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"If you don't want a sarcastic answer, don't ask a stupid question."

Francesca, but she goes by France






19 y.o.




Polyglot, Empath


Brown Hair

Deep blue Eyes

5 ft. 8 in.

France loves to stand out, blend in or wear whatever fits her mood.

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Ambivert, but likes to be sassy.

France (Francesca's nickname) is a very bossy person, because she always wants to get her way in everything she does. Fortunately, her excelling in Foxfire had given people the impression that she was a smart and loyal girl. Others think that Francesca is a wild child who would be better off being an Emissary where she could run off and grasp her inner child.

France is a pretty calm person, but she can be rude and bossy when she likes, especially in group projects. She's very overprotective of her ideas. France is wonderful at writing, and she loves practicing her empathy on animals, as she dreams of having a connection with animals, and works on her mimicking and translating with animals.

She hates the Universe, and most other subjects other than Alchemy.

Upper Class

Francesca's parents are rarely home. They think she's mature and responsible enough while they go around Atlantis, making sure each store followed the Degree of Conduct to the exact nail. Someone needs to do it, and while she stays at home, working on her stories and tales of the million things she discovered in the Forbidden Cities in her brief 5-day stay in Los Angeles. Her parents enjoy going out by themselves and leaving her at home alone, and since she's an adult, it's perfect. They aren't bothered, and neither is Francesca. She knows they don't approve of her life choices.

While Francesca was a small child, her parents were very overprotective and were almost reluctant to send her to Foxfire, but quickly realized she needed a bright education. After realizing that Foxfire took care of most her basic needs, they stopped being the caring and loving parents they were before, and started becoming independant.

Francesca's parents wildly disapprove of the path she's taking. They want her to be in the nobility as well, just like them. But Francesca absolutely adores the job she's taken on and decides that she's fine in the place she is in. Her parents weren't very tough on her during her Foxfire levels, but Francesca was very tough on herself and made sure to excell in each class.

Word Bubble

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France Demane

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