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Prolouge: XxxLunaSilverxxX

I'm a Psinopath. A pretty freakishly powerful one too. But just like all freakishly powereful Psinopaths, Shades and Mesmers, I got booted to Exillium for making a tiny mistake. And it wasn't my fault.

It wasn't my fault I went to Mysterium everyday and the Council didn't bother admitting me to their pretty little noble school to recive special training, wasn't my fault that my siblings exaggerated my little "crime" because they were jealous of my ability, wasn't my fault my parents were AFRAID of me!

And so, before I knew it, I was hanging upside down from an arch and was divided into the Ambi Hemisphere. And I thought that right then and there, my life was over. I had no chance of living a normal life in the Lost Cities. I was a hopeless case in a hopeless school.

But that was before I found the list. The one that changed everything. The one that was sitting in the deepest corner, waiting for someone to find it. I was that someone. And I was going to use it to go back to the Lost Cities.

If I could finish everything on the list first...


Chapter 1 (Sophie Foster11)

I picked up the list and tried to read it, but couldn't. It was in a foreign language, but I had seen it before... but where? I could assure that I've seen this before somewhere.

I knew staring at the list wasn't going to help me, so I decided to roll it up and put it into my pockets. I walked back to my tent/room. There, I sat in the corner and attempted to read it. I turned it upside down, skipped letters, I tried everything. I came to the conclusion that it was a completely different language... but what?

As I woke up the next day, all I could think about was the list. I couldn't even pay attention in class properly! I kept my list in my pockets, and checked regularly that it was there. I felt attached to it, it was my only friend.

Day and night, I racked my brain, knowing that if I could read this list, I would be able to get back to the Lost Cities, to my parents, to my family.

And then it struck.

After two weeks of searching through my memories, I found it.

The game-changing memory.

I fumbled through my pockets but...

The list. Wasn't. There.

Chapter 2 (Light and Bright)

You know the feeling when you bank on one small thing working, and it just doesn’t? The pain, the agony, and the sadness, they were all just too much.

All I had done was accidentally knock over some councillors with a sudden force field, one I didn’t even know I had the power to make. What a day that would have been.

“Braeden, get over here, quick! It’s not every day that your cousin gets crowned to become a councillor! We might be late!” my mother said.

“Coming, Mama! Just one last bite!” I said, putting down the mallowmelt I snuck from the kitchen, quickly realizing that I had just outed myself.

“Braeden, are you going after the sweets stash again? You know those are for your uncle!”

“I’m sorry, but it’s all just too good!” I chose to stick to my superstition of eating mallowmelt before any big event so that nothing would go wrong.

“Gah, just get down here,” my mother said, and I dutifully obliged. I mean, other than sneaking food, I was quite good.

I had dressed myself more formally than usual, since I would generally look for the laziest outfit to throw together. 

My parents’ eyes glistened at the sight of me, and they both gave me a big hug. We all knew I saw him as a huge role model even though we were not familially close, or even if he couldn’t talk to me much anymore now that he was being crowned.

When we light leaped to our destination, I saw shining lights, foxfire fungus, and glass everywhere. It was quite the spectacle for quite the occasion, after all.

As my cousin got up to the stage, we all rose to clap, but when I did… a spark. I clapped again, just to see what it felt like again, but a whole force field rose, ending right at the feet of my cousin, knocking over those at the border.

The consequence I had to face? Banishment. If only I had knocked over my classmates… then my punishment wouldn’t have been so grave, would it?

Chapter 3: LovelyLadyF

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