Hello, this is Light and Bright, the author, speaking. I wrote the first five parts of this fanfiction in 2018, when I was a FANDOM user who went by the name "Jackie Chan." I had the page deleted for certain reasons, but I decided to bring it back because I really liked the idea and the humor. Thank you for seeing this introduction, and now it's time to move on to the first reaction.

A Reaction to a Sokeefe Fan Fiction

Part One:

Linh: Now what are we reacting to?

Narrator: Fanfiction!


Fitz: Chill, bro.

Tam: *heavy sarcasm* I’m sure this thing is going to be the best

Sophie: Let’s just get started! Who’s reading?

Biana: I will!

“True Love: A Sokeefe Story”

Keefe: ‘Sup, true love. *drapes arm over Sophie’s shoulders*

Sophie: *shrugs Keefe’s arm off*

Grady: Woah, that’s not happening. No pranksters near my Sophie!

Sophie: Oh… uh… hi Dad? How did you get here?

Grady: Just monitorin’ who your pickin’

Sophie: *mumbles something about slang* It’s just this fanfiction we’re reacting to.

Biana: Can I just keep reading already?!

Tam: Whatever you want, B.

Everyone but Tam and Biana: Ooooooohhhh

Dex: *mumbles something about stealing crushes*

Keefe: What’s that I hear, Dex?

Dex: Nothing!

Keefe: You know you can’t lie to an-

Biana: Ugh! Just let me read! I’ve only read, like, 5 words!

Everyone else: FINE!!!

“Tam hated Keefe, so he decided to teach him a lesson that he’d never forget, so he got him into a punching match,”

Fitz: Tam! How dare you hate my best friend!

Linh: ‘Hate’ is a strong word, Tam! Say sorry! Now!

Tam: Linh, it’s just a-

Linh: Tam…

Tam: Fine. Sorry, blondie.

Linh: TAM!

Tam: No way am I apo-

Linh: *gives death glare*

Tam: Fine. Sorry story-Keefe

Sophie: Linh! I didn’t know you could do that!

Linh: Well, it’s pretty simple. Just look at him! *nudges Tam out of glaring at Keefe*

Tam: Huh? What?

Everyone but Tam: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Biana: Let’s get on with this now!

“Keefe slapped back, and Fitz, in an attempt to get his best friends sanity back, also entered the slapping match,”

Sophie: Fitz! How could you be so insane! Talk about bad logic.

Tam: Oooohhhh Sophie!

Sophie: What did I do?

Tam: Never mind.

Keefe: Yeah Fitz! I feel ashamed to call you my bestie!

Fitz: Wait a sec. I thought this was a punching match, not a slapping match.

Sophie: That's true...

Everyone but Fitz and Sophie: Oooooohhhhh

Sophie: That is not a Fitzphie moment.

Keefe: So you agree that Fitzphie is a thing...

Biana: *announces to the world* I WILL CONTINUE READING TO SAVE SOPHIE'S SANITY!

"Then Sophie came along and broke up the fight."

Linh: Good job, Sophie!

Sophie: Uh... thanks?

"Keefe was so happy that he "accidentally" kissed Sophie."

Sophie: *turns red*

Tam: That's it, I'm outta here. No kissing for me!

Linh: No Tam! Let's finish this thing! It's getting good!

Fitz: Going good, it seems. *smirks*

Linh: That's not what I meant.

Sophie: I thought smirking was Keefe's job.

Keefe: Yeah, Fitzypoo!

Fitz: Don't call me that!

Biana: Stop arguing and let me finish this thing!

Fitz: Go ahead, sis.

"Fitz became so jealous of the two that he immediately took Linh aside and started kissing her,"

Tam: How could you?

"And then Tam broke them up and slapped Fitz,"

Tam: Now that sounds like me.

Keefe: *mimics Sophie's voice* Now now, boys, no slapping matches!

Sophie: Keefe! *mumbles something about how mimicry should only be for polyglots*

Biana: Heyo mumbleton bumbleton! Can I get to this now?

Sophie: Yes, only if you didn't hear what else I said.

Biana: Well, I didn't, so I'm fine.

Keefe: But I did, hehe...

Sophie: Oh great.

Keefe: Don't worry, true love, I won't-


Keefe: Sheesh, I wasn't suggesting anything like this *makes obnoxiously loud kissing noises*

Grady: That's it. You're now banned from getting anywhere near Sophie or talking to her by imparter, unless you are with all the other members of your friend group.

