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When Cassandra is told she is a bad influence on her BFF she tries to become a better friend. Because she doesn't know why she was told that, she wasn't able to be any better than before. When She gets told that she can never EVER talk to Cindy again she comes up with a plan. But when the plan doesn't go like she thought it would, things get harder.

Chapter 1

"Cassandra! Cindy's here!" My foster mom called.

"Can you send her up?" I called.

"Of course!" She called back. 

I lived at Bloomsburg with Robert and Amelia Williams. I loved it here but I wouldn't be here for long. I was only staying until they got an orphanage up and running. I lost my parents when I was young and Councillor Oralie had asked Amelia and Robert to take me in.

"Cass? I've been standing here for five minutes and you haven't noticed me. Are you okay?" Cindy asked.

" Sorry. I keep thinking about my past and future. I struggle not to. " I tell her.

"Cassandra Hanson. As you Best Friend I will do everything in my power to make sure everything works out." Cindy assured me.

"Thanks Cindy. I really appreciate your help but I'm not sure if there is anything we can do." I tell her.

"I know. I really wish you could stay with Amelia and Robert. They're really nice." She tells me.

"School starts next week. Are you ready?" I ask.

"You kidding? Of COURSE I'm ready!" Cindy exclaims.

"Are you sure?? Last time you said that I'm 50 percent sure you failed your first test..." I remind her.

"Only because you distracted me!" Cindy protested.

"I have NO idea what you're talking about!" I said innocently. I

"Yeah. Sure you don't." Cindy said.

" Girls? Are you staying for lunch? " Amelia asked.

"I was hoping we could have a picnic at the Waterfall." I mumble.

"Alright. I'll pack your lunch." Amelia said.

"Thanks Amelia!" I tell her.

" Ooo! A Waterfall picnic! Sounds like fun! " Cindy said excitedly.

"Of course it is! After all, I planned it." I tell her.

"True. But it'd be even better if I planned it!" Cindy says laughing.

"Possibly. But I already planned it and it can't be changed." I tell her.

"Of really?" She said sarcastically.

She starts tickling me. I roll out from underneath her and run downstairs. I grabbed our lunch and raced out the door. Cindy ran up next to me.

"Y'know, I've never been to the Waterfall." She gasped when we stopped to take a breath.

"You will love it! I found it last Saturday. Amelia couldn't find me. She looked all over and didn't see me. So she left to find Robert and I made her jump!" I said proudly.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her through some bushes and to a path. We followed the path and came to a huge waterfall.

"Woah! It's amazing! Maybe you ARE a better planner then me." She says.

"Cindy?" I ask.

" Yeah? " She asked. 

"Can you come over tomorrow? Amelia's taking me to see the orphanage." I explained.

"Of course! I'll be there at 8:00 AM." She tells me.

Chapter 2

I woke up to Amelia calling me.

"Cassandra! Cindy will be here in 20 minutes!" Amelia called.

I got out of bed, took a shower, put some jeans and a t-shirt with black flats, and ran downstairs.  I grabbed an apple and some orange juice.

"How are you feeling?" Amelia asked.

"Nervous, scared, sad, I don't know." I tell her.

" Why are you sad? " Amelia asked softly.

"Because I'll be leaving you guys." I mumble.

"Well, tell you what. We've really enjoyed living with you but the house is to small. So when Robert finally adds a few more rooms, I'll sweet talk Robert into adopting you." Amelia said gently.

" Really! But I thought I was trouble, a pain in the neck, and so forth." I tell her.

" Well, I can't say you weren't but I love having you here. You're helpful, sweet, loving, caring, quick to cheer us up, always there for us, I could go on and on but.......Cindy is here. " Amelia told me.

I run to the door and open it.

"Hi Cindy!" I said.

"You're just in time!" Amelia called.

" Really? I thought I was running late. " Cindy said. Amelia grabbed our hands and brought us to the orphanage.

"Girls, welcome to the Elves first orphanage." Amelia tells us.

" It's smaller then I thought. " Cindy said.

"That's because they're not done yet. They're going to add more rooms soon." Amelia tells us.

We all turn when a lady walks up.

"Morning! I'm Mrs. Grand. My husband and I own this place. Which one of the girls will be living here?" Mrs. Grand asks.

" Cassandra. " Amelia said pointing at me.

"I have just the room for her. She will be with a girl named Bethany Stark. Beth is my daughter. Real sweet. Kinda shy. But very nice and kind." Mrs. Grand said.

Mrs. Grand leads us upstairs to a small room. Inside the room there were two beds, two desks, a door leading to the bathroom, two dressers, a closet with both sides marked, and a girl sitting on one of the beds. The girl had blond hair and teal eyes. She looked up when we came in. 

"Beth, this is your roommate Vanessa." Mrs. Grand said.

" mean Cassandra right? " Cindy asked.

