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Chapter 1. 

Fitz's POV

It was the worst break up in the history of break ups. It was bit of while since Keefe had been in a coma and we were in a mental breakdown. I was a bit scared that Sophie might get her mind broken so I went and visted her home. I knock on the door impatiently "Hello? Is Grady and Edaline Reuwen inside" As I open the door I see Edaline and Sophie have a cup of tea and some mallowmelt. "Hello?" I ask again. "Oh! Hi! Hi Fitz. We have some mallowmelt waiting for you!" Wait a minute, how did they know I was going to come here. Weird, as I open the door I  take a piece of mallowmelt and slowly everything goes black...

Sophie's POV 

I monitor Keefe's dreams again but all I see are smashed E.L Fudges.  Wait.... I know this is off topic but E.L forkle and E.L fudges both have the same initals spelling ELF. If Keefe figured that out man Mr. Forkle would be done for. He would be called something very amusing. As we walk back to our house we see Biana crying and we ask why. She just says "Fitz is Gone" 

Biana's POV 

I keep crying ruining my purple diamond-encrusted dress with pink sequins. I continue to cry until Sophie comforts me. I am walking in the direction of her house with my eyes still wet and to my shock and sophie's. There is a note on the front door saying If you want him back follow the clues.  I wonder what clues. I haven't seen any then I sigh. Sophie also unexpectedly says, lets go to London England. I ask her "What is London, England?" Then another voice joins in. "Hey you all forgot the fun without me!" I turn around to see very blond hair.

Keefe's POV

I grasp in thought what Miss Mysterious F and Biana has just answered. I mean you can't dump all of that on me and not give me at least a second to process. "So we're going to London and ditching Gigantor. Hmm what would he say." I perfectly mimic him without a doubt. "So let's get this party started!" Then Foster says" But... We have no clues. " I guess we go about this lead unknowingly.As we teleport due to Foster having like a million abilities(Author's Note-like Mr.Forkle what the heck I know she is special but she doesn't need that many abilities) Unfortunately, we forgot our costumes but lucky there is a cosplay convention. What is that anyways? I'll ask Sophie.

Fitz's POV

I sigh as the dark melted smudginess goes away and that I feel alright to breathe again , I mean well I got sedated. Now I understand Sophie's, Tam's and Dex's pain. How do they put up with this? Like, seriously I do not know how they feel okay with this stuff. Hmmm. I try to untie the ropes but before I can I feel slammed on the floor. Why would they want me. I'm just a cognate.

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