Stuck in a world full of adversity, taking on another challenge was not even an option; but it had to be done. Nobody was going to rein her in anymore.

But just what could a simple human girl do after years of planted discrimination amongst the population? Now this, Rani had no answer to. Neither did she have an answer to why she looked different in comparison to everyone else around her. What she did know, however, was that others shouldn’t have the right to judge her based on it.

With a child who needed her and no alive husband to help with duties, Rani was finding it ever the harder to juggle all the aspects of life. And what made it even harder was something new about herself; something she found hard to comprehend or define, something she herself found hard to explain.

Through this novella by user Light and Bright, follow the path of this young adult to a place one would never imagine; the world of the elves.

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