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{{ZaynWB|text = He walked into the giant Hall. The giant golden table was filled with steaming silver platters piled high with delicious food. But no on ever came in here to have family meals anymore. Not after Dad died. Zayn took a plate and started piling on the food he wanted. He didn't want to talk to anyone right now.}}
[[Category:Roleplay Location]]
{{MayaWB|text = Maya walked into the Dining Room, stomach growling. She headed to the table to start loading her plate when she noticed her older brother. "Hey, Zayn!" She greeted him. "What's up?"}}
{{ZaynWB|text = He was a bit surprised but managed to not show it. "Hungry," he answered, keeping his eyes fixed on the food, wondering which Elven nachos he should choose.}}
{{MayaWB|text = "Me too," she said, adding more and more food to her plate. Then she looked at him and noticed his expression. "Is everything okay?"}}
{{ZaynWB|text = Around most people he would shrug it off, but he felt comfortable around Maya. "I had a fight with Octavian earlier."}}
{{MayaWB|text = "Oh," She said, swallowing the purple vegetable she just stuffed in her mouth. "It's just all this stuff with Dad is reminding him of everything he went through before he came here. You can't really hold it against him."}}
{{ZaynWB|text = "No, I guess I can't," Zayn said, sitting down in a plush chair he pushed away from the table. He began to eat. After a few bites, he said, "But he said he didn't care that Dad was dead. He dead he would've done it himself, that was how much he hated us."}}
{{MayaWB|text = "Octavian is... just Octavian. He's been through alot and he's still going through more. He sometimes does or says thing irrationaly. Like when he's upset or angry about something or someone." She said thoughtfully, thinking of her past talks with her little brother.}}
{{ZaynWB|text = "Yeah," he considered. "Just sometimes he acts like he really doesn't appreciate that he's not living in a dumpster." He sighed. "Dad always knew how to reason with Octavian. I wish Dad was still here."}}
{{MayaWB|text = She bit her lip, trying to fight back the tears that had been trying to escape since the funeral. "I miss him so much," She said quietly.}}
{{ZaynWB|text = He focused on his food for a few moments, staying silent. Finally, he said, "I do too, Maya. I don't know how this kingdom is going to survive without him." He turned to her. "Literally. The murderer is probably still out there."}}
{{MayaWB|text = She looked up at him, fighting the tears more than ever. "But once you become king, everything will get better, right?" She asked, almost desprate for him to agree. "And you'll make a plan to protect the kingdom, right?"}}
{{ZaynWB|text = "Right," he said, more to make himself feel better. "But I can't be crowned until I marry. And have you ''seen'' the princesses from other kingdoms?"}}
{{MayaWB|text = She nodded. As much as she hated the idea of Zayn getting married and having his own, separate life, she knew him becoming king was the best thing for this kingdom. "I hate all this change," she whispered. "I like everything the way it used to be."}}
{{ZaynWB|text = "I wish things never changed from what they were," he agreed. He liked it when him getting married and becoming a king was faraway, when Octavian wasn't so angry all the time, when they were a family...}}
{{MayaWB|text = A few tears slipped out. "Why? Why did this have to happen? Why us?" She cried.}}
{{ZaynWB|text = He hated it when Maya cried. Because it meant that whatever they were dealing with really was bad. This whole time, it had seemed like a bad dream, that maybe, he would wake up and his father would be there, smiling down on him. But now it seemed to set in, that all of this was very real. That he was never coming back. "I-I don't know, Maya. I really don't." He turned to her, trying not cry himself. "I met someone the other day."}}
{{MayaWB|text = "Oh," she said, wiping her tears, happy for the change of topic. "Who'd you meet?"}}
{{ZaynWB|text = "A nice girl," he said, trying not to make it sound like a big deal, or to include the fact she was insanely beautiful.}}
{{MayaWB|text = a smirk pulled at her lips, but she managed to push it away. "You like this girl?" She asked.}}
{{ZaynWB|text = "She's nothing special," he lied with a shrug. But, he then realized Maya was an Empath.}}
{{MayaWB|text = She grinned. "Zayn's got a girlfriend! Zayn's got a girlfriend!" She sung over and ober, feeling a bit more like herself.}}
{{ZaynWB|text = "No, I don't!" he argued. "Yeah, she's cute, but--" he reddened at that before he said anything else.}}[[Category:Roleplay Page]]

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