"Whatever. I'm not good with names anyway. Teresa, you've been awfully quiet, anything you'd like to say?" Mrs. Grand asked.

" Yeah. It's Cassandra. " I grumble.

"Sorry Cristina." Mrs. Grand apologized.

"Its...oh nevermind." I sighed.

"Amelia? Can I talk with you? " Cindy asked.

"Of course!" Amelia said.

"Come on Bethy. Lets give Mel, Norisa, and what ever the last ones name is, some space. " Mrs. Grand tells Bethany.

When they were out of earshot Cindy asked, "Are you SURE this is a good idea? Personally, I am not a fan of Mrs. Grand. "  "Aw come on! It will only be for a few months! And she can't be that bad! She just doesn't have the best memory. Give her a chance!" Amelia said.

Both Cindy and I could tell she was starting to have second thoughts herself.

"What do you think of her Cassie?" Amelia asked.

" Norisa. " I grumble. "Aw come on! Where's the sweet little girl I've had for five years! " Amelia asked.

"Six. I technically lost my parents when I was six. I am now twelve." I corrected. "Oh. Sorry. See? Even I don't have the best memory!" Amelia said.

" Hey! Did you purposely mess it up?! " I asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Amelia said innocently.

"Suuurrree you don't." Cindy and I both said.

" Alright. You caught me there. Now, who wants a tour of this place? "

Chapter 3

After the tour.

" Thank you for your hospitality Mrs. Grand. I'd stay a bit longer but these girls want to go home. " Amelia told Mrs. Grand.

"Oh that's fine. I wouldn't be surprised. Though I would suggest that Alyssa comes back tomorrow to get a feel for the place." Mrs. Grand said thoughtfully.

"Does that sound good Cassandra?" Amelia asked.

I nodded.

"See you then Bethesda!" Mrs. Grand called as we left.

"It's Cassandra!!!!" I called back.

Back at Bloomsburg

"Well, what did you girls think?" Amelia asked.

"If she would STOP calling me names then I might like her." I said.

" Yeah. I personally think she does it purposely. " Cindy said.

"I'm sorry girls but that's the only place for orphans right now." Amelia said.

I sigh and walk outside. I went to the Waterfall like I usually do when I'm upset.

"Cass? Are you okay?" Cindy asked.

"Yes. No. I don't know."I mumble.

" It's getting late. We should go back. " Cindy tells me.

Cindy helps me up and we walk back. When we get back I run up to my room  and  climb in bed. Before I know it I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning.

"Cassie! You need to be there in ten minutes!" Amelia called.

I got up and did the same routine as before. But this time I didn't eat anything. I was to nervous.

Amelia dropped me off and went shopping.  I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. A boy, my age if not older, opened the door.

"Um...hi! I'm Cassandra Hanson. I was supposed to come today." I tell him.

"I remember Mrs. Grand telling us about you but she said Helena. I'm Noah." The boy said.

"You're just in time! Mrs. Grand is still asleep so we were found to wake her up "gently". We do it every once and awhile. I'm Percy bu the way." A second boy said.

Both boys run upstairs. I started to follow but much slower. I then saw a two year old girl look up at me.

"Hewena?" She asked.

" No. I'm Cassandra. Mrs. Grand just forgets my name. All the time. " I tell her.

"Don't wowwy. She fowgets my name alll da time. I'm Marissa." She said.

I was about to respond when I hear a scream.

"Don't wowwy. Dat's Mrs. Gwand. Can I call you Cass? I'm not good wif long names." She says.

"Sure!" I tell her.


No one responded.


"The Tarantula went there by it's own free will!" Almost everyone said.

I ran up to watch. Marissa followed.

"Percy did it." A girl said.

Percy glared at her.

" Percy. What have you got to say for yourself? " Mrs. Grand growled.

"You should be glad. If I hadn't, you would have embarrassed yourself in front of Cassandra." He said.

Everyone turned to Marissa and I.

"To late...." Someone mumbled.

" Teresa! So good to see you! How long have you been here? " She asked.

"Cassandra'  has been here for ten minutes." Noah answered.

"Claire? Please take whats-her-name to the kitchen. Percy come with me." Mrs. Grand said.

The girl who had busted Percy grabbed my hand and led me out the door.

The last thing I heard was, "Percy, you are now on cleaning and kitchen duty. And SOMEONE GET THIS TARANTULA OUT OF HERE!"

Chapter 4 

"Why did you tell Mrs. Grand about Percy?" I asked Claire.

" Well, Percy and I are basically enemy's. We always tattle on each other. He's pranked me before. I simply got him back ten times. " Claire said.

"Ten times?! For ONE prank?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes. Is there a problem?" She asked. " No. But don't you think ten times is a little much? " I asked.

"Not really. Why are you so defensive of Percy?" Claire asked.

" Well, I thought he was nice. And he is one of the first people I met here. " I mumble.

"Anyways, can we stop talking about Percy?" Claire asked.

