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Level one: Gremlin Gremlin

Level One Tower

Gremlins are the youngest students at Foxfire Academy. They're fresh and ready to learn! With the color of black and the stone of Onyx, these capable kids are curious.

Level two: Halcyon Halcyon

Level Two Tower

Knowing their way around the school, Halcyons are beginning their second year at the prestigious school of Foxfire Academy. With the color of blue and the stone of Sapphire, these calmer, maturing students are steadfast.

Level three: Mastodon Mastodon

Level Three Tower

Beginning their third year at Foxfire, these students, the Mastodons, are experienced and ready. With the color of brown and the stone of Amber, these clever students are growing as teams and becoming cooperative.

Level four: Dragon Dragon

Level Four Tower

Now fourth years, these Dragons are comfortable with the school and are figuring out their special abilities. With the color of green and the stone of Emerald, these adaptive students are cunning.

Level five: Saber-Toothed Tiger Tiger

Level Five Tower

Level fives are incredibly knowledgable, being at this academy for so long. With the color of red and the stone of Ruby, these bold students can calculate any coming move.

Level six: Yeti Yeti

Level Six Tower

Now the last year for those unfortunately talentless, Yetis are starting their sixth year at the prestigious academy. With the color of white and the stone of Diamond, these earnest students are growing ever so fearless as preperation to the Elite Levels.

Level seven: Flaredon Flareadon

Gold Tower

Entering their first year in the elite levels, these Flaredons have been at Foxfire Academy for seven years--and even better, they've all manifested an ability and are candidates for Nobility. With the color and metal of gold, these resolute students are enduring due to their hardcore learning for many years, almost ready to be set free.

Level eight: Unicorn Unicorn

Silver Tower

At the beginning of the end, these Unicorns are entering their very last year at Foxfire, soon to become Nobility. Their eighth year. Bearing the color and metal of silver, these noble students are gentle and kind, role models for the rest of the school.

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