"I hate you!" I yelled as loud as possible, with as much power in my voice I could muster after this horrible defeat.

"Well then next time don't steal my Monopoly!" Lilith was crying now, from laughter, she had fallen back after making her move on the board.

"You guys are ridiculous" Mrs. Cafarelli says, shaking her head as she tries to feed little Lola, but just ends up with Lola getting more spaghetti sauce on her face, she just giggled, thinking it was a game.

It was another night at the Cafarelli's. It was always the same here, I come home with Lilith, we do our homework, we try the latest treat that Mrs. Cafarelli has made, then we sit at the table and play a board game, I was moved two grades ahead when I was little so instead of being in eighth grade like any normal thirteen year old would be, I was a Sophomore in high school and Lilith was the one Sophomore that was nice enough to be my friend, and wasn't offended that a thirteen year old was smarter than her, unlike other people, she finds it kind of funny.

I took another bite of the delicious spaghetti and meatballs that Lilith's mom had made, not Mrs. Cafarelli well actually, yeah it was Mrs. Cafarelli but not the one that's feeding Lola, that was her stepmom, I was always a little jealous of Lilith, she got two awesome moms and a whole other family living in Tahoe, so really she has three moms, while I just got a lousy excuse of a father and a mom who died because of me.

"Has anything gotten better at home, hon?" Mrs. Cafarelli asks me. I tense up a little as the thought of the apartment right down the hall from here my "home". I would consider Hell my home before I ever called that place a 'Home'.

"Oh yeah, it's fine, I ignore him, he ignores me, and I get to eat more of this delicious spaghetti that Mrs. Cafarelli made, so I'd say life is living on" I say with another bite of food on my fork and then shove it into my mouth. Mrs. Cafarelli nods her head in understanding.

About another hour later and it's time for me to head back to my place, before He gets home and finds no food on the counter, I don't mind that, I love to cook, he just never appreciates it, that's the problem. I say goodbye to Lilith and thank her mom for the meal and I make the trek down the hall.

I get home and grab the chicken that I defrosted this morning. He won't be home for another hour, which is just enough time to get this done. I made two pieces of chicken, one for today, one for tomorrow, I put some carrots and spices, apple juice and all that jazz in the pan and put it in the oven for thirty minutes.

As I wait for the chicken to finish I make some steamed vegetables and set them on the counter. The timer beeps when I'm done and I take the chicken out. I wait for him to return. He won't be home for a while, my conscience reminds me, you could go and practice for just a few minutes, it's cloudy, no one would notice. It was like the angel and devil sitting on my shoulder, except they're both saying the same thing, I make up my mind and leave out the window and up the metal stairs to the top of the building.

I'll be posting the rest on Wattpad if you want to check it out, it will be under the name it has right now, my username is @KadiKakes421

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