She sounded annoyed so I stopped. We had almost reached the kitchen anyways.

"Mornin girlies! Yer just in time! I made some custard bursts for y'all." A lady with a dusty apron said.

"Good morning Mrs. Brown!" Claire said.

" Who's the new comer? " Mrs. Brown asked.

"This is Cassandra. She's going to be staying here. She'll be moving in on Saturday." Claire said.

" Nice to meet ya Cassie! Claire dear? Can you fetch Percy, Noah, Bethany, Nathan, Grace, and Melissa? " Mrs. Brown asked.

"B..but!" Claire started.

Mrs. Brown have her the 'look' that my mom used to give me. Claire hung her head.

"Yes ma'am." Claire said.

" Thank you darlin! Now, Cassie, come  help me serve these custard bursts. " Mrs. Brown said.

Claire left to get Percy and I could tell she was not happy. Noah came in soon later with a eight year old girl.

"Hi Mrs. Brown! Got any for Katherine and I?" Noah asked.

"Of course! Y'know, Kathie, you should come out of yer room more. I never see ya anymore." Mrs. Brown said.

"Mum's sudden death took a large toll on Katherine. She still has yet to fully recover." Noah jumped in.

"I understand. Yer mum was a good mum. I loved it when she brought my kiddies some sweets and spent the day at my house." Mrs. Brown said.

"She loved it to. Speaking of which, how are your kids?" Noah asked.

" Jyn finished school last year and will be gettin married in two months. Francis is still in school and has already found a girlfren." Mrs. Brown said.

Claire came stomping back into the room before Noah could respond.

"Claire! That is not how yer supposed to act in my kitchen! Now go back out and try again." Mrs. Brown exclaimed.

Claire opened her mouth to say something but immediately closed it. She walked back out, took several deep breaths and walked back in with a forced smile on her face.

"Much better. Now, where is Percy, Grace, Nathan, Bethany and Marissa?" Mrs. Brown asked.

" Marissa is sleeping. Grace is sick. Beth is trying to care for Grace. And Nathan doesn't feel good. " Claire reported.

"I'll take care of the sickies in a minute. Now, where is Percy?" Mrs. Brown asked.

"I don't know! He was supposed to be cleaning in here! Mrs. Grand said!" Claire snapped.

"Claire! Fix. Yer. Attitude. Now. I don't want a nasty attitude in my kitchen. Now, take ten deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. When yer done, you can help me search for Percy. Everyone else, I will assign teams." Mrs. Brown directed.

Everyone nodded.

"Noah, yer with Cassie. Katherine, yer with Josie. Claire,  yer with me." Mrs. Brown said.

I saw a girl with chestnut hair grab Katherine's hand. I guessed she was Josie. We all went separate ways to look for Percy.

Chapter 5 

Noah an I looked in all his favorite places and found him by the river. He looked up when we came.

"Percy! Why did you leave? Mrs. Brown made everyone who was available look for you! You know How Mrs. Brown gets when someone is missing! This is terrible!" Noah exclaims.

"Oh no! That's wonderful!" Percy said.

"Why is it wonderful?" I asked.

" I finally got Mrs. Brown out of the kitchen! So you guys realize she rarely leaves the kitchen? Her sleeping headquarters are in the pantry. She moved the pantry stuff to the opposite side of the kitchen. And she's a lite sleeper so she can easily wake up to someone sneaking in!" Percy informed us.

"Whoa! Creepy!" Noah whispered.

Percy followed us back to the kitchen. And when he got back? Let's just say he got quite the lecture and scolding.

I went home and went to bed after that.

Next morning at school.

"Cassandra! Guess what!" Cindy squealed.

"What?" I asked.

"My dad said you could come over for dinner!!! He said he wanted to meet you! Isn't that wonderful!" Cindy exclaims.

"Sure! I guess." I told her.

"Good morning prodigies! First of all, I wanted to thank whoever out a muskog in my office this morning. Second of all, as of late week we had four prodigies manifest. Congratulations Asha, Tessa, Chance, and Pace." Magnate Leto said.

"Wait a minute. He forgot someone!" I said.

"Who?" Cindy asked.

" Me! Remember? I told you I manifested as a Vanisher. " I said.

"But your a telepath!" Cindy exclaims.

"I know THAT. I'm going to go speak to Leto." I said.

Cindy knew not to argue with me when I was in a bad mood so she simply followed. I knocked on Leto's door when we got there.

"Come in." He called.

Cindy and I walked in.

"What can I do for you?" Magnate Leto asked.

"I think you forgot something." I said.

" I did? Oh yes! I did! " Magnate Leto exclaims.

"See I told y......" I started.

"Sorry ladies. I have to go." Magnate Leto interrupted.

"What! Where are you going! I'm not finished yet!" I exclaimed. "Sorry but it will have to wait." Magnate Leto said.

He held his pathfinder up to the light and lept away.

