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The Calling Of The Water|~|A KoTLC FanFic

Lagoona Grant has just manifested as a Hydrokinetic and as her parents celebrate their daughters achivement Lagoona is doing everything but celebrating. Ever since she got this ability she has been having weird dreams and most of the time the sight of water makes her drowsy. When Lagoona finds out these are more then dreams she is more frighted then ever, but she will have to brave through before her nightmares come true.


Chapter 1~|~”A Dream Come True”

”Ahh,”Lagoona cried in a rush ,”Oh god I am going to be late again.”

Lagoona couldn’t be late again

Not today she thought.

then the luckiest thing happened...

she ran into someone and totally embarrassed herself,

”Watch where your going, don’t you know that there are-,” when she looked to see who it was see regretted opening her big mouth it was Tyler Seager. The cutest boy in her level at foxfire and he was probably only a few months older. “I-I ummm I am so sorry I just didn’t want to be late,” she said shyly and embarrassed. “Hey it’s ok I am always in a rush too i get it,” he said much kinder then he should have. “Hey your Lagoona right?”

Omg he knows my name

She was pretty much speeach less so she kept on walking feeling like a totally dork.

”Um well ok see ya later I guess?”

As she kept walking she felt like she was going to throw up she had just talked to her crush (kinda) and all she had done was walk away without a word.

”Hey Lagoona,” said her besties, Finn Simons and Mackenzie Fishermen.

”Hey Finn, Mackenzie,”she said like a very sad rain cloud who decided to rain extra hard today.

Finn and Mackenzie shared a look

”You ok Lagoona,” said Mackenzie

“Eh,” she replied

Finn and Mackenzie shared worried looks

”Come on Lagoona you can tell us,” said Finn

Lagoona didn’t pay attention to what they were asking her or what they were telling her. Something else had her attention the water fountain in front of foxfire. Not really the fountain but the water. She started to feel something it started out as a headache but then it felt like the water was calling to her. It sounded like laughter.

The last thing Lagoona remembered was watching the water.

Then everything went black.

I hope you guys/gals like it so far and are interested. The character Mackenzie is for my little sister and is my favorite character (I have already wrote half the story) tell me your favorite character so far and would be glad if you gave me ideas:)!!!

Chapter 2~|~New is Good, Right?

”Look she’s waking up,”said a very faint voice that sounded familiar.

When Lagoona tried to move she felt like her whole body was falling apart.

”Ugh,”she said in pain.

“It‘s ok sweet heart”said a different voice, the voice sounded just like her dad.

When Lagoona opened her eyes the light stung them.At least she could make out the shapes and faces around her. She saw her parents Mark and Alona Grant and Kordan the doctor who worked at the healing center at Foxfire. And once she could see a little bit better the room she was in looked like the healing center.

“W-What happened,”she asked.

“Oh poor baby are you ok, does it hurt,”her mom asked alarmed.

“Kinda, but what happened,”said Lagoona still clueless about what was going on.

”Well what happened is you just manifested,”said Kordan, calmly.


Lagoona shot up and instantly regretted it.

The blood sterted to rush to her head and it felt like a million headaches at once.

”Isn’t it exciting Lagoona,”said her dad, who was very excited.

“As what,”asked her mom who seemed very excited too.

“A Hydrokinetic,”Kordan told them.

Mark and Alona shared a look.


“Just like your father sweet heart ,” said her mom tearing up with joy. Which got embarrassing after awhile

But Lagoona was still very excited too! But she was more embarrassed and why you ask because it is a little weird to watch your parents dance around the room and cry nonstop.While there was another person in the room.

”This is good right I mean it‘s all so new,”she asked her parents nervously

“Of course it is, new is good,” her dad told her

As they echanged goodbyes her parents (so she would miss all her classes she had spent a long time in the healing center and missed two classes) told her they would have a big party to celebrate.

As she was walking to her locker she thought about what this meant and what would change in her life.

As she was about to open her locker she spotted a water fountain

She held up her hand in front of it. A very slim line of water wiggled out.