-----------------------------------------------KISSING IS OVERRATED-------------------------------------------------

Part Two:

Keefe: But I am with the rest of my friends! *points to others casually*

Linh: Hi!

Sophie: *whispers* Now is not the time Linh.

Grady: Yes, so you are allowed now. But no one-on-one talks.

Keefe: *says with mischievous glint in the eye* Ok, fine, Grady.

Grady: *mumbles something about bad boys and huffily walks out of the room*

Biana: Ok, so can we just keep going now?

Tam: So we were at the part where I slapped Fitz for kissing Linh, right?

Everyone else: Umm… yes… *awkward silence*

Biana: *clears throat* Okey Dokey, let’s keep going!

“Biana then got mad at Tam for slapping her brother. In an attempt to get into her good books again, Tam kissed Biana,”

Biana and Tam: *blushes*

Linh: Tam! How could you have such bad logic!

Keefe: Ooh, I never knew Bangs Boy could blush!

Linh, Sophie, Dex: *rolling on the floor in laughter*

Dex: As usual, Wonderboy doesn’t join in the fun.

Fitz: *reluctantly joins in the laughter*

Everyone else: *laughs at Fitz’s attempt to laugh*

Keefe: Great job, Dex!

Biana: You guys are boring. Let’s finish this story already or I’ll give you all makeovers!

Everyone but Linh and Biana: Ok, we’ll listen!

Linh: I want a makeover, and I want to listen to the story.

Biana: Then listen to it now and I’ll give you a makeover later.

Fitz and Tam: *mumbles something about sisters and roll their eyes*

“Dex got lonely because he had nobody to kiss so he grabbed Marella and started kissing her,”

Sophie: I never knew my best friend was so unreasonable. And why Marella? Why not *smiles evilly* Stina.

Dex: Oh no I’m gonna throw up. Grab me a bucket!

Fitz: Okay! *runs for bucket*

Keefe: Obedient Wonderboy. I can’t believe he actually fell for it.

Dex: Yeah, I know right.

Fitz: *comes back panting* Here’s your bucket, Dex.

Dex: Wow. I can’t believe you did that for a Dizznee. And by the way, I wasn’t actually going to throw up.

Fitz: *growls menacingly at being manipulated*

Stina: *appears through a beam of light* Did I hear my name here? *glares* Because nobody in this group's gonna say it.

Sophie: *tries to hide face*

Keefe: *saves the moment* Well, Sophie was just thinking that maybe we should dare Dex to kiss you. (this works even though Stina is an empath because Keefe did have some truth in his words)

Biana: *is going ahead in fanfic and snickers* You won't believe this, guys.

Everyone else: What?

"Stina got jealous and ripped Marella away from Dex so that she could kiss her secret crush,"

Stina: *leaps away from embarrassment*

Dex: Oh great.

Fitz: No buckets for you!

Linh: Did anyone else think that that was a Sokeefe moment? Ya know, Keefe saving Sophie from embarrassment?

Keefe: Not so sure...

Fitz: So you also agree that Sokeefe is a thing, right?

Everyone else: Ooohhh, roasted!

-----------------------------------------------KISSING IS OVERRATED-------------------------------------------------

Part Three:

Sophie: Why me?

Tam: What do you mean by "why me"?

Linh: Hey twinsie who isn't thinking, she means that all the ships so far have been about her.

Biana: Actually... *snickers*

Fitz: No buckets for you, Dex!

Dex: *pretends to throw up*

Biana: Why do I always have to be the one to remind you that-

Everyone else: Fine!

Keefe: Though I-

Biana: *goes and tackles Keefe to the ground*

Keefe: *gasps between breaths* HELP MWA!!!

Fitz: I thought strong boys like you were able to withstand attacks from a Level 4!

Everyone but Keefe, Fitz, and Linh with Tam being the loudest: Ooohhhh, roasted!

Linh: *pretends as if nothing is happening in the background and continues story, reading aloud*

"And then they kissed again,"

Everyone except Linh: *gasps*

Sophie: How can you make this kind of commentary on such a fight?!

Keefe: Yeah, Fitz's girlfriend!

Fitz and Tam: Hey!

Biana: I thought you were my friend - and then you joke about this?!

Keefe: I thought I was dating Sophie!