"Wow." Cindy mumbled.

"How...he....I..but....why?" I asked.

I was now in tears. I hated being forgotten.

"Aww! Don't cry! Look on  the bright side! You get to come to my house this afternoon!" Cindy said trying to cheer me up.

"I wanna go home!" I sobbed.

Cindy took me home.

Amelia heard me crying and rushed over.

"What happened!" Amelia asked.

"Magnate Leto hurt her feelings. He was an announcing who manifested and he forgot her. When She went to talk to him he didn't let her finnish. He left and she got upset." Cindy explained.

"Come on Cassie. Let's go upstairs. Thanks Cindy." Amelia said.

"You're welcome! Can I come over after school?" Cindy asked.

"Of course! I think she s expecting some friends from the orphanage though." Amelia said.

Cindy left after promising me to yell at Leto  if she saw him.

After school.

"Cassandra! Your friends are here." Amelia called.

"Coming!" I called.

I ran downstairs and waved. Percy, Noah, Katherine, and Cindy waved. I didn't know Katherine that well but Noah wanted her to come.

Instead of going upstairs I led them to the Waterfall.

"Wow! It's amazing up here!" Noah said.

" Yeah! " Percy agreed.

"So......who's up for some Truth or Dare?"

Chapter 6

I was walking in the forest towards the Waterfall when I heard some strange voices.

"What do we do when we catch Asha?" A muffled voice asks.

"We find her sister. Once we have her we report back to Mya." Another voice said.

" What does she want with the girls? " The first voice asks.

"That's none of your business. What's with all the questions? " The second voice asks.

"I like to know what I'm doing and why." The first voice said defensively.

"Yeah well stuff like that will get you in trouble." The second voice informed him.

I snuck closer. And imparter rang. I grabbed it and silenced it.

"What was that?" The first voice asks.

"I think we're being watched. Find it! Mya will be furious if someone finds out." The second voice hisses.

I did the only thing I could think of. I ran and jumped. I know. Seriously stupid. I was now falling toward the  ocean where the Waterfall went.

"There!" Someone shouted.

"Grab her!" Another shouted.

"It's to late for that! Quick! We must tell Martha!" The first one shouted.

"Are you INSANE!!!! SHE'LL KILL US!!!" The second voice shouted. 

I reached out with my hands and grabbed a branch. Great. Now I am 8 hundred feet off the ground and all I have to hold onto is a branch. My imparter rings again. I swing my legs onto the branch so I'm hanging upside down and answer my imparter.

"Hello?" I say.

" Cassandra! Where are you! I thought you were coming over! " Cindy exclaims.

"That would be difficult." I tell her.

" Why? " Cindy asked.

"Well.....I'm in a difficult situation right now." I tell her.

" What sort of situation? " Cindy asked.

"A difficult one." I tell her.

"How so????" She asked impatiently.

"A life of death one." I tell her.

" What's THAT supposed to mean? " She asked.

"What I mean is I'm hanging from a branch 8 hundred feet off the ground. " I tell her.

"WHAT!!!!! Where?" Cindy asked.

"Go to the Waterfall I showed you. You should see me." I tell her.

"You're! Oh nevermind. I'm coming. Hang in there." Cindy said.

The imparter went blank. 

"Cassandra??" I hear not to long later.

"Cindy! Look down!" I shout.

" CASSANDRA!!!! " She shouted.

"Cindy! LOOK OUT!" I shout.

Cindy turned around and even though I couldn't see her to well I could tell her eyes went wide.

One of the figures I had see took a branch and hit Cindy.

"CINDY!!!!" I shouted.

Cindy fell backwards toward the  ocean below. I swing my feet off the branch and fell towards her. I reached and grabbed her hand.

"Cindy!" I said.

When she didn't respond I realized she would be unconscious. I looked below us. The water was coming faster toward us.

I hailed Noah and said, "HELP!!!!"

I hit the ocean. I kept a tight grip on Cindy and tried to swim back up. Cindy was to heavy. The only way to survive was to let go of Cindy. My vision started to go.

Right as I was about to black out I saw two figures dive into the water. Noah and Percy had arrived just in time. Percy grabbed Cindy and swam up and Noah grabbed me. 

And then, everything went black.

Chapter 7 

"Noah!" A voice called.

" Shhh! You'll wake her!" Another voice said.

My eyes fluttered open.

"Opps?" Percy said.

I looked around.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"At Cindy's house. Cindy woke up wayyy before you did and suggested we go here. " Noah said.

"How long have I been out?" I asked.

"About eight hours." Percy said.

" Where's Cindy? "I asked.

"Her Father insisted she go to bed. After all, it IS midnight." Percy said.

" WHAT! IT'S MIDNIGHT? Shoot! I gotta pack! I'm supposed to move in tomorrow. WHAT am I going to do!!! " I panicked.

"I know what you can do." Noah said.

" You do?" I asked.