She put her hand down.

The water fell to the floor.

Lagoona looked down at her hand amazed at what she had just done.

”New is good...


I hope you guys and gals enjoyed Chapter 2 it will have 7-8 chapters.Pls feel free to give me ideas.

Chapter 3~|~The Problems with being a Hydrokinetic

After all the craziness was taken care of the day was normal.

Except when Lagoona had to explain everything to Finn and Mackenzie.

”Wait so what happened“ asked Finn

”We only know about the part before the healing center“ Mackenzie told Lagoona

”What did happen?”

Mackenzie then made a ”hrm hmm,” sound.

”Here we go,” complained Finn.

Mackenzie shot him a look.

Mackenzie liked, not liked loved telling stories, but sometimes it was just a little to dramatic.

”So you were looking at the water fountain and then you started to collapse,”she pretended to fall and then put the back of her hand on her head dramatically.

”Then Tyler came over and caught you before your head went bong,”she went cross eyed and shaked her head while her tounge was sticking out.

Lagoona‘s cheeks turned a bright red

”Then we took you to the healing center while you were knocked out, Kordan then called your parents and told us all to leave.”

”Now it is your turn, what ability do you have?”

”Well, I guess I am a Hydrokinetic.”

They had the same excited face as Lagoona‘s parents

“I can’t believe my best friend, has gotten an ability before Lena Crofer,”said Finn with fake tears in his eyes

Lena Crofer was the biggest bully ever thought she ran the place, Lagoona couldn’t wait to she her reaction tomorrow morning during announcements.

While they were walking to study hall Lagoona spotted Tyler running up to her.

“Hey! Lagoon!”

”Oh gods what do I say to him,” Lagoona said clearly nervous.

“What you are going to do is talk to him while we go to study hall,” Finn told her.

”What NO!”

”You guys can’t leave” she said while she watched them walk away.

Tyler was right in front of her now.

“Hey, I was worried about you it all just happened, you know earlier.”

She needed to say something this time.

”Yeah,” Yeah really that’s all she could say.

”Oh I don’t know if you know yet but we get to be partners for the dance program thing, cool right.”

She smacked her foehead.

”Omg sorry I have to go,”she said in a rush.

”Well ok, um bye!”he shouted at her but she didn’t hear him.

As Lagoona rushed to Lady Magnificent‘s office she didn’t have to go very far since she bumped right into her.

”Miss Grant, what are you doing running in the halls?”

Lady Magnificent had a British accent and bright blue eyes,she was the one how was in charge of teaching us for the dance program, she was also the person who would be helping her with her ability.

”Sorry Madam I just really needed to see you- about the dance rehearsals,”she interrupted with pride.

”Um no I already know who I’m dancing with, it‘s about something else, that I need to talk privatly about with you.”

”Oh if you say so, to my office.”

”So Miss Grant what would you like to talk to me about?”

”I just needed to let you know that you are going to be my mentor for my ability,” she said excited

Lady Magnificent was her favorite teacher and it made her happy that she ended up as a Hydrokinetic


”One of my favorite students too, and I know you won’t let me down right, I mean being a Hydrokinetic means yo going to have to work hard and from time to time you will get umm headaches,”she said the last part slowly.

Lagoona shook her head

On her way to study hall to meet up with Mackenzie and Finn, Lagoona didn’t feel so good.

Everything started to look kinda fuzzy. Lagoona felt like she was having a huge headache. Lagoona rubbed her temples.

Then everything went dark...


I hope you all liked Chapter three which took a little more time I‘ll try doing it just a little quicker

Chapter 4~|~ LETS PARTY!!!

”Back at the healing center,” said Finn

Lagoona sat up and this time it didn’t hurt. The last thing she remembered was knocking out...


”Don’t scare us like that again you have already done it tw and that’s enoug,”yelled Mackenzie

”Will that keep happenin?”

”It might,”said Kordan while handing her couple of elixirs.

She gulped them all down.

”Ok take these elixirs home just in case it happens again and know you can always come see me.”