Sophie: *shows angry face at Keefe*

Biana: *mutters something about Keefe not helping*

Tam: I still can't believe you said that, Linh! Now am I the only sane person in the room?

Everyone else: *glares at Tam*

Linh: *totally oblivious* Whoa guys, what happened?

Biana: Keefe and I were fighting and then you said that we kissed!

Linh: I was just reading the fanfiction!

Everyone else: Ohh... Remind us who were kissing again?

Dex: I think it was *mimes gagging* Stina and me.

Everyone else: Mhm...

Fitz: Linh, I think it would be better if you let Biana read.

Keefe: Ooohhh Fitzypoo is letting his girlfriend down lightly because he likes his sister more!

Everyone else: *slaps forehead*

Biana: You know what? Let me just read it.

"Stina leaped away because she couldn't bear Marella's fuming face any longer,"

Marella: *light-leaps into scene* Who said my name?!

-----------------------------------------------KISSING IS OVERRATED-------------------------------------------------

Part Four: by Rida

Tam: *sarcastically* Biana totally didn't say your name.

Marella: *rounds up on Biana* WHY AND HOW DARE YOU, ENEMY NUMBER 1!!!

Sophie: We were just reading and supposedly "reacting" to this fanfiction.

Keefe: And guess what? It's called "True Love: A Sokeefe Story."

Marella: Kiss. *squeals in fangirl voice* OMG I'VE GOT TO SEE THIS!!!

Biana: *whispers to Sophie* And we are actually accepting her?

Sophie: *shoots Biana an I-want-my-friendship-back look*

*says to Marella* So far, Keefe and I are dating, Fitz and Linh are dating, Tam and Biana are dating, and Dex is supposed to be dating Marella, but Stina also likes him and she forced him into a kiss.

Marella: *mortified face* Okay... a lot has happened...

Biana: *keeps reading like nothing just happened*

-----------------------------------------------KISSING IS OVERRATED-------------------------------------------------

Part Five:

Biana: Like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted... *glares at everyone*

Keefe: *puppy dog face* Who, us?

Marella: Anyways, continue reading. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

Biana: Now, where was I?

"Dex, now having no one to love him, starts crying. Keefe, being ever the good friend, starts patting him on the back and says it's okay to have a complicated love life."

Keefe: I am so proud of fanfiction Keefe! *wipes away an imaginary tear* Why can't the world be as nice and handsome as me?

Linh: Wait, isn't having a complicated love life Sophie's job?

Sophie: *being ever the oblivious one* Wait, since when did I have a complicated love life?

Everyone but Sophie, Fitz, and Keefe: *stares at Sophie with the why-are-you-so-blind? look*

Sophie: Well, look on the bright side! At least this author gives Dex the attention he needs!

Dex: Why do I need attention? *secretly glad someone pointed that out*

Sophie: Well, in the human world, there is this person named Shannon Messenger who apparently knows all about us and writes books about our adventures. But for the past few books, she has been leaving poor Dex out of EVERY SINGLE COVER OF THE DARN BOOKS.

Keefe: Wait, does that mean we're famous in the human world? That I'm famous in the human world?

Sophie: You're the most famous out of all of us, Keefe. Unfortunately.

Keefe: *jumps up and starts running around* I'M FAMOUS PEOPLE. WATCH OUT, HUMANS, 'CAUSE KEEFE SENCEN IS COMIN---


Marella: *jumps* Who said that?

Tam: Oh, that is just some stupid narrator person.

Narrator: I am NOT just some stupid narrator person, Tam Song! I have the ability to do whatever I want to you right now!

Tam: *snorts* Oh yeah? What are you going to do, turn me into some cute, fluffy animal?

Narrator: Now, dear readers, Tam Song turns into a cute, fluffy animal!

Tam: *turns into an arctic rabbit* Squeak. Squeak? SQUEAK!

Linh: What have you turned my brother into?

Sophie: I believe that is a rabbit.



Biana and Linh: Who is the most adorable little rabbit ever? You are, yes you are.



Narrator: Now you all know never to cross me! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! I AM THE QUEEN OF PLOT TWISTS!

Rida: *bursts in* WHO HERE IS TAKING MY ROLE?! I AM THE QUEEN OF PLOT TWISTS. NO ONE ELSE, YA GOT IT? OR YOU WILL BE SORRY... *calmly walks out and back to her own world*

Edaline: *pokes her head in* Children, I baked mallowmelt! *takes in the scene* Okay, what did I miss?

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