"Yup. Go to sleep. Sweet dreams! I'll be right here." Noah said.

I nodded and lied back down. But I didn't have sweet dreams after all. All I had was nightmares.

Cassandra's nightmare.

Fire was all around me. Black figures stood everywhere. I was to late. To late too she everyone.

Mya: (laughs) "You were to late. I've found Asha's sister. I have both Asha AND her sister. Only because you were a coward. You were scared. Frightened. And now, I can make everything right. No one can stop me. You've lost. You and your pathetic friends. Now you can all burn! " 

"NO! DON'T! PLEASE!" I shrieked.

Mya: "To late!"

Mya grabs Noah and throws him into the flames. Followed by everyone else.

Mya: " Now it's your turn. " 

I backed up. She followed. She raised her hand which had the fire. I curled up knowing everything was over. And then, out of the fire, a boy launched himself into the air and flew towards Mya. Mya shrieked. The boy slammed into her sending her flying. The pendant Mya had clenched in her first flew out. 

Mya: NO! "

Mya twisted free and ran for the pendant. The boy slammed into her again.   "You'll regret killing Zoe. " The boy said.

He grabbed the pendant.

"Stop! Put that down! " Mya shrieked.

"No. It's mine now. You took it from Zoe. And I can't let you have it. " He said again.

"You've ruined everything! " Mya shrieked.

"And you've ruined  people's families. Should I list everyone you killed? " He growled.   "I didn't kill them! " She yelled.

"Right. Your men did. That's so much better." He said sarcastically.

"I'm not lying! I promise! Zoe's still alive! All you have to do is give me that pendant. Give it to me and I'll bring them all back! " Mya said.

"What do you even need this for? " He asked.

"I know what it does. " I said.

He looked  at me. He kicked a pillar and it collapsed on Mya. She was still alive but she was stuck.

"Tell me. " He said.

"Zoe made it so that people wouldn't die by the Neverseen. They would only be brought to another world. When Mya found out that Zoe made this pendant, she thought she could rule the world with it. But little did she know it would only make it worse. " I said.

"How? How would it make it worse? " He asked.

"Zoe made it so that if someone abused it to much, they would go to the other world nd never be brought back until the owner wanted. Mya got the wrong idea and stole it from Zoe. Zoe tried to tell her the consequences but Mya wouldn't listen. When Zoe refused to tell her what Mya had to do to rule the world, she teleported Zoe to that world. " I said.

He looked at me.

"A..are you saying.... " He started.

"Yes. Zoe is still alive. "

Chapter 8

I was suddenly rudely woken up.

"Cass! Can you hear me? Answer me!" Noah said frantically.

"I can hear you!" I said.

"Phew. You were screaming for several minutes and then went quiet." Noah said.

"I have to go!" I said as I remembered my dream.

" What! But it's 2 AM! " He protested.

"I have to! I had a dream and I'm certain some of it was true." I started to get up. The last words I was told were " Meet me at Ambers cave. We need to talk. " Noah shoved me back down on the bed.

"Stop! I need to go!" I said.

" Why? What was this dream? " Noah asked.

"I..I think it was a vision. It was weird. Like super weird. But it started out as a nightmare and then changed. There was a boy, he took a pendant from someone. It seemed like he knew she had it but wanted to know what it was for." I said.

" Can't it wait till morning? " He asked.

"No." I said.

" But...fine. " He grumbled.

"Goo....." I started.

"But I'm going with you." He interrupted.

"Fine." I sighed.

We both got changed and snuck out of the house. When we arrived I saw the boy from my dream there.

"There he is!" I whispered to Noah.

The boy turned when he heard my voice. He smiled.

"So you got the message. " He said.

"Who are you?" Noah asked.

" Me? Oh. I forgot that step. I'm Caden. I'm assuming you know Zoe since you gave me that information. " He said.

"I was one of the few people she trusted. One of the few people she trusted. Mya and Zoe were BFF's. Or it least that's what Zoe thought. But once Mya found out she might be able to rule the world, she started using Zoe." I said.

"I was the first person she shared the pendants secrets with. I warned her not to trust to many people but she didn't listen. And now, she's gone." Caden said.

" No. She isn't. All I need to do is contact Asha's sister and figure out how to use it. Zoe shared how to use it with Asha's sister only. Still not gonna tell you her name! XD. I'll write her a letter tomorrow. I need to get back before anyone notices. Come on Noah. See you tomorrow Caden. " I said.

"Bye Cass. Thank you for telling me the truth. I had lost all hope. All I wanted was revenge but I've changed my mind."Caden said. 

I left with Noah after that. We snuck inside and towards the stairs. I then slammed into an angry man and a guilty Cindy.

"Why are you up?" He asked.

" I..I..can't say. " I mumbled.

"Oh really? Cindy? What do you know? Tell them what you told me." Mr. Dickerson said.

