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Birthday: december 31st
Age: 16
Orientations: heterosexual
Species: elf
Talent: flasher
School: foxfire
Occupation: student
Location: evers residence
Gender: female
Relationship Status: planned/crushing
Nationality: elf
Accent: elven
Affiliations: none
Status: student, nobility
kind flasher

Model: Piper McLean


serena has long brown hair and pale blue eyes. she is very pretty, but tries to hide it.


serena is extremely positive and kind. she can come of as shy and quiet at times, but always is willing to talk. serena loves her younger twin siblings, and takes care of them often as her parents don’t have time. she goes to the healing center often to study books on elvin medicine.


serena evers was born into the nobility. she lived a quiet life, and tried her best to excell at foxfire. her parents were often busy, and didn’t have enough time to spend time with her. but that was okay with serena. she understood the importance of her parents jobs as emissaries. but when her mother gave birth to her younger twin siblings, her family was scorned and serena felt all alone. but she moved on, and still tried her hardest in school. now fifteen, srena manifested as a flasher. people thought it suited her because serena is an extremely positive person who is always willing to help. she helps younger students with homework, and is determined to set the elvin world straight, or at least rid it of unfair prejudices.


  • Parents: serena loves her parents but is upset that they don't have enough time for her.
  • Siblings: serena loves her younger twin sisters a lot, and often takes care of them.

serena doesn't believe in enemies.


serena is a flasher and is studying elvin medicine. serena is really good at diagnosing people.

  • serena is sixteen
  • serena is extremely helpful and kind
  • serena has been exposed to hate because of having younger twin siblings
  • serena is extremely positive
  • more coming


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