Lagoona nodded and walked out with Finn and Mackenzie

”It might is not an answer,”Lagoona said scared and nervously at the same time.

”Come on Lagoona your just thinking of the bad things,”said Mackenzie

“Mack, it’s really hard not to when you are talking with someone and then on the floor Unconscious.”

”At least we get to have a Party tonight come on that will cheer ya up,”said Finn trying not to point out everything that could go wrong, which he did a lot.

”Yeah we all get to go to your house for a crazy party,”said Mackenzie excited

”Not a crazy party.”

They both gave her a look.

Lagoona’s parents were known for their spectacular partys.

”Ugh, there probably going to go all out.”

”Obviously,”said Mackenzie.

”They‘re probably already inviting everyone,”joked Finn.

”And I should be home helping them by now so see you two later,”she said running to the leap master.

She didn’t really need to be home she just didn’t need to get into that conversation

”I‘m home,”Lagoona yelled


Both her parents gave her a hug that made it hard for her to breath.

”Yeah I’m home so can let me go.”

”Oh sorry sweetie“ replied her mom.

”We just so excited,” said her dad kissing her on the forehead.

”Me too.”

She went up to her and her sisters Sky’s room. Well it was really her room but Sky was afraid to sleep by herself so she slept in Lagoona’s room.

When she came in she couldn’t even see the room.

”You’ve been busy.”

”YEP”, Sky yelled from somewhere inside the massive fort made out of probably every blanket in the house.

Lagoona started to crawl inside.

”WAIT” Sky yelled.

”Ok, ok.”She waited outside of the door for a couple minutes til Sky would let her in.

”Ok I’m ready,” Lagoona started to walk inside and -“Wow.” It was even bigger on the inside, with all sorts of simmering colors and stuffed animals.

”Do you like it?” Sky asked.

”I love it!”

”YAY, And now the tea party, I”ll even use my good tea set.”

Her parents had probably told Sky about how she got an ability, she figured it out when Sky actually allowed her to use the “good” tea set. Lagoona wasn’t allowed to use the good tea set.

”So how was your day,” Said Sky sipping her pretend tea.

”It was alright.”

”Alright, That’s all your going to say?”


”Come on Lagoon,” Sky said frustrated.



Lagoona looked at her little sister. ‘Ding’ (that is what an idea sounds like)

”Come on,”Lagoona said holding out her hand for Sky to grab.

Sky grabed her hand.

They went outside to the huge garden. The garden was spectacular it had flowers of all colors, long rolling hills, beautiful animals that romed around. They went to one of there favorite hills to look at the clouds. Why was this hill there favorite you ask it was the tallest and greenest one and you could see everything from up there.

”Look Lagoona, that one looks like a Flaredon,” said Sky

”It dose dosen’t it.”

Sky turned to her, “What’s it like having a ability?”

”Well it’s very peculiar that you would ask that.”


”Well because I have only had this ability for about 3 or even 4 hours,” Lagoona said between laughs.


They lay there in silence until Lagoona started to roll down the hill, then Sky followed to. Soon all you could hear was the sound of laughter.

Once they reached the bottom they couldn’t stop giggling and when they finally did Sky asked, “Are you excited?”

”For what?”

Sky pointed to Lagoonas hand.

Lagoona sighed,” I don’t know, Are you excited about it?”

Sky shook her head.

”Girls come inside!” Yelled dad who sounded impatient

”Race you!” Said Sky already starting to run.

”Hey no fair,” said Lagoona chasing after her.


Lagoona didn’t win. She even tripped Sky, but nope didn’t work.

”You were trying to cheat, you cheater!”

Sky looked like she was about to explode, checks read and an angry expression on that screamed “AHHHH I‘M MAD!”

”Hey, i’m just trying to win.”

Lagoona could get very competitive at times.

”Girls stop fighting. And go get cleaned up!”

She ran up to her room, so exhausted for the day she‘d had she flopped down onto her bed and fell asleep quietly and unpeacefully.

I hope you guys like it so far i’m So sorry I haven’t updated in a while :( :( :(

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