"They snuck away at 2:08." She mumbled.

" did you know?" I asked.

" Cindy. Tell them the whole story. " Mr. Dickerson said.

"I woke up to you and Noah talking. Then I heard you guys where going somewhere and I wanted to come to. So I followed. I didn't make it out of the house before Father found me. He demanded an explanation. And I had to tell him the truth. " Cindy said.

"I thought know one heard us!" I said.

"Well you know what I think? That you're a bad influence on my daughter. Since Monday last week, she has been breaking most of my rules. And she broke one by trying to follow you. It's YOUR FAULT my daughter is breaking rules. It's YOUR FAULT my daughter is getting bad grades. You are never to see her again. Now GET OUT!! " Mr. Dickerson snapped.

"Father!" Cindy exclaims.

"Go on! I never want to see your pathetic face around my flower. OUT!! ALL OF YOU! GET OUT! NOW! " He yells.

I was speechless. Heartbroken. Hurt. Upset. Confused. And many other emotions. My years broke free. Tears streamed down my face. I couldn't believe what was happening.

Noah gently led me out. I noticed him shoot a glare at Mr. Dickerson. He brought me to my home. It was late so all of the lights were out.

"Cassandra? Is that you?" A soft voice called.

Amelia and Robert came to the stairs. 

"What happened!" Robert asked as they ran down the stairs.

"Mr. Dickerson happened. He blamed Cass for the fact that Cindy was breaking rules and getting bad grades." Noah growled.

"I didn't even know!" I sobbed.

"Some way to thank her for saving his 'flower's' life." Noah growled.

"I'll show him what I think. I'll talk to him tomorrow. Tell him that if he actually cared for Cindy he wouldn't take her Best Friend away from her." Robert growled.

I left them and went to bed. And once again Caden contacted me.

Chapter 9

"Tell me more Cassandra. I need to know. " Caden said.

"I've told you everything. " I said.

"No. There is something you are hiding. If we are going to work together I need to know everything. "

"I'm not going to tell you everything. Like I'm not going to tell you what I'm wearing right now and I'm not going to tell you my every thought. " I said sarcastically.

"I'm serious. Otherwise I'll hunt Mya down, get the pendant and bring back Zoe myself. " Caden said.

"No. Mya knows we know. I overheard some of her men talking." I said.'' 

Then tell me what your hiding! Caden exclaimed.

You need three pendants to open the portal.  Zoe had one. Many believe that the Dawson girls had two.  But they were wrong. Zoe did not know Asha enough to trust her. So she gave one to Asha's sister and one to me. " I said.

I held up the moonstone pendant.

"I must go now. " I said.

I left the dream. The rest of my night was peaceful. Until...............just kidding.

I woke up the next morning. I got dressed and went downstairs.

"Morning Mel." I said.

"Morning Cass." Amelia replied.

I grabbed some mallowmelt for breakfast. When I finished I got dressed and went to school.

I headed to my locker to find my former Best Friend there.

"Cassandra. Please! Don't listen to my Father! He is just a big grump. Please can we still be friends?" Cindy said desperately.

"You heard him. And you know he's able to get the Councilors to do stuff. I can't risk it." I said.

"But Cass..." Cindy started.

"No. No buts. I'll figure this whole thing out. And when I do we WILL be friends again. Because I know how to bring your mom back." I said.

I turned and walked off.

"Cassandra! Please! Wait!" Cindy exclaims.

I ignored her. Wait. Did I just dump her? Oops? I'll apologize later. I needed to find Asha. I looked around school but couldn't find her. So I went to Magnate Leto's office.

I was about to knock when the door opened.

"Come in. We need to talk. And I won't ditch you this time." Magnate Leto said.

He sat down and pointed a chair to me.

"I'm sorry I forgot about you. I had a lot on my mind." Magnate Leto apologized.

"You're fine. I have a question for you." I paused and looked at him.

"Go on." He said.

"Where is  Asha and Freya Dawson?

Chapter 10

"The Dawson girls?" He asked.

" Um...yeah! I just said that. " I told him.

"Freya Dawson was working on an experiment not to long ago. When it backfired, she left. No one knows the exact place." Magnate Leto said.

"Okay. Where's Asha?" I asked.

" Asha joined the Black Swan after she found out one of her friends was with the Neverseen. She was then kidnapped and got her memories erased. There are only two ways to bring them back. One of which needs Freya. " Magnate Leto said.

I asked him a few more questions and left.

Who wants Mya's POV? I feel like writing it so here goes nothing....

Mya's POV

"Mya? Martha would like to speak to you. " Tom said.

"Be a dear and send her in Tom." I said.

He nodded and went to speak to her. Martha walked in.

"What do you want? I'm busy you know." I said.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you but I've got them." Martha said.

" I know! I was there! Stop being an idiot. " I said.

"What do we do now? We can rule the world together y'know. With them in our hands." Martha said.

