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1) All rules from the Wiki Policies and Guidelines must be followed while roleplaying.
2) You cannot make a roleplay character who is included in your fanfiction as well without asking an admin for permission. You must message an admin with a short prologue of your story so that they can make sure that your fanfiction adheres to the roleplay timeline rules (this does not need to be your final prologue, it can be a draft as well). After approval, you must keep such fanfictions in the category Roleplay Character Fanfiction so that admins can check that you are continuing to adhere to the timeline.
3) Roleplay characters may not be closely related to any current canonical characters. They may, however, be distant relatives. Please refer to the next tab for more information as to why this is the case.
4) Most roleplays will occur as interactions between two characters. Unless noted otherwise (usually by a general heading or open heading), do not attempt to intervene in a roleplay.
5) Do not godmod. Godmodding is when you say your character can do things that they otherwise can't. Saying they're invincible, for instance, is godmodding. Godmodding can actually make roleplay far less fun and is highly frowned upon in general.
6) Do not metagame. Metagaming is when you say your character knows things that they actually wouldn't. For example, if one character had told another a secret, but a character totally unrelated to the whole interaction knew it too, despite the original character never having interacted with that character, that is metagaming. Metagaming also ruins RPs and is frowned upon.
7) You'll be allowed a maximum of 20 characters for roleplay, though it's recommended that you do try to manage your own character count. Try not to have too many underused characters.
8) All models/face claims used for roleplay must be entered into the User Model Registration
9) If a Character Approval form has been left unedited by the for 14 days or more, the approval form will be denied.
10) Do not create an OP, or over-powered, character. This means please only have one ability per character, with the exception of polyglot.
11) As always, please do not include mature or frightening topics in character histories.
12) On character forms, Foxfire forms, and Exillium forms, try to keep the name in the page's title the same. The character can have a middle name, though generally it is not recommended for the middle name to be in the title of the form.
If you do not understand the terms "word bubble," "character page," or "character approval," please refer to this page.

This section is meant to clarify some things about the current status of the roleplay world on this wiki. This includes the war status, the status of rebel groups, the status of the law, the status of prejudices, and the status of the currently famous Elvin families.

1) This roleplay universe exists 1,000 years after the latest KotLC book; nothing that has happened in the books is to be dubbed "recent."
2) The Black Swan members, who used to be part of an illegal organization, are helpers of the council and are undercover agents (similar to emissaries). They are no longer banned in the Lost Cities.
3) The Neverseen are assumed to have been vanquished, and are not to rise up again anytime soon.
4) Pyrokinesis is still an ability that is frowned upon, but isn't under the category of "banned" anymore; one can still train with it in Foxfire Academy.
5) Prejudices still exist, though discrimination is less common.
6) The Keeper Team, including Sophie, Biana, Fitz, Dex, Keefe, Linh, Tam, Wylie, and Marella, is idolized, so any mention of them is not prohibited.
7) The Vacker family is still very prominent in the Elvin world.

These are categories you may add to your roleplay character's page:

  • Your username (NOT your nickname)
    • If you started out as a FANDOM user and now have an account with a different name and would like to have your original nickname as your category's name, please contact an administrator to request permission.
  • Age (ONLY for characters 25 and younger):
    • "Age-year-old" category, NOT "Age-years-old"
  • Gender
  • This includes labels like genderfluid and more “out-of-the-box” stuff
  • Sexuality/Lack thereof
  • Special Ability
  • Use "Enhancer" not "Enhancing"


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