Before entering Exillium for the first time, Waywards are dangled by a rope from the Arch of Dividing. The way they come down from the arch determines what hemisphere they are in.

Below is a list of all Exillium Waywards and the hemispheres they are in.


The Left hemisphere often represents logical and calculated thinking. Coaches may sort students in this hemisphere if they are much more patient, and if they think carefully about the safest way to escape a situation.


The Right hemisphere often represents creativity and artistic abilities. In Exillium, coaches may also sort Waywards in this hemisphere if they are "quick thinkers" when presented with a problem, or if they show decisiveness, haste, or recklessness.


The Ambi hemisphere is comprised of elves who may take a longer time to solve problems, but eventually find a solution. Their method to solving the problem is generally unconventional, which can make them very unpredictable.
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