I slammed my hands on the desk as I stood up.

"You mean I will rule? I have got them in my hands? You are nothing except a girl. A girl who works for me or she is dead. Once everything is in my hands, you will be nothing more. Got it?" I said fiercely.

Martha gulped and nodded.

"You will do NOTHING to interfere with my plans. Nothing. Understand?" I asked.

"Yes." Martha said.

"Now go. I'm busy." I said.

Cassandra's POV


The bell rang for lunch. Finally. I went to go get some food. 

They actually had decent food this time. I grabbed some Umber Leaves and Malowmelt.

"I heard you got in a fight with your Best friend. Or should I say 'former '  BFF. " I hear a familiar voice say with laughter following.

I was about to respond when a girl stepped in front of me.

"Leave her alone! It wasn't HER fault Mr. Dickerson is a grump." The girl said.

I looked at her in shock. How did everyone know?

"Oh look! New girl's standing up for Hanson. " Sara said to her friends.

"How dare you! For your information I have been here for over a year  before you joined. I'm not new." She snapped.

"I..I know that! I have a brain y'know. Duh." Sarah snapped.

"You do? Oh I didn't know that." She said sarcastically.

"You dare! Do you know who my parents are?" Sarah hissed.

"Let me guess. Hmmm...your father's a photographer? Your mother's a seamstress? " The girl asked.

I watched in disbelief. I have never EVER seen someone talk to Sarah like that.

"You will regret that!" Sarah hissed.

"I will? Probably not. I've quite enjoyed myself. Haven't you?" I asked.

Her friends laughed. EVERYONE in earshot laughed except Sarah. Sarah whirled around and glared at her friends.

"What are you doing?" She hissed.

" I think they were laughing. " The girl said.

"What are you all even good for? Oh nevermind. I don't care." Sarah grumbled.

And with that she stormed off. 

"Sorry about that. My cousin can get a bit grumpy. Anyways, I'm Ariella and I wanna help you find Freya." She said.

" Why? " I asked.

"Because I know where she is."

Chapter 11 

"You..know where Freya is?" I asked.

" We've run into each other a few times. " Ariella said.

"Can you take me to her?" I asked.

" Possibly. It will cost though. " She said.

"For all I know you're lying. Before I agree to ANYTHING, I want you to prove you know where she is." I said.

" Seriously? You're going to risk everything just because you don't trust me? Ariella asked.

"I can find her myself." I said.

" Okay, fine. What do you want for you to trust me? " She asked.

"We'll talk later. WithOUT an audience." I said.

" Meet me in Atlantis after school." Ariella said.

She walked off without another word. I left to eat my lunch and go to class.


I arrived in Atlantis after school like she said.

"So much for 'WithOUT an audience'. This is even worse!" I whispered to Noah who had insisted on joining me.

He nodded. We started searching the streets for Ariella. We spent two hours looking. And we STILL couldn't find her.

"Let's go home." I tell Noah. No answer.

"Noah?" I asked, turning around.

He was gone. And I was now on high alert. I scanned everywhere around me.

Something suddenly swung down grabbing my ankle and going back up. I panicked and my instincts took over. I bit the figure on their hand. The figure shrieked and dropped me. I hit the ground and rolled. I then got back up, ready to face whoever it was.

"Owww! Why did you bite me?" A girl asked as she dropped to the ground.

"Well, maybe I wouldn't have if you asked before flipping me upside down." I snapped back.

" I was bringing you somewhere. " The girl said.

She took her hood off, letting her black curls fall out. Ariella glared at me. 

"Where's Noah?" I asked.

"Up there waiting." She said.

"Okay, take m.....wait, have you been following us the whole time?" I asked. 

I remembered turning around several times, thinking someone was following us. But all that was there was shadows.

" Possibly. " She said, grinning.

I grabbed the rope, pulled a little, and it pulled me up. (like Zendaya did in The Greatest Showman.) Ariella did the same on another rope.

"Now, if you want me to bring you to Freya, you have to give me your pendant."

Chapter 12

I looked at her, and burst out laughing. She walked over, and smacked me. 

"Ouch!! What did I do?!" I exclaimed.

She rolled her eyes. "You laughed at me."

" What else was I supposed to do?! Express my sympathy? Cry? Start sobbing about your stupidness? Apologize? It was a joke! " I protested.

"No. It wasn't. I'm serious. I. Want. Your. Pendant." She snapped.

" Well I'm sorry Ms. Rude-face. But My pendant is not up for grabs. " I retorted.

"Oh well. I WILL have that pendant whether you like it, or not." She lunged at me, reaching for my pendant.

Noah slammed into her, knocking her to the side.

"Why are you fighting me, you imbeciles! You need me! And I need that pendant! " She lunged again, and right before she slammed into me, a knife appeared in her hand.

I screamed and tried to dodge, but the knife still went into my shoulder. I screamed in pain. 

"Cassandra!!" Noah shouted.

