Hi, Abi or @randomkewlgurl here! This is a fanfiction I'm writing on a few different platforms, and it was becoming quite popular, so I decided to spred it. Hope you enjoy! 

Bevin whooped loudly as she jumped on Jordan's back. "Heck yeah! You beat those shanks like you would crush an ant!"
      Jordan whooped back laughing. "Like heck we did! But uh...what're shanks?"
      "Nothing, just Maze Runner lingo," Bevin said, checking the time on her phone. It was 10:37 pm.
She showed the time to Jordan. "It's getting late," she said. "I'm gonna go home now, see you there?"
      "Yup! Love you," Jordan replied, kissing her cheek. Then he ran towards the locker room to grab his gear, stopping only to smash his helmet gleefully against one of his teammates. Bevin smiled and ran towards her mom, Melissa, who was driving their car.  She was beginning to hop into the passenger seat when someone called out her name.
      "Hey, Bev! Wait up!" Bevin looked over at the sound of her cousin's voice. "You know what I just overheard?" She kept going without waiting for an answer. "A guy from the opposing team just saw you - and he told his friend you're really hot - and if only he could take you out - but that overprotective loser of yours won't let him!"
      "That overprotective loser just beat him in a game!" Bevin scoffed. Anders reached behind Joni as Bevin growled, so she couldn't have warned their easily scared cousin. He suddenly poked Joni in the belly and she gave one of the loudest shrieks known to mankind before yelling: "ANDERS!"
      Bevin's younger brother barreled in the back seat to hide, pulling his door shut and locking it. "Bye Joni, see you at home!" he called.
"Sorry Jo!" Bevin laughed, touching her crossed fingers against Joni's in their usual way of saying good bye.
    Once her mom had accounted for both her children, she turned the gear to drive. Today was one of Jordan's - Bevin's best friend and boyfriend - late night football games, and because of the relationship between their two families, the Fords arrived at every game to cheer their boy on. Anders looked up to him, being two years younger, and couldn't wait to graduate to the high-school football team.
       Today was one of Jordan's away games, and a good half an hour away from their street. Melissa turned onto I95 to make it quickly home, but all three of them were surprised at the amount of traffic at 10:50 at night, so Bevin pulled up Google Maps on her phone. "Mom, there's traffic from here all the way past Ikea. It looks like there was a car accident, and it's a Friday night, so traffic is a little worse than usual." 
      Melissa sighed. "I guess we can take the backroads. Bevin, can you find us an alternate route?"
      Bevin pulled up new directions home, then called Jordan. "Hey Jord, because of all the traffic we're gonna take a different way home. The map says we should be home in about 20 minutes."
      "Okay, see you then. Meet at your house?"
      Bevin nodded, and blew a kiss. "Bye!" she said, ending the call. 
      Melissa turned off the interstate and followed the GPS as it led them through dark neighborhood streets. Anders and Bevin joked about Studio C to pass the time, Anders breathing on the window and writing A W, Y E H with his best Mallory impersonation. It was dark out, and the only thing they could see was what was illuminated by the headlights, which worried Bevin, though she tried not to show it. Melissa stopped at the usual red sign at every block, and when no cars showed up, pulled ahead through the four way intersection. Melissa reached over and gave Bevin's hand a squeeze. Bevin looked over to smile at her. Then she was screaming.
      Coming towards them was a car, and it was about to hit them. The car was going fast, and it rammed into the car on the passenger side. Melissa screamed, and she knew Anders was shouting for their mom. The air bags popped out, then deflated from some weird force. But she could barely hear anything, Her ears overloaded by the screeching metal. She could feel the pressure of the other car digging into her leg, crushing it. On impact Bevin had swung towards her mother, but somehow she jerked back into her car door window. She could feel blood on her head. The car now kept sliding until it hit a tree. Bevin, vision blurry, checked to see if her mother was safe. She seemed to be passed out, head lolling, but chest still moving. Anders was moaning in pain. His leg had been crushed too, Bevin guessed by his, "My leg, my leg."        
Bevin tried with all her might to prevent the pain  of her head and leg to overcome her. She tried to push herself up, grabbing the window for traction. She screamed. The window had jagged glass edges, which had dug into her palm. She pulled it away and could tell by the gushing blood it was deep. Blood was now running down her face from the cut on her forehead, covering her eyes, and getting into her mouth when she opened it. The pain was overwhelming, so much so she thought she would die. Before she finally blacked out, she managed to croak, "I love you both."
Then her body slumped and she heard a cry of alarm before she was gone.

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