The Illusionist and the Telepath

By: Luna and chunkbunny07

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Shannon Messenger

Chapter 1

An inky blackness swept over his mind. Swells of dark mist covered his subconscious.

A blinding light burned through his mind, swirling his thoughts into nothing, and everything.

“Come on, Sophie! Hurry up!” Biana whispered to Sophie, beckoning for her to follow.

“What are we doing?” Sophie asked, confused.

“We’re playing Base Quest, don’t you remember?” she said, cocking her head.

Something felt off.

This wasn’t right.

“Oh-” Sophie was interrupted as Fitz dashed out of the woods.

Biana stood up and walked after him.

There was a loud rumble, and the forest seemed to part. Almost like a tear. Keefe ran out, as flashes of darkness and bright light chased him.

He grabbed her arms and shook her. His eyes were wide, he was terrified of something. Someone.

Black waves covered them, and when they washed away, she was holding on to nothing, light shining in his place, slipping through her fingers, as an eerie silence made her blood boil.

Sophie gasped and woke in cold sweat. Her eyes darted around her bedroom, panic setting in. She dashed downstairs, running outside for fresh air. She coughed and wheezed.

“Just a dream,” she mumbled, “it wasn’t real, just a dream. He’s going to be okay. Give him time.”

She walked back to her room slowly.

Sophie reached onto her shelf and grasped a necklace, holding it tightly to her chest.

She knew it was a long shot, but she tried anyways.

Keefe. You can do it; you’re going to be okay. Please wake up soon, she reached out.

We need you to come back. I need you to come back.

Come back to me, Keefe Sencen. Come back to me.


The morning was cold. Sophie was still trying to process what happened last night.

“I’m going to see Dex.” Sophie stated. She needed her best friend. 

“Okay sweetie,” said Edaline, “have some breakfast.” She handed her a plate.

“Oh, I’m not hungry.” Sophie said slowly, drawing out the words.

“Are you okay? You seem tired…and pale. Should we take you to see Elwin?” Edaline asked.

“No!” Sophie exclaimed. She couldn’t see Keefe right now. She missed him too much. Her stomach was queasy. But also…fluttering…when she thought of him?

No, she scrunched her nose and pushed the thought deep down.

“That’s not what I mean, I-” Sophie stuttered.

“I know, you can’t go there. I’m sorry, I don’t want to put you in that difficult place. I love you.” Edaline kissed Sophie on the head and handed her a fruit.

“Love you mom.” Sophie reached into her pocket and found an extra home crystal. She placed the fruit with it and zipped it up.

She light leapt to Slurps and Burps, letting the light bring her there.

She climbed the steep staircase slower than usual.

“Hi Dex.” She said, quietly.

“Sophie! How are you feeling?” He asked. Sophie loved that he cared. She was glad that they were friends, seeing how he used to like her. All the awkwardness had subsided since then.

“Okay.” One word, all lies.

Dex walked over to the couch, motioning for Sophie to sit.

She grabbed a pillow and squished it so hard that Dex thought it would pop.

“Look, I haven’t told anyone this,” she said, turning to the side.

She explained her dream, in depth.

“I think…I think you need to go see him.” Dex concluded, trying to decide what would be best for his friend.

“No! I can’t, I’m…” Sophie trailed off.

“You’re what?” Dex asked softly.

“I’m scared. I’m scared for Keefe, I’m scared for me, I’m-I’m…I’m scared that I…I think I like Keefe.”

Dex’s eyes widened. “Are you sure?”

Sophie gulped.


The Illusionist and the Telepath

By: chunkbunny07 and Luna

Chapter 2

“Elwin?” Sophie asked, knocking gently on the doorway. Elwin walked into the room.

“Ah, Sophie. Good to see you. Keefe is stable, as always.” Elwin said calmly.

Sophie hadn’t seen him since she first visited. It didn’t go well, now she remembered why.

Seeing Keefe pale, laying on the pristine bed, his hair more messy than normal, and his face absent of a smile hurt.

“Hi Keefe,” she whispered softly. “I need to talk to you. I know that if you were awake-” she cut off, her voice breaking, her eyes watering. “if you were awake,” she continued, “you would tell me that it’s okay, that I didn’t need to worry. You would probably even make a joke," she wiped her eyes, "I do worry, Keefe. The longer you’re gone, the worse I feel. I miss you a lot. I wish you were here.” She started to cry softly and held his hand as she fell asleep from exhaustion.

“Sophie,” a voice said quietly.

Sophie jolted up. “Keefe?” she sniffed.

“It’s just me, Elwin. You’ve been sleeping here a long time. That chair looks pretty uncomfortable, so I wheeled another bed into the room, if you want to move there. Also, your mother dropped off some things for you, they’re in this bag,” he said, as he handed her a large canvas tote, and pointed to the bed next to her.

