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Known Keepers

Silas Dorvendov (Fanfiction Archives)

Known Chosens

Kenric Foster (Wearer of Necklace of Elkfield)

Draconius Ember (Wearer of Arrow of Elkfield)

Cameron Davenport (Wearer of the Ring of Elkfield)

This will be continued as more storyline is revealed in roleplay.

The Fanfiction Archives - A Summary Overview

Many fanfictions of the wiki exist, and they are all kept here, in the Fanfiction Archives. Or should I say they WERE all kept there. Times are changing--things are happening. Things that our world has never seen before. Things, that if we do not prepare ourselves for it, will destroy the world, and us, along with it.

Prologue: The Start of the Keepers

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? When the world was created, people were not the same as they were today. Especially elves. They divided themselves up into different kingdoms and groups, and these groups were constantly at war with each other for supremacy. War raged on until a few kingdoms merged together and realized they were best united and peaceful. But the remaining kingdom shut themselves off from the rest, vowing that they would return and finish the conquest they had begun. So, the newly formed Council of the world suggested that perhaps they have protectors of some of the power strongholds that were still very unknown to the elves. They had never been entered but were told to contain magical powers beyond the control of anyone. One of these was the Fanfiction Archives. The Keepers, the protectors of the strongholds, were powerful elves, who had sworn their life for protecting the strongholds and try to keep the villains away from it. I am Silas Dorvendov, the Keeper of the Fanfiction Archives, and this is my story.

Chapter One: The Pillars of Elkhaven

When we first saw the powers that the strongholds possessed, we knew there was no way we could possibly harness or control them. So, we took three everyday objects--a necklace, a staff, and a an arrow--and infused the power into the objects. They became the Pillars of Elkhaven. Each Pillar represented an element of life, and would make the wearers stronger than even the Keepers themselves. That is why the Keepers hid them, and whoever found them could not use them unless they were a Keeper or a Chosen. A Chosen was an elf who represents one of these elements. Being a Chosen, they will only be able to use the power if they represent the element strongly enough. The Pillars haven't surfaced until now, and no one knows what will happen when the Chosens discover them.

Chapter Two: What Went Wrong

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