefe, we thought she would back down. How could we be so stupid? How could we forget that this Elf had tried to Kill keefe? Kill her own son? And because we forgot she could try to kill him, and Sophie, and Biana, again. And she might succeed. All because we underestimated her.  Never underestimate the one who is never seen.

Chapter 17- Biana

As soon as we got there I saw Keefe. The one that I liked. The one that i had thought might be dead. I didn't say this to Sophie though instead I looked at her face. Pure joy. I thought that Tam had filled in all the cracks. But maybe there was just one. I thought I didn't care. But maybe I do.  He ran towards us and he hugged us both.  I smiled and asked "Keefe, how did you get here? What happened," Sophie interrupted  by telling Keefe " I know your truth now, I know everything and I am so, so sorry." He smiled "Well if you do--" Sophie cut him off by kissing him and I turned away. I can't really handle this right now. I think about Tam. I love him. I really do. But I will always still have a little bit of love for Keefe.  After they were done he said "I will explain this all after. right now we have to go. My mother, she's out of prison. We need to leav--"

"Youre not going anywhere." Lady Gisela stepped out of the shadows. Just seeing her filled me with a rage so deep, so pure that I shook. I might not get Keefe. But I sure can make her pay.

Chapter 18-Fitz

After spending forever reflecting on how stupid we are, I finally have the courage to say "How?" Grizel sighs. We have the whole video of how it happened."

"So why on Earth  did she escape? You literally were watching her escape?" Grizel shook her head, "No, of course not. She somehow got into our system and destroyed it. "

I am nearly yelling now " But you know that she is good at escaping! You know that she would end up destroying things! But you didn't care! You obviously don't care about Sophie, Or Biana, Or ...Or Me." I'm finished. 

She stares at me " I care. I care about you and everyone else. I'll find her. I'll find Lady Gisela and kill her. I 'll make her pay."  I shrink back and say, "I'm sorry."

A bright flash fills the area: "You shouldn't be. After all, you gave me just enough time to come in unnoticed."  Vespera. 

Dex shouts out "Why? Why do you waste time on  destroying the world? Why do you care?"  But she's dead.  I think. And there is literally no way that she could be alive. I killed her. But maybe it wasn't Vespera's voice. Maybe it was someone else.

"Who are you and why are you here?" I hear someone shout out. The voice responds "I'm here to avenge my mother's death. My name is Valia, Daughter of Lady Vespera." My heart nearly stops. Of course Vespera has a daughter. One that is pretty angry that I killed her mother. I look at Tam. He  looks really angry too. It might not be Vespera, but he can still kill her daughter for  hurting Biana. Valia smiles and says "Well shall we get started?"  No one responds. She laughs. "Did I make it seem like this was optional?"

"I think it's pretty clear that this is not optional," I say.  I look at my friends. They all look determined. Then I realized that there is only one of her. And 6 of us. Not including goblins. She wouldn't submit to a fight without knowing how to beat us. She has something up her sleeve.  But what is it? Everytime we fall behind. Every time we let things go unnoticed until the last minute. But not this time. This time I won't  let everything else distract me. This time, I'm doing it for Sophie.

Chapter 19-Keefe

Seriously. Again. I literally just leaped away from her. But I guess I can't keep running from my problems. I pull out the throwing star I have been saving and get ready. I know that I can't do it though. Can't kill my mother. Can't Kill the monster. My grip falters and she laughs "Keefe, Stop pretending that you can save them. You can't. You can't even save yourself" She point the sorpidine gun at Sophies chest.  And she pulls the trigger. I knock Sophie out of the way before I realize that Biana was behind Sophie. The only way that Biana won't get hit is if I do it. I have to. She has done so much for me. I jump in front of Biana and----- I feel myself falling.


                                                        falling, Into darkness. The last thing I see is Sophie on the ground begging Me to not give up. To not let go. But I have to. It's too much. I whisper "Please don't hate me Foster."  before falling away from reality.

Chapter 20-Biana

Keefe. He sacrificed so much for me. For Sophie. I know that that Sorpidine isn't normal. I read the papers that Alvar had hidden. That sorpidine is poison. It washes through your memories and takes away what matters. It can even kill you.  I  see Lady Gisela  smiling. But I also see a tear on her cheek. How could a monster possibly kill her own son and  then only have one single, stupid tear?  How could she? I see Sophie sobbinbg on the ground begging Keefe to wake up. I see Lady Gisela smiling. And like it's in a dream, I feel myself running towards her. I feel  the sorpidine gun in my hand. I see a tear in a vial. Afterall, A mother can help with anything. Especially when it comes to saving her son.  I  realize that i have a throwing star and I hold it against her throat. IRip the bottom of my dress and make bonds around her ankles and hands. She growls "I didn't realize a pregnant woman could actually attempt to endanger her baby." I suddenly stop. What if she's right? What if my baby is hurt or,  dying? I wipe a few tears off my face. She says "Unty these bonds. I'll let you keep the tear. " How do I choose? I can't just let it all go to waste. But i have to. I say "My baby is much more important than you." and cut her bonds. She holds a yellow crystal up to the light and when she is halfway through. I know what I have to do. I make another light path and watch her pained expression. I grab the crystal she is holding out of her hands and say."Keefe always loved you. Even when you tried to kill him'   She is almost gone when she says "I always loved him too"

Sneek Peek-Biana

I sigh and grab the crystal that will leap directly to Elwins. As soon as I get there, he smiles his goofy smile--no more cruel smiles---and says "Hello, Biana. I take that you came here for a checkup." I nod and he grabs his glasses. He motions to one of the cots. Elwin recently made his hose into a healing center. And of course he remembered Sophie's picture.

Quick theory- What if Elwin is Sophie's father? It makes sense. He really cares for her. Sophie said that she feels like they are family. Also, it's not like he knows Oralie much...Anyways moving on..

After I lye down in the cot, Elwin snaps his fingers and makes a lavender orb. Suddenly his smile stops. He looks again and then nods. A million things race through my head. Elwin opens his mouth and says "Biana, your baby is.....

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