Dear roleplayer of elite student,

Congratulations on having successfully passed the application phase of the Foxfire enrollment process for the elite levels! As you may know via this blog, elite-level students have to go through one extra phase of the application process; interviews.

Your character will be interviewed by one of the Councillors of the Lost Cities, as per tradition. You may find the list of Councillors here. However, you will not be able to choose which Councillor your character will be interviewed by. It will be based on a combination of the following:

  • Your character's ability
  • Your character's strengths and weaknesses
  • Your character's level

All of this information will be based off of your foxfire and character application form.

In order for your character to successfully complete this process, you must put your character's name on this page, and wait for a Councillor to be assigned to them.

Once assigned, wait for the Councillor to start the roleplay of the interview. Do not start it yourself. If the roleplayer of the Councillor is not interested in taking your character's interview, has no time, or is inactive, your character will be reassigned, and you will be notified.

Good luck on the interviews!

— The Administration Team

Please note that this is sent to every roleplayer enrolling their student in the elite levels. One may have an absolute maximum of two characters in these levels (one per level).

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