He tackled Ariella before she could take another swipe. "You guys are all a bunch of imbeciles who know nothing! You're all ignorant and gullible!" She threw Noah off of her and tried to hit him. She ended up pinning him and raised her hand, ready to attack. A cloaked figure suddenly slammed into her. She fell to the side, unconscious from his hit. The figure turned to us, and stalked over.

"Please! Don't hurt her! She needs a physician before she looses to much blood! " Noah said, trying to stop me from losing any more blood.

"Pshh. Like I'd hurt a friend!" I knew who it was before he took off his hood. "Miss me?" Percy smirked.

"Percy! C'mon! Now is not the time to joke!" Another figure said, running over to me.

She reached under her cloak, into a satchel, and billed out a clean towel, and some bandages. She used her ability to get the towel wet, and then pressed it against my wounds.

"How did you know we were here?" Noah asked.

" Kat found the REAL Ariella, tied up in Mya's old house. This Ariella, is a fake. Aria is safe in the Forbidden Cities waiting for us. " Percy turned to the girl, who had just taken her hood off, letting her dark brown curls fall out. "How's it going, Katherine?"

" Kat? " Noah gasped.

"Good to see you to, Bro." She turned to Percy. "Someone needs to carry her. She's lost to much blood so is very weak."

"I'll carry her. " Percy said, scooping me up. 

"Come along. Our help is this way. "

Chapter 13

We arrived safely in a place called Chicago. It was freezing. I mean, seriously. What place gets this cold? 

I was able to walk again. But ever now and then, I felt a bit dizzy.

"So, where is this 'help'?" Cassie asked. " cause all I see, is my breath, and my life before my eyes. "

"This way." Kat lead us down several alleyways, across a bridge, through a forest, and to a small village. "There, that Inn." 

We went inside. A young women was waiting there, cleaning up the kitchen. She looked up when we arrived. "Well, well. Look who finally turned up?" She said, closing the door.after making sure no one was watching.

"Hello, Patricia. Would you mind letting us stay the night?" Katherine asked.

"Of course. Right this way, children. " she led us upstairs and to a large room. "You can stay here."

Katherine thanked her, and we all settled in for the night. Not knowing what would happen, they all went to bed.

Patricia hurried outside and through the woods. A group of people were waiting for her. 

"Well, are they there?" A muffled voice asked.

"Y..yes sir. " Patricia bstuttered.

"So what are you waiting for? Once Cassandra is sleeping, grab her! We can't let her get Asha. If they unite, we're done for." Another figure growled.

" If..If I kidnap her, will you promise you won't hurt him?" Patricia asked.

"We make no promises. Now go!" 

I awoke to the door opening and closing. I looked around, but saw no one. A figure suddenly appeared next to me. Their arms shot out, muffling my scream. They forced something into my mouth, and forced me to swallow. Before I knew it, I was out.

I awoke later, to find myself in a cave with a chain around my neck, hands, and ankle. I looked around as my vision cleared, wondering where I was. I heard a voice outside.

"Change of plan. Cassandra won't tell us what they know unless someone she cares about is at stake. Go get Cindy from the Lost Cities." The voice said. A heard footsteps leaving, and then someone entered.

" You're awake. " He noted.

"What do you want with me?" I asked.

" I think you know, Cassandra. You know the whereabouts of Asha Dawson, and we can't let you get to her. " He said, gazing out the tiny hole in the cave. 

"So why don't you go get her?" I asked.

" Because our leader won't let us. She wants everything to herself. " He said.

"So why do you need me?" 

" Because you know the whereabouts. And with you, we will get what we deserve. "

"I don't want to get in your stupid business." I snapped.

" well you don't have a choice. " He said, calmly. He turned towards the entrance, and whistled. A female figure came in, dragging an unconscious Cindy.

"Cindy!" I shrieked, trying to go over, but failing.

"Join us, or she dies." He threatened calmly.

"Never!" I screamed. 

After hours of them threatening, and me screaming, I was eventually dragged outside. I paled. Noah was pinned, Kat was cornered, and Percy looked like he was about to die. 

"No, no, no... This is all my fault." I yanked on the chains and tugged, but I doubt break free.

"Cassie!!" Noah yelled.

" Please, don't hurt them! " I pleaded.

"I think it's to late for that." The figure said. "Within the hoir, your friend, Percy, will probably be dead. Unless he gets treated, but he won't get treated unless you join us."

" Fine! I'll join your stupid group! " I screamed.

"Thanks you." He motioned for them to go treat Percy. "But, just so you are aware of the consequences of you turn on us, your guardian, Robert, was mysteriously killed last night. And Amelia? Who knows what will happen?"

The figure out a cloth over my face, knocking me out.

it was over.

I'm done.

I never want to see the light of day again. 

I never want to wake up.

to many people were hurt.

I can't live like this anymore.

This is hopefully my good bye. 

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