“Thanks Elwin. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Sophie changed into her pajamas and washed up with the toiletries from the bag. She pulled Ella out of the bag and transmitted a thank you to Edaline.

She grabbed Keefe’s hand as she drifted off to sleep again.

She had the same dream, except for this time, when Keefe shook her shoulders, he said something.

“Foster, I’m scared. I’m really scared.” Sophie gasped and woke up, but not before he disappeared again.

She had to try it again. It was the only thing she could think of.

Keefe. Are you there? I need you. Come back to me.

There was a horribly long pause before she was startled.

Hey Foster. Miss me?

Keefe, oh my god! Can we talk…in your mind? That’s the easiest way to explain it.

Sure, just don’t…poke around. Keefe said, thinking of her golden speckled eyes.

Should I be scared? Sophie hoped he was thinking of her.

Ha-ha, you’ll just feel bad for me. Sophie thought of all the years his parents mistreated him.

Sophie dove through a sea of memory, swimming deeper until she found her nook.

I’m here.


I do miss you. Her heart fluttered, like it once had for Fitz. She felt really warm inside.

I miss you too. I might be asleep but I’m still an empath, he joked. Woah, don’t be embarrassed! He said, as he felt Sophie’s emotions shift.

Anyways, Sophie replied, moving on from her momentary awkwardness, I’m confused. Are you awake or not?

I’m not.

How did you call to me? In my dreams?

Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe my new ability is Telepath.

No, this was different.

I don’t know, maybe it will be activated when I finally wake up?

Maybe. I wish that you were awake right now.

Suddenly Sophie found herself in the pastures with Silveny.


She turned around to see Keefe, standing tall and handsome.

Keefe? Why are we here? How are we here?

Keefe grinned.

You wished for me to be awake, I did my best!

Sophie reached for him, but to her surprise, her hand went right through him. And then she was back in the Healing Center.

What just happened? She exclaimed, more confused.

Don’t tell anyone. I think I just found my new ability. 

The Illusionist and the Telepath

By: Luna and chunkbunny07

Chapter 3

Okay, I just got these books. They’re on all the abilities that exist, and I stayed up all night reading them. Sophie transmitted to Keefe, plopping the books down on her bed.

Cool, so what’s mine?

Well, so far, I’ve only found one that it could be, but it’s basically a myth. No one has ever had it.

What is it?

Illusionist. It’s like, you know when Tam and Wylie can combine their power to make illusions? You have that, but the finished product. You can create illusions, and by the looks of it, do some sort of transmitting.

Well, well, well. I’m giving Sophie Foster, of all people, a run for her money on ability collections. I have three now.

We both know I have more, Keefe. Don’t get your hopes up. She joked around. Plus, we don’t really know about the transmission thing.

Oh, it’s not a competition. Who said it was?

You did, Sophie laughed. It felt nice that things were as close as they could be to…normal.

Do you want to go somewhere? I think I should practice my ability so I can show off once I wake up.

Sure, wherever you want to.

They arrived on the porch swing, at the Shores of Solace.

I have an idea, Keefe thought

What is it?

He tried to take her hand, but it didn’t work. The illusion sort of held up, and her hand felt funny.

I think that means I’m getting stronger. I can almost feel your hand.

Do you think you’ll wake up soon?

I don’t know. I’m…scared.

It’s okay, Keefe. I’m here for you.

Team Foster-Keefe? He asked.

Team Foster-Keefe. Sophie replied, drifting off to sleep. Illusions made her tired. Keefe thought it was a side effect, of some sorts.

She thought it was more exhausting to be around a boy who didn’t like her back.

“Sophie, wake up,” her mother’s voice said gently. “There is someone here to see you.”

Sophie lifted her head up from the surprisingly comfy Healing Center pillows.

“Fitz.” She said, meaning it to sound like a growl.

“Hey, Soph.”

“Don’t call me that,” she hissed.

“I need to talk to you. Listen, we ended things badly. I miss you. Will you give me another chance? Please?” he asked.

“Fitz, you made a mistake. I won’t hold that against you. But, we’re not getting back together. End of story.” She replied.

Fitz didn’t stay long.

No more Fitzphie, huh.


Sorry. Also, I have a really weird thing I need you to do for me.

What is it?

Can you…comb my hair out?

Keefe, that’s what you need?

Well, yeah, I work hard to get my perfect, gorgeous hair!


Sophie fumbled around with the comb; this is decidedly not easy.

Thanks, Foster. You’re the best.

I know I am. Sophie smirked.

Am I…rubbing off on you, Foster?

No! Definitely not. Obviously not.

Yes, I am. No question.

Can you feel this? Sophie asked, trying to change the subject.

No, the only time I’ve semi felt something was during the illusions.

Huh. That’s really weird.

Has anything not been weird lately?

Keefe was right. Hopefully it would be normal soon. 

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