The Eternalia Times

The most famous newspaper in the Lost Cities! (expand)

Jobs Edit

Evie N'evergreen - Editor in Chief (office)

Editing Department Edit

Astrid Delacort - Head Editor (office)

OPEN - Assistant Editor

OPEN - Editor

Journalism Department Edit

Logan Caldwell - Head Journalist (office)

Reserved by Crystal - Assistant Journalist

Paris Marey - Journalist (Interview in Progress)

Juliette Vale - Journalist in Training

Internships Edit

Aya Edain - Intern in Journalism

OPEN - Interns

Add more if needed. If you're interested in signing up a character for the Eternalia Times, please message the user that roleplays the Editor in Chief, or Head Journalist/Head Editor so you can have an interview with your character. Thanks!

Issues Edit

No issues have been released so far from the Times.

WIP Issues Edit

Issue 1

Archives Edit


Roleplay Edit

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