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This is sooo good! I can't wait to read more ~Claire The Hydrokinetic

(REPLY TO COMMENT ABOVE) Hi, Claire The Hydrokinetic! Nice to meet you! I’m the author of Please Wake Up! My name is Ice Blue Sophie! Can you tell me a bit about yourself? I’d love to get to know you! Thanks for your compliments! Half the fun of writing this has to be meeting all of you and hearing your encouragement! —Ice Blue Sophie

(REPLY TO COMMENT ABOVE) Hi!! I also write fanfictions, originally just for my friends but I found this sight and decided to share it with others. As you can tell my name is Claire, I'm 14 and I love KOTLC! I used to ship Sofitz but fanfictions have converted me to a vary dedicated Sokeefe shipper. -Claire the Hydrokinetic

(REPLY TO COMMENT ABOVE) Cool! Do you have a link to one of your fanfic that I can read! I’m so glad that you are Sokeefe! I am too! I love when fanfic do that! I had another person who that happened to when they read this story! So nice to hear from you so soon!—Ice Blue Sophie

(REPLY TO COMMENT ABOVE) I do! It's right here: https://fun-fandom-kotlc.fandom.com/wiki/I%27ll_be_here-_Sokeefe_fanfic It's nice to hear from you too! You are so nice :) -Claire the Hydrokinetic

(REPLY TO COMMENT ABOVE) Oh, I think I’ve read that before! It’s pretty awesome! If you read the tab What You Can Do! you can fill out the from and get your fanfic recommended! —Ice Blue Sophie

(REPLY TO COMMENT ABOVE) Awww, thank you so much! I'll do that! -Claire the Hydrokinetic

Opps! Sorry! I'll move it. Btw Can't wait for more in Please Wake Up. Maybe you should do a Neverseen POV (Point Of View), just a suggestion. - Keeper of the Mandalorians

(RELY TO COMMENT ABOVE) No worries! Yeeeeeees! I should totally do a Neverseen POV. I’m sorta in a case of minor writer’s block, though. :| I’ll get through it. Thanks for the idea! —Ice Blue Sophie

No problem, just happy to help with your writers block. -Keeper of the Mandalorian

Thx! —Ice Blue Sophie Please continue -Keeper of the Mandalorians

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Hello! Just wanted to say hi. If you guys could please check out my fanfic that would be great. :) Link here: Ready As I'll Ever Be - KotLC Edition Also Thank you so much, Claire the Hydrokinetic, for commenting on my story. - Keeper of the Mandalorians

(REPLY TO COMMENT ABOVE) You're welcome! I love it and I can't wait to read more. -Claire the Hydrokinetic


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