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These are a series of short scenes occuring from Alvar’s perspective. There were originally going to be more scenes, but I lost motivation, so three will be it for now. It’s possible I’ll come back later, but not anytime soon.

*spoilers through book 7*

Hope you enjoy!


Scene 1

Alvar received the call late in the afternoon, right as he was expecting it. He answered the Imparter, and his father’s face popped onto the screen, bursting with happiness.

“Alvar, you’ll never believe it. We found the girl! Fitz actually found her. I want you to come over and visit at some point so you can meet her, I know how hard you worked to try and find her, and now she’s actually here. All thanks to your brother…” Alden’s voice cut off as Alvar hung up, closing the Imparter. Everything always had to be about his younger brother. The “Golden Child” everyone loved. Leaving him forgotten, cast away, left behind. But he would show them who really deserved to be loved. He would reveal what the Vacker legacy truly was.

He shook his heading, pulling himself out of the daydream he had been indulging in. One day at a time. Soon, the time would come. His thoughts flashed to when he first saw Sophie, all those years ago. Not even his father knew about those secret trips to the Forbidden Cities, the ones searching for the Moonlark on behalf of the Neverseen. Even though he had technically failed that particular mission, he still felt optimistic about his chances as part of the rebellion. Now that he knew who the girl really was, all he had to do was contact his leaders and inform them of Alden and Fitz’s findings.

“Call Gethen,” Alvar commanded, a grim smile slowly appearing as the Imparter rang.

Scene 2

The gates at Everglen slid open, a worried Tiergan standing on the other side.

“What are you doing here?” Alvar asked. Truthfully, he couldn’t care less, but her figure it would be good to keep up the act. 

“Someone with some authority needed to be here, and as a Telepath I figured I was best suited to the job.” he replied smoothly, turning around and walking towards the house. As they neared where Alden was being kept, Alvar could make out sobs and the occasional shout or scream. Soon, they reached a crowded hallway, full of both friends and family. Sophie stood on one side of the door, her eyes shadowed with black from lack of sleep. On the other side stood Fitz and Biana, both still as statues, studiously avoiding looking anywhere near the Moonlark.

“When can I go in?” Alvar questioned, not bothering to say hello. “I’d like to see if there’s anything I could do to help.”

“There isn’t.” Fitz snapped, a stony look on his face. “Only a Telepath could do anything, and even if you were one, Elwin’s not letting anyone near him.”

“At least let me see him. He’s my father too, if you forgot.”

“Of course.” Tiergan interrupted, “Let me just check with Elwin.” However much Alvar disliked the Mentor, he had to appreciate someone speaking up to Fitz. Elwin poked his head out of the room, ushering Alvar in, and much to Fitz’s chagrin, Sophie. 

Alden lay still on a bed, breathing heavily, sweat beading on his forehead. Alvar took a deep breath, trying to slow his heartbeat. He hadn’t expected this to be so hard. Even though he hated his father for everything he had done, he was still his father. But he couldn’t let his emotions get in the way of his work. He had to keep going. And he would.

Scene 3

They floated lazily along, a stark contrast to the rapids they had endured only minutes ago. Alvar and Biana clung to a piece of the bridge as the currents brought them to the shore of the river. His sister looked around nervously for her friends, but he did not, almost daring to hope not all of them had made it out alive. If anything, it would make what he was about to do easier.

“Look, I found them! They’re just around the corner.” Biana pointed excitedly, an infectious grin on her face. Alvar could make out the rest of their ragtag crew gathered several yards ahead, and he saw that everyone had made it out alive. Some part of him was probably relieved, but all he could think about was that in a few hours, none of them would ever be able to forgive him. 

The group reconvened and began to make plans of what to do next. Alvar stood apart from the group, waiting for Fintan and Brant to make their appearance, and after another few minutes of waiting, they did.

The two members of the Neverseen began to talk, but Alvar tuned them out, instead watching his sibling’s reactions. He could see the moment they learned the truth, when the angry light in their eyes faded, and hurt flashed over their faces. Looking at them, it almost made him wish he had never decided to reveal himself. But it was too late for that. Grimacing, Alver gritted his teeth, tore his gaze away from his siblings, and stepped towards his true teammates.

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